JKS 111225 Elle Interview [ENG SUB]

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The charms of Kiss scene...
Do you like dogs?
Do you want to have a dog?
Favourite scene is the First Kiss!
My recommendation is the Kiss scene
Until now I have not been in love before
First time doing the kiss scene
I was very nervous
But still I have learnt a lot from Kim Ha-neul senior
Gave me lessons
Very enjoyable
Cannot fall in love with master?
Ha-neul-san's lines: As per your own words, what makes the heart flutter?
Living under the same roof together
There were many interesting episodes
Amongst them is
Saying lines with Ha-neul on the sofa, the both of us
Many touching and interactions too
Ha-neul-san's lines were
"Take off all the clothes"
There were such lines
Very interesting
Are you hooked on me?
Not good at kissing?
Movie's last scene
The two finally met
On the bridge
The both of them kissed
When filming this scene
Because I had never been kissed before
It was really nerve-breaking
Senior realised that it was my first time doing Kiss scene
And I was not very good at it
She said it is better to do the scene one more time
Senior said it directly
The scene was filmed 6 times
I was very happy
It makes me wants to keep on doing it
Not as a human but as a pet
Please give Elle readers a message!
Everyone can see JKS's acting on the big screen after a long hiatus
In this movie
There are many charming moments of JKS
There are dancing and songs
In between master and pet
There are many cute-feeling stories
Acting coquettish
There are many such scenes
Please look forward to it
The Elle Magazine for the Feb 2012 edition is out now!
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