SJ foresight ep7 [eng & spa subs]

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we have a guest today, he said, "I'm dancing" ...
oh really?
so we brought special MC! Please appears!
who will be the mysterious guest ...
whoaa~!, who is it?
What is this?
Who are you?!
ah~! it's Kyuhyun-shi!
they said this was a dance special
yes, so we didn't call you
I thought something was weird... I woke up, and no one was!!
so I took a taxi, did my make up myself
EH: came alone? KH: yes, yes
when I saw that there was no one, I had to come alone
ah, really?
when I was in fourth grade I saw this...
so then how old was Kyuhyun-shi?
he can't enjoy it because he doesn't get it
no, I don't the dances but I do know all the songs
That means that Kyuhyun-shi rrespected Seo Tae Ji over lee Jun Ho
no~, no~
that's not it!, it's just that my eyes have been opened to the dance now
ahh Kyuhyun-shi your eyes are opened to the dance?
hip-hop sense. 4 MC's dancing to music
Kyuhyun-shi continuing the next part
maknae Kyuhyun surprised! to show us?
looking for the pace of 3MC
3MC trying to coordinate
well then let's make Kyuhyun-shi try to do it
ok, try it
5, 6, 7!
ohh~ yeah!
is doing well
step change, now!
this is hilarious, make sure to record it for your future
1, 2, 3.. step change
I can do it!
please check this ... the mouth movement
I do not know~
Krump is recent new trends
it's expression wahhh~ of feeling of angry
are angry?
no~, no~
please show us more detail
let's go Eunhyuk~!!
finding a sense of anger!
feelings of anger found!
I won't do like this... I will do as a real dancer
it happened 5 years ago... when I first time came in Super junior team
el tiit was tough time for me. one day one guy came to my room and ask me to make his ramen
what else?
he got angry and throw chapstick to me bacause I put too much water on it
give me music!
the child with feelings of anger?
maknae making his tantrum
maknae out of control!!
it shoul be expressed your feeling
are we doing right way?
Shindong! calm down, Shindong ahh~, Shindong ahh~calm down!!
the most important thing is how to grab an attention from women, Eunhyuk-shi going to help me with the demonstration
go to in front of her, then she are surprised but, you pass
when she feels a bit disappointed, touch her waist
but do not do it this way, just use thumb
it makes her freaking out but it is very manner thumb
one thing is just dancing with using this thumb
just follow her dancing
and holding her body when she lost balance
or other guys come to her
kyuhyun, tries to approach her
also using this thumb
ah~ sumbae-nim, please show us example
music please!
love, love .. I will protect you!
look at her and goes
dance, dance
protect it, protect it!
stop, stop!
look at her, look at her, look at her and goes
touches her waist, her waist, her waist!
Eunhyuk may protect her when she lost the balance of your body?
that is what will make the Makane exactly?
[OMG Kyu!!! LMAO!!]
stop, stop, stop!!
hey! you had to protect not to hurt
He does not walk, he came flying
3° place Eunhyukie!! [4° Teukie]
quickly find the feeling of anger
calm down!
who is the best dancer... Shindong or Kyuhyun
so, the winner is ...
wait, wait, wait
turn around then Hyun Jun will pick one with thumb
will pick with the thumb on 1 place?
I'm really nervous.. I can't miss this one
who will be the best dancer, you will get the 1st place ... reveal it!
how can I ...
why Kyuhyun-shi is the best?
Kyuhyun-shi is the worst technic dancer
but he really enjoyed dancing
if you think you can't do that, you can never do that forever
then let's dance again!!
Kyuhyun dancing shoes that make real dancer
ahh~ he is different now