Sneakers (6/9) Movie CLIP - Call to the NSA (1992) HD

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through nine different relay stations throughout the world and offtwo satellites.
lt'll be the hardest trace they've ever heard.
This'll measure stress in the voice on the other end.
Not as accurate as a polygraph, but it'll do.
Unbelievable. Let's do it.
[ Dial Tone]
[ Beeping ]
[ Ringing ]
fort Meade, Mayland. Good afternoon.
[ Whispering ] Ty director ofops.
National SecurityAgency, director ofoperations, please.
Extension, please?
Uh, could l please have director ofoperations? It's vey important.
What extension, please?
[ Whispering ] Ty research.
Gimme research. It's an emergency.
l need an extension Or a naMe.
Setec Astronomy.
One moment, please.
They've started the trace.
[ Man ] Who is this, please?
lt's my dime. l'll ask the questions. Who areyou?
Well, let's say my name is Mr. Abbott.
They made the second leg.
areyou interested in Setec Astronomy?
l'm interested in all kinds ofastronomy.
These guys are good.
l need to know ifyou're someone who can make a deal.
Goon. Canyou deal?
-Yes. -True.
They're across transcom. You've got about 20 seconds, Bish.
lfl come in, can you guarantee my safety?
Doyou have the item?
- No. - fifteen seconds.
Can you guarantee my safety?
- Can you guarantee my safety? - Five seconds.
- Yes, l can guarantee yoursafety. - Bish, he's lying.
Hang up. They've almost got us.
Hang up, Bish! Hang up!