2NE1_TV_Season 2_E04-2_2NE1's Lovely Photoshoot

Uploaded by 2NE1 on 10.10.2010

One, two, three.
To YG...
I haven't felt like this in a long time.
2010.09 Shooting for front cover
I will feed you.
- Bom - Why?
Come here and feed rice to the viewers.
- I’m busy. - Hurry. Hurry.
Not me.
Feed the viewers.
Don’t do that.
Feed you.
CG director will do it.
- This is the story of my life. - What is?
Will you introduce your penguin shoes?
Oh, very cute.
Are you sick?
Why? Are you ill?
My gum’s swollen and I stopped the treatment.
It all hurts here.
I had this for about a week.
Because since our comeback, I didn’t have a day off.
Is my left cheek swollen badly?
I can’t tell. It looks fine on the camera.
Me on the screen...
That’s what Bom says to bother Minzy at night.
When Minzy’s sleeping at night but she’s not.
She does M.I.N.KIWA and does her BOOM BOOM POW dance
if you think about that moment... ha.
I should dance by M.I.N.KIWA dance.
Minzy sing your part in 'Can’t nobody'.
Not matching.
Oooh, what. What are you.
What’s with the wave.
You have to shake it to your left not top and bottom.
Smile. Just smile.
Got the full face on the screen.
You are pretty.
- What? - You’re pretty.
In general.
I always say.
To the girls.
When they tell me that I’m ugly...
That’s alright.
I’m fine because I’m pretty on the general scale.
That’s what I say.
Must you do that to the chopstick?
Now, we are going to eat.
- Huh? - Give me one water.
You’re late.
- Thank you. - To Minzy.
What are you.
Smile like this.
What's up.
I got married today.
Got married.
Ah, gosh, wrong socks.
What the.
Why, this is me?
Oops, sorry.
Anyway, I’m going to Sangsudong for my honeymoon.
Back at home... you know girls?
Don’t come home.
I got a bouquet, too.
I’m getting married.
So happy.
So if you don’t get married in 6 months...
I will, don’t worry.
A fake bouquet.
Want to get YG angry?
Really? I already did it.
Without his permission. How?
Take it off.
I got to tear up the contract.
I said take it off.
I can’t get married. I’m calling this off.
Why? I’m going to get married.
Then, how about 2NE1?
How about 2NE1?
Everything’s off.
OK. I’ll work hard.
Is this the end of it?
I’ll meet someone better.
Oh, fine. You don’t have to.
Fine. Get married.
Please change.
Yes, ooops.
Are you going to film me getting change?
I thought the fans would like it.
Yeah? Oh, well then.
Then the fans will turn against you.
This is it for the fans.
Autumn woman.
This is Sandara Park of autumn.
September 20 is the beginning of fall.
It’ll get cold in several days.
Ooh, cold.
Everyone, get your thermo.
Then, show us some autumn poses.
The season of reading.
So funny.
The season of foliage.
What did you just do?
A leaf fell and went into my eyes.
So funny.
That little leader. Why that.
Hey, kid.
Get inside.
I said get inside.
Can I have this later?
2010.09 Music Studio waiting room
Last week was ‘Cant nobody’.
This week’s ‘Go away.’
Minzy, we can go out.
I think it’s getting stronger.
I wish we get a no.1 award.
Teddy&Cushy watching 2NE1 getting the no.1 award
And even if we try 99% at most...
If we didn’t have the staff’s and your love
we couldn’t have done it.
We are all winners.
We won with Teddy.
- Yes, that’s right. - They got 1st last week too?
You got 1st because I didn’t come last week.
Thank you so much, really.
We did 5 weeks of 'I don't care' last year but...
Not that I’m bragging but
if I thanked without thinking,
now I’m thinking a lot.
YG building 3F Teddy’s recording studio
G-Dragon BigBang
- So embarrassing. - Why?
G-Dragon in sweats
This is embarrassing.
I worked out.
So that’s how it is.
It’s Seo Taiji and boys’ fashion. 1st album fashion.
When I saw the last one I think I just danced.
I think I should stop dancing.
I look airheaded.
I looked that way. I think so.
I just kept dancing in front of Minzy.
When she’s not even looking.
- I was out of it. - Who? Who?
Did you get the one from the other?
Is that the site of Tae Yang’s concert?
No, I didn’t see that part.
I just kept dancing in front of Minzy.
G-Dragon having shown simplicity.
He keeps following me.
It’s one of the two. It’s your birthday or
- 'bad bad' that one? - Yes.
What is it?
Oh, I did it again. Did it too much.
T.O.P BigBang
Sir, would you like to go hiking with me?
For real?
Should we really go hiking, huh?
We’re thinking of going.
When you’re tired, go hiking.
YG Family preparing to go hiking for their health
See you at the summit in 30 min.
Yes, I got hurt from filming.
Got hurt while doing the hurdle.
What hurdle?
I sprained my ankle while jumping the hurdle.
Got tripped?
Yes, I sprained.
Did you sprain or trip?
Do you wear yourself around?
Self advertisement?
They are best friends in the YG family.
Best friends.
Eyes are strange.
So weird.
2NE1 putting their letter to YG in the box
Just embarrassed.
Did you just send that to 2NE1 TV?
What did it say?
The parrot said, is the schedule possible?
Parrot. It said 'perrot'.
So what’s this?
It’s a request to me.
Will you?
Grant them.
YG reading the letter from 2NE1
I can grant them all.
CL is.
I will ask if I can see the 7th floor.
Wants to see the 7th floor. She requests.
I will give the tour of the 7th floor.
But Sandara...
This will bring each other close so she is happy.
I’ve known Sandara for...
over 5 years already.
I’m not all comfortable but through this letter
I hope we can grow closer.
Bom is the funniest.
There’s a parrot on the 7th floor.
It can say a few words and sing
fairly a lot.
Is the parrot available?
I will show the parrot and Eugene to Park Bom.
She’s 17 and the youngest.
Still a minor.
So when she’s overly sexy
I tell her things to keep it down.
We try to keep it at good level.
I will add compliments.
I hope Minzy acts younger. personally.
This is actually a fun letter, but
I wish you honestly tell me
Through 2NE1 TV what they really want from me.
What are you looking at? 2NE1 room the day they wrote the letters
Pay up. Pay if you want to film this.
Come on, come on.
No, don’t come. Don’t come over.
Bom invading Minzy’s room
Why do you want to hang out here.
Why do you come into my room.
She always does this.
- Turn the light on. - No.
No? Why do you.
Get out, woman.
I don’t want to, Bom.
I’m going to split your legs.
Why you awful.
The youngest is killing the eldest.
- I’m going to split your legs. - Bom, you bad girl. You bad.
Oh, I think you are working out. Hey.
I don’t even work out with Hwang-Sabu.
You can’t go out. No, you can’t.
We’re all checking out the rooms.
Fine. You got to be caring.
The lips are not moving.
Make clothes for TomTom.
What’s TomTom wearing? Dara asking TomTom’s clothes
You should make him look better.
This is not a crop top...
I made it to celebrate the World Cup.
But the T-short is too long and the pants are too low.
The legs are here so you can’t help it.
OK. I’ll.
The pants popped.
What happened, why you.
OK. Girl... OK.
I knew it.
We have the storage here.
There’s food storage here. Hurry. This is the chance.
What’s all this on my bed?
You promised to go eat barbeque with me.
But when you say no now I’m getting frustrated.
I was looking forward to that and worked hard today.
OK, let’s eat.
- For real? - Yup.
- Bye. - Yeah.
Gosh, for real.
Let’s go home.
We are on our way home.
Lotto, I’m going to go buy lotto.
Oh, so pretty, do the wave for real.
I’m scared to ride a big animal.
The horse might take off.
So cute. Can’t you buy me one?
Weird, there’s no one.
So cute. This one.
Cosmetic Park Bom is coming.
The master of cosmetic.
Thank you for the planning. Planning Hong Soo Hyun
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2NE1 TV is doing a lot of re-run these days. Organizer Han Sung Mi Organizer/Planning Choi Jae Yeon Kang Ji Hoon Um So Young
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Make us a lot of special things. Composition Baek Hyo Jung
Editing is life. NLE Editing Lim Hyun Jae
But don’t edit off Minzy. Total Editing Kim Jae Yoon
Recording Park Seung Sun
Music Kim Chang Hyun
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Yes, the production team, our manager... Yeah? Assistant producer Park Min Ah Min Geun
2NE1 Team manager Assistant producer Kim Sun Woo Kim Eun Hye
The face is showing. Director Lee Sang Yoon
You must be tired from editing but keep it up until the end.