The Bourne Ultimatum (5/9) Movie CLIP - Get Some Rest (2007) HD

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Pamela Landy.
I hear you're stilI Iooking for me.
What do you want?
WILLS O VER INTERCOM.: Better get in here. We got a situation.
l wanted to thank you for the tape.
LAND Y ON SPEAKER.: It's alI tied off. It's over.
I guess I owe you an apology.
ls that official?
No. Off the record. You know how it is.
You tracing this?
MAN: Fifty seconds to trace.
Goodbye. Wait. Wait.
David Webb. That's your real name.
You were born 4/15/7 1 in Nixa, Missouri.
Why don't you come in and we'II talk about it?
Something is very wrong here.
Get some rest, Pam.
You Iook tired.
He's looking right at her.