Salman Khan gives priority to Yash Raj Films over other filmmakers(With subtitles)

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Hi, this is Megha & you are watching Bollywood's hottest news show...
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We will give you the latest news from Bollywood...
... but before that, let's check out today's headlines.
On Kareena's insistence, Saif Ali Khan wants to sell his house.
But why?
What is the similarity between Mallika Sherawat and sweets?
A (Jalebi) sweetmeat has many curves.
That is what I relate to the most.
Imran Khan will file a PIL against the law...
... prohibiting drinking hard drinks for those under 25.
Ramu gave an answer to Vikram.
He said he would make Bhaoo, an even scarier film than 'Bhoot 2'.
And we'll reveal a secret.
How Kiran Rao calms down an angry Aamir Khan.
Planet Bollywood News begins with such a news today...
... which is more interesting for those people...
... who keep an interest in Mumbai's real estate.
We have received news that Saif Ali Khan wants to sell his house.
But why? Just see in our first story.
Saif Ali Khan's pent house at 14th Road Khar in Mumbai.
If you want to buy this house...
... you should talk to Saif's real estate broker.
But first learn why Saif wants to sell this house.
The story is the same old one.
Saif's complaints with his neighbours.
Sources said that when Saif was once in the building's lift...
... some residents of this building were carrying non-vegetarian food.
Saif could not bear the smell of the food.
After reaching home, when Saif discussed this with Kareena...
... then she added to this matter that...
... she also has a problem with the smell of non-veg food.
Because Kareena had already become a vegetarian because of Shahid.
But maybe the smell of non-veg food hit Saif so badly...
... that in anger he decided that he would not stay in this building now.
Once earlier too, Saif had decided to sell his pent house.
At that time, we had learnt that Saif...
... did not like the locality neighbouring to the building.
Because the neighbouring people dried clothes in their balconies.
Because of which, the view of the locality is spoilt.
First clothes and now non-veg food.
Why, isn't Saif's thinking just like Princes?
Maybe that is why close friends call him 'Chhote Nawab' (Prince).
But this is also true that Saif does not like this.
Don't call me 'Chhote Nawab' (Prince)
We have learnt that Saif bought this house for a large sum.
And spent a lot for the interiors of the house.
But it seems like that is wasted now.
If Saif sell this house, then he will get the price for it.
But Saif petty thinking against his neighbours...
... should not prove expensive for him.
That is all that is feared.
Mallika Sherawat has become Jalebi Bai.
But when Mallika was asked the similarity between both...
... then this was Mallika's answer.
I think that the 'Jalebi' (sweetmeat) is very curvy.
Circular, it has many curves.
That is what I relate to the most.
Mallika is able to only relate herself to the curves.
Mallika feels that like the curves are the dessert's identity...
... her's are also the same.
I think this is a very curvy dessert.
Circular, it has many curves.
That is what I relate to the most.
Mallika Sherawat had come to promote her film 'Double Dhamaal'...
... and her character Jalebi Bai.
Where she also made the sweetmeat.
And fed it to the media also.
But who does Mallika first want to feed this sweetmeat to?
To Obama. Absolutely.
I would like to give these specially handmade sweets to President Obama.
Mallika will feed handmade sweets to Obama.
When we are talking about hand made food...
... then Mallika please tell us what all you can cook.
I can make juice.
What did you say? Juice.
That's what I said, I can make some milkshakes and juices.
Mallika we are not fortunate to drink juice made by you.
But we are fortunate to see you dancing in new songs.
Don't you think that if you keep dancing like this...
... then your name will soon be in the Guinness book of World records.
It's good, I will be popular for something.
So what if popular for the wrong reasons.
Tell us, you have become Shalu also.
Have people also become crazy about Shalu?
First tell me, have you become crazy about Shalu or not?
We have not become crazy but even then tell us...
... that how were Shalu's moves?
You are very concerned about my dance moves.
We will be concerned because whenever dance moves are mentioned...
... then your name tops the list.
By the way Mallika, we have also heard...
... that you did the song Shalu only for the money.
I'm being very honest and frank...
... that I did the song Shalu as they paid me a very good amount.
That means you are ready to dance in any way for money.
Oh yes, dancing reminded us that...
...the censor board has a problem with both your dance and dress.
What is new about that?
Ever since my career has started...
... censor is society's cancer.
This was a short clip with Mallika...
... we'll show you the complete story tonight at 10.
On Be tonight, so don't miss it.
The government has declared minimum age to be 25...
... to consume hard drinks in the de-addiction law.
Angered by this, Imran Khan is going to file...
... a public litigation case in the court.
There is an alternate version of the song.
-Can you sing it again? -Yes Run DK, what is the problem?
Run DK, what is the problem?
You people have very dirty minds.
Imran Khan does not find any problems in his song Bose DK.
But he surely finds a problem...
... in the new de-addiction law by the government.
And that is why Imran is filing a public litigation against this.
It is said in the new government de-addiction law...
... that those below 25 years of age cannot consume hard drinks.
And heart throb Imran Khan did not like this at all.
Imran believes that this law is somewhere killing the freedom of youth.
Imran has also decided to fight a legal battle against this law.
If sources are to be believed, Imran spoke to his lawyer last weekend...
... and has readied his application.
Which he will file in the court as soon as possible.
But Imran Khan is not the only Bollywood star...
... to have raised his voice against this law.
Stars such as Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Chopra, Raveena Tondon & Rahul Bose...
...also did not support the government for this new law.
Salman Khan did not give dates to Sajid Nadiadwala for his film.
Salman says that he will first do Yashraj's film.
After that, he will do his brother Sohail Khan's film.
And after that he will do Sajid Nadiadwala's film 'Kick'.
Sajid Nadiadwala had announced that his film...
... would go on the floors by 18th November.
But it seems like his dream will remain a dream.
Because Salman has announced that he will do YRF's 'Ek tha Tiger' first...
... then his brother Sohail Khan's 'Sher Khan'...
... and then he'll give dates to Sajid Nadiadwala's 'Kick'.
But now the biggest question is that why is Salman...
... not giving preference to Sajid Nadiadwala?
Planet Bollywood news is giving you the answer for this too.
Sajid Nadiadwala made many films with Salman.
But when Salman's films started flopping...
... then Sajid started working with Akshay.
And he started making films with Akshay.
More than 5 years passed but Sajid never approached Salman.
But when Salman's film Dabbang was a success on the box office...
... then Sajid also started approaching Salman like the others.
Salman agreed to do Sajid's film...
... but asked for three times his price.
Not only that, if you believe rumors...
... than Salman is also angry that...
...Sajid Nadiadwala is planning to make 'Two states' with Shahrukh.
Because of these reasons, Salman did not give dates for Sajid's film.
When Ram Gopal Verma was not taken for 'Bhoot 2'...
... he decided to give a fitting reply.
He is making a film to rival it which will be called 'Bhaoo'.
Ram Gopal Verma's 'Bhoot' could not scare anyone.
So the producers washed their hands off him.
Yesterday Planet Bollywood news had given you proof of this...
... that for the sequel of Bhoot, producer Nitin Manmohan...
... signed Vikram Bhatt instead to direct it.
It seems like Ram Gopal Verma is angered by this.
That is why this news did not come in the media...
... but Ramu announced it on a social networking site.
Ram Gopal Verma has clearly stated that if someone...
... does not sign him for his film...
... then he will make a scarier film than Bhoot 2.
The name of the film will be 'Bhaoo'.
Not only that, venting anger on the internet, Ramu also said...
Well, Ramu is making very tall claims...
... but we fear that like his past few films...
... this film should also not flop at the box office.
Ranvir Singh and Yashraj Studio have both become superstitious.
Because their forthcoming film 'Ladies vs Ricky Bahl'...
... they are releasing in the same weekend of December...
... in which they had released 'Band baaja barat'.
'Band baaja baraat' give immense popularity...
... to Ranvir Singh in Bollywood.
And not only that, with this film...
... along with Ranvir, even Yashraj banner got a hit after a long time.
Maybe that is why both Yashraj Banners and Ranvir Singh...
... have become superstitious.
And are releasing 'Ladies vs Ricky Bahl on the same weekend...
... on which 'Band Baaja Barat' was released in 2010.
Ranvir confessed this on an interview in Zoom.
It will surely be a very entertaining film.
I hope people go and watch it.
It's actually releasing on the same weekend as 'Band baaja barat'.
So fingers crossed.
'Band baaja barat' had released on 10th December 2010.
After 'Dil bole hadippa' and 'Rocket Singh-salesman of the year'...
... this was the first film from Yashraj Banner to be a hit.
This was also the first film of Ranvir Singh's career.
And he also struck gold with this film.
Because along with the film, people appreciated his work also.
That is why the actor and producer became so obsessed...
... with this film's release date...
... that they are releasing their next film...
...'Ladies vs Ricky Bahl' on almost the same date.
But how effective are Ranvir's and Yashraj's superstitions...
... will only be proved by the box office collections of this film.
Some fans of Amitabh Bachchan objected on...
... the excessive promotion of 'Bbuddah hoga tera baap'.
But Amitabh relied to this on a social networking site.
That no matter how much you abuse me...
... I will still continue promoting the film.
Amitabh Bachchan is promotion his film and it's songs...
... quite enthusiastically on a social networking site.
Amitabh either writes about his films or it's songs.
He either posts pictures of his films or of the promos.
Angered by this, some fans used abusive language...
... for Amitabh on the networking site.
Asking him to stop his film's promotion.
But Amitabh gave a sharp reply to his fans in this manner.
Abuse me as much as you want, I will retweet.
And I will also promote the film.
Because hail the one who desires and wants.
Amitabh has made it clear that even if he is abused...
... he will not stop promoting his film.
The meaning is clear.
Amitabh is also following that system of Bollywood...
... to do anything for a film's promotion.
Now we show you latest pictures from Bollywood.
Sneaking through the streets of Bollywood...
... our show once again presents you the latest pictures from Bollywood.
Why wait, let's begin.
Let us start with Kareena Kapoor's photograph.
In which Kareena is taking blessings in a Gurudwara.
Kareena is shooting for her film 'Bodyguard' in Patiala.
Taking time from shooting, Kareena reached...
... a well known Gurudwara in Patiala.
And this picture has been brought for you by Planet Bollywood.
Well after Kareena, lets take you to her ex boyfriend...
... who is doing an ad shoot. Take a look at these pictures.
These are pictures from Shahid Kapoor's ad shoot.
Shahid's body is the best looking feature of this picture.
After Shahid's ad shoot, we'll show you Shahrukh Khan's pictures.
One from the sets of RA one and one from the sets of Don 2.
In this photograph, Shahrukh looks very happy with his director.
And in this photograph from Don 2, we cannot understand...
... the hairstyle sported by Shahrukh.
Anyway, just watch these photographs now.
You will ask why we are showing you pictures of Chennai's streets.
These are the pictures of the sets of the movie 'Dirty'.
This has been done in the style of 1980's.
So all in all, all these pictures were special.
But for more of the latest picture in Bollywood...
...stay tuned to Planet Bollywood news, every day at 7 pm.
Whenever Aamir Khan is angry...
...Kiran Rao has only one way to calm him up.
With which Aamir becomes all right instantly.
Let us find out what that way is.
Aamir is always seen smiling.
-Okay. -But when Aamir gets angry...
... then it is not so easy to calm him down.
But Kiran Rao calms him instantly.
Because she has a secret to cheer Aamir.
And this is that secret.
You are seeing the right thing. Whenever Aamir Khan gets angry...
... then Kiran just gives him one kiss and he calms down immediately.
Kiran confessed this in a latest interview.
Kiran said that she has just one way to calm Aamir down...
... and that is a kiss.
We got to see an example of this when at a recent function...
... Aamir came early but Kiran came late.
So to avoid Aamir's anger...
...Kiran kissed him as soon as she reached.
We hope that only his wife uses this funda to calm him.
And not his co-stars.
It is now time for a short break.
But don't go away because coming up after the break...
Planet Bollywood news will take a general test...
... of the star cast of 'Always Kabhi Kabhi'.
Salman Khan will not give tips.
Zoom has received news that Salman is going to give tips to...
... South Indian star Simbu who is playing his role...
... in the Tamil remake of Dabbang.
Salman Khan played Chulbul Pandey in Bollywood.
But now Salman will give tips to South's Chulbul Pandey.
Yes, you heard it right.
Salman will spend one entire day with Simbu.
Let us tell you before you get confused that...
...Simbu is the same South Indian actor...
...who is doing Salman's role in the Tamil version of 'Dabbang'.
What actually happened was that the lead actor of this film Simbu...
... wanted to just meet Salman once.
The reason was that he wanted to take some acting tips from Salman.
But Salman was so busy with the promotion of 'Ready'...
... that he did not have time at all.
But Planet Bollywood has received this news that...
...Salman has taken a day out of his busy schedule.
Salman will spend an entire day with Simbu.
Where he will give him some acting tips.
But after taking the tips, will Simbu also...
... create a sensation on the box office?
For this, we have to wait and watch.
The star cast of 'Always Kabhi Kabhi' reached Zoom's office.
This is the film being promoted by Shahrukh Khan.
But how much do these stars know about Shahrukh's films?
Let's take their general knowledge test.
-Hello, welcome. -Hi.
Well, I'm going to start a question session here, right now.
Since you guys worked in 'Red Chillies'...
...I want to find out how much you really know about your producer.
That is Shahrukh Khan.
Okay, so let's see how much of his fans are you all?
All right.
- Which was Shahrukh's first film? -'Deewana'.
Right, and then the next question would be... which film did Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan...
... and Aishwarya star together.
-'Hum tumhare hai sanam. -Right.
All right, given it to you.
And the third question would be...
Which was Red Chillies Production's first film.
-Main hoon na. -Asoka.
-Asoka, of course. -No, Asoka was Dreams Unlimited.
-Main hoon na. -She's right.
-Good. -And then the final question about him would be...
In which film have they used Shahrukh Khan's name as the title.
Shahrukh bola main khubsurat hoon.
-That man is like... -That was Pritika Chawla's movie.
-She is in our movie. -She is, that's very good.
It is time for a break now.
But don't go away, because coming up after the break...
...Hema Malini's film's music release...
... is not happening because of Salman Khan.
Hema Malini is not being able to release the music...
... of her daughter's film 'Tell me, oh Khuda'.
And the reason for that is Salman Khan.
Let us find out how.
Hema Malini along with her daughter Esha...
... is ready with the film 'Tell me, oh Khuda'.
But she is not able to release the music of the film.
And the reason is Salman Khan.
But before you misunderstand, let us tell you this news in detail.
Actually Hema Malini wants Salman to release the music of the film...
... and for that, she is asking Salman for dates.
But Salman is busy shooting for his film 'Bodyguard'.
And is unable to give time to Hema Malini.
That is why Hema Malini has put the music release of the film on hold.
Because she will not release the music without Salman Khan.
We had seen a lot of adulation for Salman amongst fans...
... but this is the first time that a veteran actress...
...has also become crazy for Salman.
It's a wrap with this. See you tomorrow at 7 pm...
...with your daily dose of B Town's hottest news, gossips and scoops.
On Planet Bollywood news.
Till then keep watching Zoom, India number one Bollywood channel.