Annoying Orange - Buddy Cops 2: Stachehouse

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-Boom goes the dynamite! We've got breaking news!
Mustaches are all the rage,
thanks, in part, to the world-renowned fashion designer
and former international criminal, Mango Le'Stache.
-[French accent]: Ho-ho-ho, yes!
Mango is-a very stylish.
-But this startling trend
has led to more than a few fashion victims.
Fruits and vegetables unable to grow their own lip-ticklers
have resorted to purchasing dangerous counterfeit mustaches
which tend to explode!
-[chuckles] Explosions?
I know nothing!
-Sounds like a hairy situation.
Who's gonna shave us now? [laughs]
-All right, huevos.
Put your gun down and step away from the squash.
-[whimpering]: Please, let me go.
I just wanted to buy a mustache.
-[Hispanic accent]: Make with the money
or scramble, small fry. This ain't gonna be over easy, ese.
-Bad news, huevos.
The only thing you'll be eating is...
Eggs Benedict.
-Cock-a-doodle-doo! [squash!]
-Oh! I'm all wet!
-Did you say "omelet"? Hehehehehehehe!
-Aw, can it, Caruso.
I'm not interested in yodeling.
I wanna know where we're at with the exploding mustaches.
And listen here, Midget Apple: don't give me any of that...
[imitating Midget Apple]: It's Mango Le'Stache, Chief.
Let's go bust him.
[normal voice]: Oh, malarkey.
-Yay! He sounds just like you.
Ooh-ooh! Do me! Do me!
-Oh, come on, Chief. It's so obvious.
Reformed criminal mastermind who also makes mustaches?
What do I gotta do? Draw you a picture?
-Well, get this into your head: it's not Le’Stache.
That guy is aces in my book.
Why, he even gave the department a whole box of mustaches.
You know, for the guys that can't grow their own.
[all laugh]
[explosion, glass shatters]
get me Le'Stache.
-(Midget Apple) Okay, fellas.
Operation: Smash the Stache is up and running.
Agent Baby Face, do you copy?
-Guys, I don't want to go undercover.
I'm not even a cop.
-Sorry, Squash. But we need a clean-shaven agent for this one.
Besides, it's not like me and my partner
are in the market for a flavor-saver.
-Yay! I love flavor!
-[whining]: I don't think I can do this. Oh-ho-ho!
-(Midget Apple) Oh, stop being so modest.
I saw the way you handled huevos.
You're gonna be great!
-And we'll be listening to you the whole time,
like a fairy godmother.
-(Le'Stache) Why, hello, friend.
Say, don't you look familiar?
-Nope. [laughs nervously] No, uh, I'm just a squash.
-No, I know you. You have no self-confidence,
no self-respect, no je ne sais quoi.
-[whimpering]: Ohh...
-Ha-ha-ha, do not worry. That is all behind you now.
Trust me, the right mustache can turn your life around.
-Really? -Absolument.
-Good work, Squash. Just keep him talking.
-Ooh-ooh! Ask him about rainbows!
Everybody loves rainbows!
-Wow! I do feel better.
-It is my platinum model. Very, very trendy right now.
Plus, it will not clash with your funny hanger hat.
-I don't know. It's kinda itchy.
-(Midget Apple) Now's not the time to bargain.
Just close the deal.
-Ah, ah, I mean... I'll take two!
-Ho-ho! That's the spirit!
I think you'll be very happy with this model.
It's made from genuine C-4 explosive...
or maybe it's mohair. I always forget.
-[chuckling devilishly]
[car horn honks] [crash!]
[tires screech] Sacrebleu!
-Mango Le'Stache, you're under arrest!
-Yeah! Now tell us about the rainbows.
-Ah, les Buddy Cops! I hope you did not forget to bring...
les backup.
[guns cock] -[groans]
Well, isn't this just egg-cellent.
-[worriedly]: Eh-ha, guys?
I think I'm gonna... [gears up to sneeze]
[whap!] -Uh-oh...
-We've got your confession on tape, Le'Stache. It's all over.
-Ho-ho, that is what you think, les Buddy Cops!
-[slow-motion voice]: Watch out!
[Gregorian chanting]
-[gulps in slow-motion]
[breaths fire] -[screams in agony]
-Yay! My mouth tastes like fire!
-Nice work, partner!
-My mustaches.
My beautiful... beautiful... mustaches.
-Well, when you play with fire, you're bound to get...
[squash!] -Eww! I've got butt-stache.
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