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Hey guys, I'm David with DanceOn and I'm giving you
your weekly recap of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9.
We're down to the finale performances.
This is the top four, the real deal.
There are like five performances for each
contestant, so I'm just going to do it in order.
We started with a paso doble with Cyrus and Eliana.
And of course, Cyrus is choreographed as the cape
because what else has be been in this competition but a cape
to every partner he's partnered?
Eliana did bring a lot of ferocity with her performance,
but Cyrus couldn't even lift her.
With all of the fan kicks he was lifting her too low, and
it was just lackluster.
Tiffany and Will's Sonya Tayeh piece was beautiful.
There was lots of contrast with levels, and also Tiffany
is just great at balancing her partners.
I also loved Sonya Tayeh's choice of music.
I thought that it went really well.
The piece was basically a lot of great contrast.
Then Eliana and Chehon did a classical ballet piece.
And I am happy that ballet is getting a shout out on this
season of the show.
I do have to say that Eliana's turns took about a third of
the piece and I thought that there could have been a more
interesting route, especially with such a
short ballet piece.
But both of them danced it beautifully.
Chehon's double tour looked better than it's ever been.
I can tell that a week of ballet has been really good
for the both of them.
Tiffany and Cyrus's hip hop was actually good.
Cyrus was actually good.
His lifts were great, with the help of Tiffany, of course.
His turns were quicker, everything was sharper.
His performance was great.
Tiffany did sort of carry the performance still, and she
flowed from movement to movement beautifully.
But I thought that this was Cyrus's best of the night.
Then we got to the group routine
choreographed by Tice Diorio.
I have to say that I thought the choreography and the
concept were a little confusing, as is sometimes
frequent with Tice Diorio's choreography.
Chehon's turns, they look amazing this week.
That week of ballet really paid off.
I caught a little continuity error with Tiffany coming out
of one of her turns at the end, so I think this was
But, give them a break, it's five routines to
memorize in one week.
As usual, I'm not covering solos, but I do have to say in
Eliana's solo, there was a moment where she went from
pointe to this forward walkover and it
was incredibly stunning.
If you didn't catch it, go back and watch it, because
it's amazing.
Chehon and Allison's Stacy Tucci routine was probably the
best of the night.
Allison is wonderful and she pulled such an amazing
performance out of Chehon.
I was waiting for this with him.
All of the partnering, all the music, and the lifts, and
everything, it was beautiful.
I was crying.
It was wonderful.
Then we got to Eliana and Tiffany's pole dance.
I actually have to say that I liked Tiffany better for most
of the routine.
I thought she worked in the style better, except for the
last trick by Eliana, of course, hanging at the top.
Cyrus and Chehon's Sonya Tayeh duet really revealed how
little technique Cyrus has.
When you see Chehon and Cyrus dancing together in the same
outfit, doing most of the same choreography, it was really,
really apparent who was the dancer and who was the
I guess at least Cyrus lifted Chehon a few times, maybe.
Eliana and Alex Wong's Travis Wall piece was just
overwhelming to watch.
If there's such thing as perfect dancing, it's really
these two dancers partnering.
I was really impressed with the speed of Eliana's legs in
this piece.
Not just the flexibility, but she just like
popped them up there.
And Alex was such a great partner for her.
Travis Wall's choreography is wonderful, as usual.
It was just a joy to watch.
Tiffany and Chehon's rumba was a little bit bland.
I didn't really feel a connection
between the two of them.
One thing that I noticed also was that her shoes were not
flattering her feet at all.
When she first went into the splits, I just looked at her
foot and it looked like she wasn't pointing it enough, but
then I realized it was the shoe.
And that was not a good choice on the stylist's part.
Lastly, we had a big buildup for this animation routine
with Cyrus and Twitch.
Honestly, Cyrus looked tired.
I don't know if he was tired or if his movements are too
small in comparison with Twitch, but on the big stage,
all I was looking at was Twitch.
I know that this is Cyrus's style and in his solos he
looks really good, but when dancing next to Twitch, it
wasn't as impressive.
Also, Nigel's last comment to Cyrus that he wouldn't be
voting for him was so awkward and so typical of Nigel.
It was like--
my jaw dropped.
I don't know why he said that.
If it was for ratings, or if it was planned, but whoa, it
was awkward.
Anyway that's it for this week.
I'm so excited for the finale.
Obviously, I'm rooting for Chehon and Eliana.
Although I do think Tiffany is a wonderful dancer.
And I do think that Cyrus has a great personality and he's
going to be successful.
So, whatever.
I just am rooting for the dancers that I think are the
best dancers.
So tell me who you're rooting for in the comments.
Tell me which routines you liked, whatever.
And I will see you one more time next week.
All right, thank you guys so much for watching.