geet 20 may part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

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meaning you were that anxious to meet me.
not anxious. i was worried. and listen carefully. im not geet im your madam. and you are not maan sing khurana you are balwant sing understand!
ok atleast tell me whats up?
balwant ji when you were talking to nandini i loved listening to it. but i didnt understand that when you know dev likes nandini then you should stop nandini from getting married.
but no what did you do you were giving her advice saying nandini get married!
completely quiet
i agree that dev is my brother.i agree that he loves nandini. but for the happiness of my brother i cant give people wrong advice.
and principles are more important than my relations and you know that very well.
and i wasnt getting nandini to agree to get married to daman. i was just explaining to her the meaning of marriage.
it is my responsibilty that i help dev. and i will.
for this i will have to reveal the secret that dev isnt maan...balwant sing is maan.
and it is very important to tell this nandini.
but maan..
if we tell everyone the truth there will be a problem.
geet i cant see my brother sad because of me.
maan yesterday their relationship was decided and tomorrow it will be finalized.
so whats the guarantee that if we tell everyone the truth that nandini will like dev?
geet we will do whatever we can for dev.
the rest is on his destiny.
i believe that if love is writen in his destiny..then even if he gets stranded in a jungle..his love will come after him.
let them come back from raitpur tomorrow. ill tell them the truth.
but maan why not today?
because i dont want that because of us there be any trouble in her relationship.
dev how did you know we were here?
i saw you from the balcony.
what meeting is going on?
i want to go back home.
everytime i see her face i....
i cant take it anymore.
im sorry bro
this bro came again.
thats geet, one is her husband, a taxi driver named sukwant. cant see bro. jugnu..
you have to find this bro.
get to work!
dev i wont explain to you anymore.
because i know that the condition you are in right now you wont understand anything.
just give me 24 hours.
and in these 24 hours i will do something
geet sister!
go from here
geet sister!
geet sister why are you standing outside the house?
i came to get fresh air.
sister..i want to tell you something.
i dont understand how to tell you.
say nandini
you will feel very bad after finding out..
but i cant lie to you.
you know maan ji..
what happened to maan ji?
sister he was drinking liquor early in the morning.
he was drinking?
yes sister. im so sorry
come lets go talk to him
lets go from here
you drank liquor?
no bro not at all. that mamaji hes always after me with a bottle. he gave me a glass. i didnt drink it but nandini saw the glass in my hand.
leave it. ill leave or else someone will see us.
yes bro are..
a fool!
pritto why are saying that?
what else do i say? what kind of time is this to meet? what important thing came up that you called me right now?
if beeji and tej sees us then we'll both get busted.
my adorable and sweet sweetheart! dont be tensed. look at night everyone gets busy in their own work. no one will see us.
dont worry. you just come. lucky sing will handle it.
leave it. stop making phrases. tell me where you are. you told me to come in the hall so im here but i cant see you.
oh in the hall!
one minute one minute
yes. just walk a little more from there. just a little.
pritto today im going to tell you how i feel. after so many years my wish..i will fulfill it today. today you just come.
pritto you?
oh god lachi you?
what are you doing over here? your mom is making a commotion outside. shes fighting with eveyrone. go go fast!
what was she doing here anyways? let it be. what am i going to do
oh my sweet life! I LOVE YOU! you have made me suffer alot! today im not going to let you i will only do and i will only do. you dont have to say anything.
pritto ji what happened to your voice? yes?
beer...ohh..dear jeejaji! you!
jeejaji you didnt see anything right? meaning you didnt hear anything right?
jeejaii..please dont tell beeji. please dont tell beeji anything. please
you love her alot?
then why are you scared?
lucky only lucky people find true love.
if you really love pritto and want her than go and talk to her. and then talk to her family. and then talk to your family.
and do all this fast. so that it might not happen that you are standing here and anothe lucky guy will pick her up and take her away on a horse.
wow! wow! you have said something very priceless. thank you. thank you alot!
thats enough for today
yes ok. you have won my heart. you have bought lucky sing.
after today with your one command lucky sing will give up his life. if you ever have a problem tell me first. then you see my magic. everything will be fine.
i will remember when i need it.
wow! i mean jeejaji came out to be very smart! he said such a good thing.
maan everytime i feel that i have understood you completely you do something again that shocks me.
then i start thinking that how many pages are in maan sing khurana's book that i have never read before?
you were thinking about me right?
no but know i knoe that you have made this your permanent entrance into my room.
im scared of your brothers thats why i have to come from here.
what advice have you come with to tell me so late at night?
one minute geet.
what luck i have..
i came to express my heart to you and you think its advice?
oh god! what an acting husband you have given me.ghalib's library! always saying poetry. leave it
ghalib's library. geet all these attempts are only to make you smile.
you have come so late at night to make me smile?