The Great Maratha Part 8

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The King of Chandangarh agrees to pay Rs.20 lakh to escape the attack.
Raghoba gets upset at his nephew Madhav Rao's letter..
..and thinks of taking retirement.
When Mahadji congratulates Ahilya Bai for getting the..
..throne of Malhar Rao Holkar.. return she tells Mahadji that she will be happy..
..only when he gets the governorship.
In the royal court of Peshwa, in presence ofjustice Ram Shastri..
..Raghoba is accused of betrayal.
Madhav Rao comes to Mahadji's tent to meet him..
..and there he decides that to teach Raghoba a lesson..
..they will have to attack him.
A war rages between Mahadji and Raghoba.. which Raghoba is defeated and he flees from the battleground.
Mahadji meets him and instead of taking him to the royal court.. a prisoner he takes him there with respect.
Raghoba and Anandi are confined and house-arrested.
And they accuse each other for this.
In the royal court of Madhav Rao, Vitthalji Thorat is presented..
..who came in disguise ofJankoji.
Thorat begs for forgiveness and Mahad suggests king..
..that he should be forgiven.
Madhav Rao is impressed with Mahadji's large-heartedness..
..makes him feudal lord.
Your Excellency, some kings and landlords are waiting for you.
They have some complaints.
Let them wait, they have no choice.
Gentlemen, please have seat.
Secretary. - Sir.
Tell me about today's agenda.
As per today's agenda, Your Excellency will express..
..his valuable thoughts about Mahadji Scindia.
Gentlemen, Indian soil is very valuable to us and to Indians.
But somewhere we find hindrances in our way.
Some are very ordinary and some are very dangerous.
And we can not remove these dangerous hindrances easily.
We'll have to make a special plan to remove them.
The plan can also become unsuccessful.
Till today not a single plan of mine has become unsuccessful.
Traitors like Mir Jaffer at Plaasi and Muniruddin.. Baxar have cleared the way in India for us.
But I have employed a different strategy for Mahadji.
I had tried to put pressure on him..
..through his commander Raghunathrao.
But why Mahadji Scindia is being given such importance?
Mahadji Scindia, in spite of not being a chief or a general..
..collected the taxes and other arrears by fighting a war at..
..Suryagadh and by his intelligence at Ranjangadh.
And he proved that he is very brave,
..intelligent and a loyal soldier of Peshwa.
Government of Pune can have great expectations from him.
You mean to say that what company..
..had thought about him is right.
This Mahadji Scindia defeated our powerful pawn..
..Raghunathrao and put him under house arrest.
And as a reward he got the right to his father's legacy and property.
Was appointed supreme general of Maratha army.
And made the chief ofAgra and Ajmer.
The flag of Scindia has now become a red flag for company.
Why didn't Raghunathrao take the help..
..of company's army in the war ofAnandwali?
We could have uprooted the danger from Mahadji.
Raghunathrao did everything in haste.
Neither he informed us, nor did he take our advice.
He justjumped in the war without any thought.
Can company help him now in anyway?
I know that Raghunathrao is an able commander.
But he is a slave to his wife.
He himself doesn't think anything.
His wife thinks everything for him.
He became our ally for his own selfish need.
We will also keep promising to make him Peshwa.
Promise, only promise.
Its okay, what do we loose by promising?
We don't have to give anything.
This is Raghunathrao's good luck..
..that Peshwa and Mahadji did not kill him.
His life has given a new hope to our intentions for Marathas.
Is Mahadji Scindia the centre ofyour attention now?
Mahadji's eyes are now towards Shah Aalam.
And one day he will march towards Allahabad.
Mahadji has a very efficient and organized army.
And he himself is a very good and able commander.
Like Hyder Ali has stopped us from progressing in the south.
Mahadji can stop us in the same way in north.
Now before he can stop us, we'll have to stop him.
Be prepared to receive with respect, honour and caution,
His highness Shah Aalam Saani is appearing here.
The emperor of India shall have a long and illustrious life.
I would like to take the honour of presenting a good to you sir.
I am longing to experience the happiness from that good news.
The loyalist to mogul sultanate, and close friend of..
..his highness, Mahadji Scindia has been appointed..
..the supreme commander of Maratha army.
He has also become the chief ofAgra, Ajmer and Gwalior.
Millions of thanks to Allah.
It won't be wrong, If I say that this is the only..
..good news which I have got in my whole life.
This news is spreading light on the dark roads of my life.
Many congratulations to the emperor.
Thank you, Saifuddin.
I am indebted to you for this news.
This slave is proud for this honour, your highness.
Mahadji Scindia has got his own right.
Now he'll help me in getting my right.
Your highness, shall I say something ifyou are not offended?
Trusting Mahadji Scindia will be like building a palace on sand.
No, Muniruddin, no.
I am sure that Mahadji Scindia will.. the falling walls of mogul sultanate.
And he'll put the foundation of my rule.
This servant very sincerely expressed his..
..feelings to show his loyalty to your highness.
Now it's the wish ofyour highness.
May God makes Mahadji Scindia so powerful..
..that he makes whole of India accept his supremacy.
May God listens to it.
God surely will.
Saifuddin. - Yes, Your Highness.
Send my hearty congratulations and..
..sincere compliments to Mahadji Scindia.
The commands ofyour highness..
..will be immediately complied with.
Begum (Queen) Malika, Begum Malika.
Begum Malika, I have brought a good news.
Now order some sweets for me.
What good news is it Sanodar?
Are you engaged to someone?
Now what shall I tell you princess?
I had really tried for my engagement.
But, neither a girl agreed, nor a boy.
Respected begum please give me some sweets now.
I'll definitely give sweets to you,
And also reward you with whatever you like.
Now tell me the good news.
Mahadji Scindia has become commander and chief.
Oh, Allah, a million thanks to you.
The news is good.
But it doesn't bring any happiness to me.
But mother why?
He'll not help us in anyway.
Why will he not help us?
He had promised that he'll definitely help you and..
..his highness when he becomes able and powerful.
Don't be hopeless mother.
I had seen the light of truth when he'd made this promise.
Believe me, Honourable begum,
..he'll definitely bring His Highness to Delhi.
May God make your words true.
Take this reward ofyours. - Thank you.
I'll pray to God for his success.
Then I'll light the lanterns of pure ghee.
Where have everyone gone? Oh Rampyari, Anarkali, Gulfam..
..where all ofyou've gone?
I will go and get them.
Long live Shreemant Peshwaji.
Commander Mahadji Scindia and Sardar..
..Rane khan are coming to see your highness.
They can come. - As you command.
My salutes to Shreemant. - My greetings.
My salutes. - My greetings.
Come, I welcome you.
Thank you.
Mahadba, please come with me.
I want you to meet my wife Ramabai.
As you command Shreemant, please come.
Maharaj (King), you go ahead, I'll wait for you here only.
I will be back, Ali Khan.
Please come.
Rama, meet him, he is,
I know him.
I had seen him that day in the court.
When he was given chiefdom.
Who doesn't know him?
Now, he has become chief and supreme commander.
He'll become more famous by his deeds.
He'll shine like a star in the skies of India.
I am a very simple human Shreemant.
I'll shine only when you will make me shine.
You write very good hymns and also sing very well.
Who told this to you?
Ahilya Bai told this to me.
And she has taught me one of your hymns which she sings often.
Oh, God, you are my Lord.
I also like this hymn, and Rama sings very well.
Please sign Rama.
Now! - Yes now, you also sing along her.
But Shreemant,
I don't want to hear anything. I just want to hear a prayer.
Oh, my God, you only are my Lord.
Oh, God, you are my only Lord. Oh, God!
Oh, my God, oh my God.
Oh, my God, you only are my Lord.
You know about everything, and you are everyone's Lord.
You know about everything..
You know about everything, and you are everyone's Lord.
You are the provider to this whole world.
You are the provider to this whole world.
Oh, my God, you only are my Lord.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God, you only are my Lord.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Bless us so as we perform our duties and earn goodwill.
..and earn goodwill.
Bless us so as we perform our duties and earn goodwill.
Bless us so that we tread on the path of truth.
Please give us knowledge and light.
Please give us knowledge and light.
Oh, my God, you only are my Lord.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God, you only are my Lord.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Oh, Lord Shiva, please give us dedication.
Oh, Lord Shiva.
Oh, Lord Shiva, please give us dedication.
Give us courage and strength.
Please take away our all sorrow and troubles.
Please take away our all sorrow and troubles.
Oh, my God, you only are my Lord.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God, you only are my Lord.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Very well, Mahadba.
You are full of so many qualities.
Where do I find the words which can truly praise you?
Why Rama?
Oh, yes.
Thank you, Shreemant.
Let us go, now we should take food after hymns are sung.
Let's go.
Please come.
This is Rane Khan, Mahadji's brother by word.
This is greatness of Maharaj that..
..he has given me such a high place.
He removed the water bag from.. shoulder and handed me a sword.
He made a big person out of Rane Khan.
Please sit down.
Sit down.
Okay, Shreemant, please tell me when we are going to have.. races for which you have called me here?
My salutes to you sir. - My greetings to you.
How are you?
I am fine with God's grace.
This is my younger brother Narayanrao. - Oh!
And this is famous commander, Mahadji Scindia.
Greetings. Greetings.
This is my good fortune that I am being introduced to you.
This is your greatness, otherwise it's my good fortune.
Come Mahadba, choose your horse.
No Shreemant, it will be you first.
Congratulations Shreemant, you have won.
Congratulations to you Mahadba.
You have become successful in making me win.
I saw that you could have won, but you did not.
Sir, you are our Peshwa.
Yes Peshwa, in Persian, it means the one who leads.
That's why I allowed you to stay ahead Shreemant.
And you'll always remain ahead, and I'll be behind you.
As you wish.
Mahadba, this horse race wasjust an excuse.
I wanted to tell you something.
We don't get the chance in the palace in front of others.
Tell me Shreemant?
The time has come, history is waiting for you.
Go to north India and show your valour.
Take Shah Aalam from Allahabad..
.. and throw away Englishmen out of India.
I'll comply with your command regarding as my religion.
Don't worry about expenses and army.
You have your own army of twenty thousand.
Tukoji will bring an army of ten thousand.
I'll send my own army of thirty five thousand..
.. under Ganesh Ramchandra's guidance.
You can take the army whenever and wherever you want.
Blood, Shreemant what has happened to you?!
I have T.B.
Yes, I have been taking the treatment.
I'll become well soon.
Go and fight with full spirit.
So you have come back from Pune?
How is Shreemant Madhavrao Peshwa?
He is fine. He is very happy with me..
..and I am also very happy for this.
God will always keep you happy.
God has given you all the happiness, except,
Jamna, what's missing in my life?
Only a child.
But I don't feel that is a deficiency of my life.
And I am not sorry for that.
Its well and good ifwe have a child,
And ifwe don't have, then its okay, its God's wish.
I know that you are very good hearted.
But you also will agree with me.
That God has given birth to woman for procreation.
And I want to complete this ambition of my life before I die.
Sure, but there is no need to worry so much for that.
I will get peace only when I go to Mansoor Shah..
..Baba's mosque and get his blessings for a son.
Yes, if his blessings can save your husband from death,
Then they can definitely give you a child ofyour wish.
We'll definitely go to Mansoor Shah Baba's mosque.
And I'll definitely see my Jamna as a mother.
Your body is burning.
No, it's nothing, you get ready to go to Beed.
No, Jamna, first you get well, and then we'll go.
No, itsjust a simple fever, and I'll get well on the way only.
I have got Peer Baba's call.
I'll become unwell if I do not go.
Please take me.
Okay, we are going.
My respects to Baba.
God's wish is supreme.
Please sit down dear.
My respects to Baba.
Baba, he has got chiefdom with your blessings and favours.
That crown on your head is a huge responsibility.
The throne is not made offlowers, but thorns.
Baba, today, I have come to ask for something more.
I know it, dear, that why your mind is so sad.
For that wish, for that desire, whose light is there in your mind.
But dear, every wish is like a deer's desire for water in desert.
It does have the existence, and it does not.
Sometimes we pass our whole life chasing a wish.
And at then end, we don't get anything.
Baba, she has been coming here since a long..
..time and from very far away to get your blessings.
She comes here for the safety of her husband.
And I have always told her that she will always remain married.
Baba, its enough, nothing can be..
..a greater blessing for me than that.
This will be my good fortune.. die before him.
This is destiny my dear, don't wish for that.
Be like a pure wave of sea.
No-one knows from where it comes and where it disappears.
Baba, I get a great knowledge by listening to you.
The mind gets a strange kind of peace.
I feel like coming here again and again.
But your worldly duties can not let you do that, isn't it so?
But how will the world go on, if these chains are not there?
Let the world go no.
There is nothing bad in these worldly affairs and duties.
But there are some stepping stones of truth in world.
Which are hidden and can not be seen.
Find them, and follow them.
Then the world will follow you.
And it will pray to you.
But we need people like you who can show us the path of truth.
Dear, open the eyes ofyour mind.
Listen to your conscience.
Your spirit will take its light from God.. a moon that takes its light from the sun.
Let the world embrace you, but don't embrace the world.
Do the duties for the world for which you have got this birth.
And your soul will tell you that what you have to do.
And it'll take you on that road only.
Go dear, go and find your destiny in your actions.
And perform what has been written in your destiny.
Go now, get my dear, very carefully.
Bless me, Baba.
My greetings, Baba.
Jamna, Jamna, what happened?
Come, take care, please take care.
Jamna, Jamna. - Please stop it. - Stop it.
What happened?
I'll die.
No, don't say like that. Don't say like that.
I am feeling scared in this palanquin. -Okay.
Take me on the horse.
Okay, come with me, take care.
Take care. take care.
Everything will be all right.
Come on.
Nothing will happen.
I am feeling cold, please take me in your arms.
Today I am very happy.
I have never been happier.
You love me very much?
Yes, Jamna, yes, very much.
She has gone, and left her memories behind.
Her body is burnt, but the soul has become immortal.
Dear, you'll always feel that Jamna is with you.
She'll be with you forever.
Her innocence was like the smile of a small child.
Her beauty was like a fresh blossoming flower.
And thoughts were pure like aroma.
And they will always guide you with their light in your future.
Jamna and your relation was unbreakable..
..and will always be unbreakable.
Baba, my relation with her will always remain alive though you.
Her wishes and desires have burnt and become ashes.
She didn't get what she wanted, its her destiny.
You fortune is waiting for you.
Your destiny is calling you.
Your country is calling you.
Are you seeing those far away mountain peeks?
You'll be able to see Jamna there.
Are you listening to this crackling voice of birds?
You'll hear Jamna's voice in it.
Are you feeling the rustling of the air?
You'll see Jamna's walk in it.
You also have her memories, Baba.
I am out of circle of memories my dear.
But her soul will talk to me.
About you, only about you.
She used to talk only about you when she was alive.
She used to love you very much.
No-one can define it, that much love.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
This is the first time that armies..
..of Pune, Indore and Ujjain have met.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia. - I heartily welcome you here.
Please come. - Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail commander Mahadji Scindia.
Brave soldiers, today, we are standing at a junction of history.
When we look back at past, we can see the battlefield of Panipat.
Where we can see the lakes offire and rivers of blood.
Some ten years back, Ahmed shah Afdali..
..had arrived from abroad and attacked us.
At that time, no Indian army except..
..Marathas came forward to fight him.
Those were Marathas only who picked up the Indian..
..flag and took up their weapons against Afdali.
A heavy battle took place from morning till evening..
..between the jingling of swords and roar of cannons.
Our whole generation had become..
..extinct, when the war ended in the evening.
Thousands ofwomen had lost their husbands.
Thousands of children had become orphans.
There was so much destruction that even after ten..
..years, the name of Panipat means complete destruction.
The battlefield was full of thousands of Maratha bodies.
I have seen this with my own eyes.
And when I was taking my last breaths, this man,
..Rane Khan took me out of the pile of dead bodies.
And he saved my life.
And today, today, I am standing before you.
Rane Khan is my saviour.
Long live Sardar Rane Khan.
Long live Sardar Rane Khan.
Long live Sardar Rane Khan.
Long live Sardar Rane Khan.
And do you people know the reason of our defeat at Panipat?
Do you know about it?
Due to our own differences.
Due to our own personal enmities..
..we Indians have been defeated more by..
..our own conspiracies than by foreigners.
Our biggest ambition now is to bring unity among ourselves.
And fight the enemy who is strongest and wisest among foreigners.
Who has crossed six thousand miles..
..and come here crossing seven seas.
This enemy has come to make our.. its slave with the excuse of trade.
Because we have rivers of honey and milk in our country.
Our country is called the golden sparrow.
Should we let anyone rob our country?
No, no. Never, never.
Shall we become their slaves?
No, never, never.
We can fight foreigners only when..
..our central government is strong.
And it is our prime duty to strengthen our central government.
And for that, we'll have to take emperor Shah Aalam from..
..Allahabad and make him sit on the throne of Delhi.
Brave soldiers, today we make a promise to ourselves.
We do make a promise to ourselves.
That Panipat will never happen again.
Long live India.
May India always remain undefeated.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Hail chief Mahadji Scindia.
Is there anyone here?
Fools, idiots, this king and his incompetents.
Orderly, orderly,
Yes, sir.
I had told you that this trouble should not be allowed to play.
Sir, I had told them not to play, but they are not listening.
They are saying that it's the order of their King..
..and they won't obey orders of any other person.
What did you say, they will not listen to my orders?!
And they will listen the orders of their king?
Go stop them.
And if they don't listen to you, then throw all of them down.
And break their drums and all instruments.
Go. Stop them. Do whatever you want to do, go now.
Yes sir.
You can even shoot them ifyou want.
Stop this nonsense.
Run away from here.
And we'll break your hands and feet ifwe see you here again.
May God take care ofyou.
Even though I am here, my king always remains worried.
It seems that his highness is worried about some new problem.
Begum (Queen), God is witness that no-one has dared..
..till today to disrespect Moghul emperors.
But today, my self esteem has been hurt.
And its very difficult for me to bear it.
I have complete sympathy with you.
Can I know that how this unbearable incident happened?
Colonel Fletcher indecently and forcibly stopped our..
..people from playing the music which was sign of my honour.
I am also hurt by the shock which His Highness has got.
When I think about my life Begum..
I find it full of sorrows and sadness.
The merciless murder of my father.
Such a long separation from my mother.
Eleven years of exile from Delhi.
Our defeat in the battle of Baxar and this house-arrest at Allahabad.
I have a request to you.
That forget whatever has passed.
There is always light after darkness.
This is the law of nature.
Don't become hopeless.
Always keep hope.
The coming period will be your golden period.
Days, months and years are going by thinking that begum.
Oh, God!
Only God knows whether I'll ever become heir to..
..Moghul emperors and sit on the throne of Delhi.
God willing you'll definitely become.
I don't have any hope with these Englishmen.
That they will ever take me to Delhi.
If there is any hope, then it is with Marathas only.
And that also from Mahadji Scindia only.
Yes, Begum.
Father, Mahadji Scindia has defeated..
..Zaalim Singh and his English army chiefs.
Shambhu is absconding.
Maddock would have been arrested, but Mahadji freed him.
Now, Mahadji Scindia is in Mathura with Tukoji..
..Holkar and Ganesh Ramchandra and others.
Mahadji Scindia has taken a palace in Mathura.
And now, he is staying there.
Now, it has become easier for him to go from..
..Mathura to Allahabad, or come to Delhi.
Then he can attack in just two hours.
He has taken an oath to take revenge from me.
Father, I can order our army to get ready, ifyou permit me.
No, no.
Look, dear, I can't fight.
And you're still not ready to fight Mahadji Scindia.
Now Mahadji will attack me like a injured lion.
When a person has to take revenge,
..his strength becomes double.
And Mahadji has to take double revenge from me.
One for his brother Dattaji, and one for Panipat.
You have become a coward with old age and disease.
Don't talk nonsense.
I am talking with my experience.
Its not a kids play to fight Mahadji Scindia.
Look dear, when you can not defeat enemy, join him.
Marathas need their pride to be restored.
And we need to challenge Mahadji Scindia's sincerity.
And how would that be?
We have good relations with Tukoji Holkar.
He is my brother by word.
I'll send a letter to Mahadji through him.
Yusuf Khan?
As you command, sir.
Go get paper and pen.
I have to write a letter to Mahadji Scindia.
As you wish.
Maharaj (King).
Yes, Rane Khan.
Maharaj, Tukoji Holkar and Najeeb..
..Khan's advisor, Yusuf Khan have come.
Najeeb Khan's advisor?
Let them come.
Yes, Your Highness.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Maharaj, this is Yusuf Khan.
He has brought a letter from Najeeb Khan for you.
Here it is.
Rane Khan.
Yes, sir. Read this.
My respects to Mahadji Scindia.
I am very sincerely saying that I don't..
..want to take an enmity with the Marathas.
I am extending my hand offriendship towards you.
And I am promising you, that I'll completely help Marathas.. realising their ambitions in North and East India.
And I will also help you in restoring the..
..kingdom and throne of emperor Shah Alam.
And I'll also help you in acquiring your lost territories.
I will always remain your loyal friend.
I am always present for any service you require of me.
I expect that you'll accept my offer offriendship.
Awaiting your reply, your sincere friend, Najeebullah.
Yusuf Khan, ifyou don't mind, then wait in the adjacent room.
I want to discuss something with Tukoji Holkar in this regard.
As you command sir.
Rane Khan, take him to guest house with due respect.
Yes, sir. _ Please go.
Please come.
Sit down.
Najeeb Khan didn't think offriendship till today.
Now that we are so near to RohelKhand in Mathura,
..he can see my sword hanging over his head.
And he has extended his hand offriendship due to his fear.
But Tukoji Holkar, I'll not befriend a serpent.
I swear by the beheaded head of Dattaba..
..that I'll definitely take his revenge.
Forgive me, Maharaj.
But its your personal matter to take revenge from Najeeb Khan.
But to befriend him is the matter..
..of principle for Maratha government.
I agree with you.
If my loss is a gain for Maratha government..
..then I am ready to make this sacrifice.
And if its not beneficial for Maratha government..
..then I'll sacrifice Najeeb Khan for my oath.
And who'll decide that if its beneficial for Marathas.
Shreemant Peshwa Madhavrao will decide about it..
..I'll accept any decision he takes regarding this matter.
May honourable Shreemant Peshwa lives a long life.
Come, Nana Phadnavis, come.
You bring some special news with.. whenever you come all of a sudden like this.
Tell me, what do you have to say?
Two lions in north are ready to roar in front of each other.
Najeeb Khan has sent a letter to Mahadji.
And given a offer of friendship to Marathas.
Mahadji has sent you a letter and asked for your orders.
What is the need for my orders in this matter?
Mahadji himself is intelligent, he himself can take a decision.
I'll accept any decision he takes.
Ifwe leave this decision on Mahadji,
..then it will end on Najeeb's death.
I know about it.
Mahadji wants to take revenge of his..
..elder brother Dattaji Scindia's death.
Who was beheaded at Najeeb Khan's stance at Burari valley.
But Shreemant, the whole of RohelKhand..
..will be on fire if Mahadji takes his revenge.
All the Pathans will be thirsty for Mahadji and Marathas' blood.
And we will not get any taxes in future from there.
And Marathas' principle and Mahadji's dream to..
..take Shah Alam from Allahabad and..
..make him Delhi's emperor will never be realised.
And why would be that?
Because Mahadji will have to pass from..
..RohelKhand while going to Delhi with Shah Alam.
And even if he goes taking full circle around..
..RohelKhand, he'll not be able to enter Delhi.
Because Najeeb Khan's word is supreme in Delhi.
It means that Mahadji will have to forget his revenge.
Yes, Shreemant.
A Maratha is brave, and also magnanimous.
He can keep an enemy at the tip of his sword and also in his heart.
You can say it with full confidence that Maratha..
..state will benefit by befriending Najeeb Khan?
Yes, Shreemant, Maratha state will fully..
..benefit by befriending Najeeb Khan.
And don't forget this, that this is not..
..the Najeeb Khan ofAfdali's days.
Now, he wants to pass his last days of life peacefully.
That's why he wants to befriend Marathas.
But I can not trust him.
I want a proof of friendship from him.
Najeeb Khan will be informed about whatever proofyou want.
First of all, he'll have to help us in..
..making Shah Alam emperor of Delhi.
And he'll have to be with us step by step in fighting British army.
Write a letter to Mahadji Scindia to befriend Najeeb Khan.
This is a political issue.
And Maratha state will benefit greatly by it.
I'll write a letter to both of them today only Shreemant.
My respects.
Maharaj, there's a letter from Pune from Peshwa Madhavrao.
He has written to you to befriend Najeeb Khan.
That it is a political requirement.
Friendship with Najeeb Khan is political requirement!
Political requirement!
Which makes friends out of enemies, and enemies out offriends?
It converts evil into virtue and a virtue into evil.
Converts poison into nectar, and nectar into poison.
Maharaj, you have understood politics very well.
It will be useful to you in future.
It will be very useful Rane Khan, and very soon.
It's very clear that Nana Phadnavis has..
..jealously given a wrong advice to Shreemant Peshwa.
And now, I'll have to tackle Nana..
..Phadnavis and Najeeb Khan at the same time.
But Maharaj, there is Tukoji Holkar also.
I don't understand that why he is taking the side of Najeeb Khan.
I think he doesn't regard himself less than Malhar Rao Holkar.
Sir, this is the same Holkar who had expressed..
..his gratefulness after becoming a chief.
Let it be Rane Khan.
Don't blame Tukoji Holkar.
Every person has a purpose and a selfish need.
May supreme commander always be victorious.
I have come from Ujjain.
Respected mother is not well and needs you there.
What did you say, mother is unwell?
Yes sir.
Oh, its you Mahadba. - Mother.
What has happened to you, Mother?
Oh, you have come from such a far place.
My son must be very tired.
Go and be fresh first.
Then I have to speak to you about a lot of things.
No, Mother, first tell me, how are you?
I am just counting my last days, dear.
Don't say like that mother, don't say like that.
Okay, tell me, what do you want to say?
Dear, do you remember Lakshmi?
Lakshmi had given birth to a daughter, Bala..
..when you were not here, and gone to war.. used to come here rarely.
Lakshmi died while giving birth to her.
Then Bala's grandparents took her to their native place.
Now that I was also alone here, I called her here.
Bala has now sixteen years old.
What, Bala has become sixteen year old?!
Yes, come here, dear.
Come dear, come here.
Dear. Father. -
She is exactly like Lakshmi.
Exactly like her mother.
Bala, my daughter.
Oh, my dear daughter.
Its very tasty.
Oh, its enough, dear.
I'll keep eating up to morning if you keep on serving me like this.
My hand will also not stop it you don't stop your hand.
Its very tasty.
Bala cooks very tasty food.
I have also made carrot sweet for you.
Is it so, very nice.
Bala is very efficient not only in cooking but everything.
She is well mannered, intelligent and full ofvirtues.
Whose daughter is she after all?
Very nice it was.
Long live my daughter.
Grandma, you also take your meals now.
We both will eat together my dear.
Come, dear come.
Dad, I have brought carrot sweet for you. _ Yes.
Very well, its very tasty.
I know dear that what you are thinking.
And I am also thinking that only.
That you should have come here a long time back.
Then why didn't you call me here?
The conditions were such my dear.
Come, sit down.
Your grandparents had adopted.. and taken you to their native village.
I was always at war with my father,
..with my brother and sometimes alone.
I spent my life either on horses or at army camps.
I rarely came home.
I used to wander away from home from country to country.
And always used to long for family's atmosphere.
But I used to remember you a lot.
And today also, I am in the same condition.
You have always been in my heart.
I used to see your face in the mirror of my imagination.
Dad. - My dear.
I also used to remember you very much dad.
I used to wonder that how my father looks like.
How would he be, where would he be?
What he would be doing now?
And when I would meet him.
I will call him father and he'll call me my dear daughter.
Grandma used to tell me that you have..
..gone to Panipat when I was very young.
There is a time for everything my dear.
God had to let us meet today only, so we met today.
Now, you will always be with me.
And I'll make good my loss which you had in your life.
I will keep you happy in every regard, my dear.
You have taken away the barrenness of this house.
My daughter.
Come mother.
I don't know when commander Scindia Maharaj will come.
I can't understand anything.
You go ahead and I'll bring him.
My respects to honourable mother.
Have a long life my son.
Rane Khan, who is this doll?
Maharaj, this beautiful girl can only be some relative of mine.
Very well, you have guessed it right.
She is your niece.
Bala! - Yes.
Go dear, this is your uncle Rane Khan.
Go dear, touch his feet.
Have a long life dear.
Uncle Rane Khan, I have heard a lot about you.
Its good dear that you have come now.
Your father doesn't take care of himself.
Neither he eats on time, nor does he sleep.
And he never listens to anyone.
Now you only will have to take care ofyour father.
I will go back in few days.
Come on, Mother, don't talk about leaving.
Now, both ofyou go inside and shrug off tiredness ofjourney.
Please go.
Take this, dear.
Maharaj, Tukoji Holkar and chief Najeeb Khan.. waiting downstairs in the main hall for you.
Najeeb Khan!
Let's go.
Full of all virtues, great warrior, extremely kind,
Valorous, chief ofAgra and Ajmer and our hero..
Mahadji Scindia is coming here.
My respects to you.
I am presenting some precious gifts in your service.
Rane Khan.
Deposit these gifts in the government treasury.
As you command my lord.
This is my son, Zabta Khan.
My respects.
Yes, please have your seats.
Sit down.
There is a distance of many years..
..between Burari valley and Mathura.
Believe me, Mahadji, I have changed a lot up to reaching here.
And I want to live and die peacefully.
That's why I am befriending my enemies.
That's why I sent you the message for this meeting.
The shadow of this meeting will not fall on my oath.
I am requesting you with folded..
..hands to forget about your oath.
I am very shameful about Dattaji's killing.
And I am heartily asking for forgiveness from you.
Forgive me as the son of your uncle Malhar Rao Holkar.
Because he'll be glad for that.
Najeeb Khan, I know very well that how to please..
..the souls of Holkar uncle and Dattaji Scindia.
Najeeb Khan sahib, now that you..
..have sincerely asked for forgiveness.
Mahadji Scindia will think over it with a calm head.
Father, please tell them the purpose ofyour visit.
Mahadji, a pen can not do what this tongue can do.
So instead ofwriting a letter I personally came here.. make you believe in my sincerity and friendship.
From today onwards, I'll regard the..
..enemies of Marathas as my enemies.
And their friends as my own friends.
I'll regard well being of Marathas as my well being.
And their loss as my own loss.
The steps of my army will always be with Maratha army.
From Pune to Calcutta, and Allahabad to Delhi.
I'll inform you whenever I get the orders..
..of Shreemant Peshwa to take your help.
I am not well and tired.
With your permission, I will like to take some rest in my camp.
And Tukoji Holkar will talk to you on my behalf about other things.
What else is remaining now?
Najeeb Khan wants to leave his son..
..Zabta Khan here as a goodwill gesture to you.
So that you should not doubt Najeeb Khan's intentions.
And if Najeeb Khan goes back on his promise, can take revenge from Zabta Khan.
You can even kill him.
I don't want any security or goodwill from Najeeb Khan.
Did you understand Najeeb Khan's trick in that?
When Shah Aalam knows that his enemy Najeeb Khan's..
..son is in our camp, he'll have misunderstanding for us.
But Shah Alam's misunderstanding will be..
..cleared when he sees Najeeb Khan's army with us..
..while we go to take him from Allahabad's fort.
Keep Zabta Khan with you in your.. and in the security ofyour army.
Tukoji, you'll be responsible if anything happens to him.
Father, father.
Tukoji, my brother, my health is deteriorating.
Now I'll have to go to my doctors.
We have very good doctors here.
And we'll get you very good treatment here.
Now I'll not stay even a moment here.
We'll look after you in every way here.
You won't get any problem here.
Father, it's risky for you to go on a journey in this condition.
Dear, this is the lastjourney of my life and I'll bear it.
Tukoji. - Yes, Brother.
I am leaving Zabeta Khan with you.
This is my dearest son, take special care of him.
I will not let anything happen to him.
Please do not be careless about that.
Tukoji, how can I be careless?
Mahadji has not forgotten Buradi valley till today.
He has not forgotten his oath.
My soul has taken fright with the glitter in his eyes..
..his thunderous tone and the way he was talking.
I can see his future on his forehead.
This man has his destiny in his own hands.
I salute this man for his dedication to this country.
Yusuf Khan?
Yes, your highness.
Make preparations for my departure.
As you command sir.
Stop the palanquin, stop the palanquin, Jabbar Khan.
Stop the palanquin.
Stop the caravan.
Water, water. - Bring water.
Oh, sir, sir.
Your highness, forgive me for interrupting your rest.
What is the matter?
There is very sad news.
Najib Khan passed away.
Before reaching Rohilkhand.
Have you told this to anyone else?
No, sir.
You can go now.
As you command, sir.
Zabeta Khan. Zabeta Khan, Zabeta Khan?
Is everything all right?
How come you are here so late at night?
Your father, Najib Khan.
What happened to him?
He's no more.
Oh, Father.. did you go like this?
Have patience, my sympathies are with you.
I must go now.
If I don't go to Najibabad and claim my father's legacy..
..then their will be other claimants.
I know it's very necessary for you to go to Najibabad.
I'll send a company of horsemen with you.
You go ahead and leave.
Najib Khan had given you under my care.
And Mahadji has given your responsibility to me.
I'll give my answer to Mahadji.
But I will not make Najib Khan's soul restless.
You can go now.
By releasing me without Mahadji Scindia's..
..permission, you can lose your own freedom.
What to do? I don't have any other choice.
Now come with me so that I can leave you outside the camp.
And no one stops you.
I am very sorry about Najib Khan's death.
Because he took away my right for revenge.
And now his son Zabeta Khan is also out of my hand.
Tukoji Holkar is fully responsible for Zabeta Khan's departure.
When a sub-commander goes against the orders of his..
..commander, he leaves a spot of shame on the army's head.
I had learnt this at Panipat.
Tukoji Holkar, today I think that..
..Panipat is being repeated in my army.
Do you agree that you have gone against my orders?
I listened to the voice of my conscience.
In each country and in every army..
..the punishment for treason is death.
Emperor Shivaji had himself beheaded..
..Bajirao Ghorpade who joined his enemy.
You know about it, Tukoji.
Yes, I know about it.
You mean to say that I've committed treason.
And you'll give me the death sentence for that.
The right to award death sentence is either with..
..Srimant Peshwa or with justice Ram Shastri.
It's up to me whether I punish you or I leave you.
But I'm giving you a chance to defend yourself.
Mahadji Scindia is forgetting that deceased Malharrao..
..Holkar's relation with Najib Khan was like a father and son.
And with that relation, it was my human duty to let him go.
And it was your moral responsibility.. take my permission for that.
I request you to send this matter to Srimant Peshwa at Pune.
I will accept any punishment he grants me.
There is no need to send this matter to Pune.
I am your supreme commander.
And Srimant Madhavrao has given me all the rights.
I can give you the death sentence if I want.
And Srimant will not raise any objection to that.
Ganesh Ramchandra.
Yes, your highness.
Arrest Tukoji Holkar, he's awarded the death sentence.
Take him away.
Come with me, sir.
Rane Khan, we have benefitted.. Zabeta Khan's departure in one way.
That Shah Alam now won't have..
..any misunderstanding with us.
I have taken the decision.
That I will now get Shah Alam released..
..from Allahabad and take him to Delhi.
I will reunite the alliance of the Maratha state and..
..the Mughal sultanate which was severed since years.
I want to write a letter to Shah Alam and..
..another to the governor-general of the company.
Call my clerk.
Yes, sir.
Court of directors have sent a letter from London..
..that our action of arresting the Mughal emperor is..
..spreading sparks of anger throughout India.
And it's spreading hatred against the company and the British.
The company has done a lot of things..
..without the orders of the court of directors.
Why don't we continue the emperor's house arrest?
For that, the rising sun of British..
..rule in India will have to wait for some time.
Mahadji Scindia has also written a letter in this regard.
Mahadji Scindia?
Read it to me.
Honourable Lord Clive..
..Governor-general of..
..the East India company.
We'd like to state this very clearly.
That this company was established in India for trading.
But leaving trading aside, it's entered Indian politics.
And that is not bearable to us Indians.
And we look with extreme hatred towards..
..your action of arresting our emperor.
I am warning you on behalf of the Maratha..
..state, Maratha caste and personally.
That we have decided to take the emperor from Allahabad to Delhi.
Whether we take him after fighting you or without fighting you.
We leave this decision up to you.
We'll accept any decision.
Please send a reply soon.
Your well-wisher.
Mahadji Scindia, chief ofAgra and Ajmer.
We cannot fight.
Till now he was a sleeping lion.
But now he is a lion who is wide awake.
And befriending him now is very necessary for us.
So that we can use the Marathas against Hyder Ali in future.
One Hyder Ali in the south is enough for us.
And we don't want this same situation in the north also.
So what should we write to him?
Wait for some time, let me think about it.
As you wish, your Excellency.
Come, Rane Khan, come.
Majesty, promise me that you won't..
..refuse me if I ask something from you.
What's the need of a promise?
It's my desire that you ask for something from me.
And I will gladly give it to you.
You have already given everything to me.
And I never get a chance to ask something from you.
Today, I have got this chance after a long time.
I'm taking this promise from you.. that my word does not go un-honoured.
I promise you, tell me what do you want?
Your highness, Tukoji Holkar should be pardoned.
How did you think of it?
Just now Tukoji Holkar called me.
He was saying that he's ashamed ofwhat he did.
He's regretting it.
And he's promised that he won't commit this mistake in future.
He requested me very humbly to get him pardoned from you.
Rane Khan, people should learn from.. to save someone from death.
Your highness..
..I just want Tukoji Holkar to never forget..
..this favour as I have not forgotten yours.
Go and tell him that I have pardoned him.
Thank you, your highness, thanks a lot.
In the honour of.. - The glowing light offamily ofTimur.
The heir to the sultanate of Mughals, his highness..
Honourable emperor Shah Alam Sahni;
That I am going to be there very soon.. take his highness from Allahabad to Delhi.
So that the throne of the Mughals gets..
..back its splendour with its rightful heir.
And this tradition is kept alive.
Your highness should not care about governor-general's willingness.
And please tell us about your own willingness.
The humble servant ofyour highness, Mahadji Scindia.
I am feeling very glad in expressing my willingness.
We are very grateful to your highness.
We assure your highness about the..
..full co-operation of the Maratha government.
I appreciate and value Mahadji Scindia's sentiments.
Now I want to know that what Mahadji Scindia..
..would need from me in exchange of these services?
Your highness, our commander Mahadji..
..Scindia has not kept any kind of condition.
But it would be better to decide about these conditions.
And for that, I'm sending Saifuddin as my messenger to him.
We will do as you wish, your highness.
Please let us take your leave.
Permission is granted.
I will ask for forgiveness of my interruption and say this..
..that your highness is trusting Marathas without any reason.
These are the same Marathas who did..
..not let our throne remain unoccupied.
They made my younger brother..
..occupy the throne in my absence.
Their selfishness is clearly reflected in this.
They have come so far to take you in their trust.
And when they reach Delhi, they'll do..
..anything they want without your permission.
But Englishmen.
But Englishmen will never fulfil their promise, Muniruddin.
You want me to live my whole life in this fort in hope of them.
Your highness has taken the right decision by befriending them.
The Marathas themselves were unsettled after Panipat.
Now they are again gaining their strength.
And Mahadji Scindia is specially..
..gaining popularity and fame everywhere.
And Marathas have never used deceit or fraud.
We can completely trust them.
A million thanks to great Allah.
After eleven years, I am going to step across the threshold of Delhi.
I will be blessed with the sight of honourable mother.
And honoured with the throne of Mughal emperors.
What are you doing here, go away from here.
Bala, oh, Bala, my Bala. - Arjun.
Arjun. - Bala.
Arjun. - Bala.
Let us go.
How come you are here, Arjun?
Yes, how are you?
I am all right, but what about you?
I am feeling lonely since you left the village.
I cannot live without you.
Arjun please go away from here, they will see you.
No, I cannot leave you and go away.
Arjun please go away.
When will we meet again?
Tomorrow morning, in the temple of Lord Krishna.
At which temple of Lord Krishna?
Which is near our palace.
Kuber, Sampat, get up.
The time for Mahadji Scindia's murder has come.
Take up your weapons and come along.
Arrest all of them.
What was all this noise about?
Who are you?
Tell me who are you. Otherwise, I'll shoot you.
Who are you and what were you doing here?
Tell me who are you. Otherwise, I'll shoot you.
You still won't tell?
I'm telling you, sir.
Tell me immediately.
We were four persons.
We were sent by the company to kill Mahadji Scindia.
Take him away and keep interrogating him.
And tell me. Who are you?
Are you also with them?
Tell me who are you. Otherwise, I'll kill you.
No, no.
Please don't kill him. I'm telling you.
This is Arjun.
Bala, please, dear. Come in.
Grandma. - Arjun.
Please come in.
Grandma, Arjun, Arjun.
Don't cry, dear, please don't cry.
Grandma, Arjun is a very good boy.
Do you love her?
Very much, I cannot live without him.
And he also loves me very much, Grandma.
The boy is good and handsome.
You also like him?
Yes. - Really, he is very nice.
Since when do you know him?
Since my childhood, we both studied together.
Grandma, please speak to father about him.
I will definitely speak to him.
The boy is good and handsome.
And then he has saved your father's life.
Dear, our happiness lies in your happiness alone.
You have arrived in this house like a season..
..of spring and you'll always remain like that.
Grandma, you are so nice.
What this world has come to, Rane Khan.
What happened, your highness?
This Bala and Arjun?
Did you see Bala's daring?
How she came out?
Bala and Arjun, do you understand what I mean?
Yes, your highness.
Rane Khan, did you love anyone before marriage?
Yes, I did.
But those were the days ofyouth, your highness.
But, I did not love anyone.
My parents married me off and that's all.
And I loved my wife.
But nowadays love happens before marriage.
Bala and Arjun's, I don't like all this.
Majesty, actually they are in love.
It's the affair of hearts.
And no one has any control over hearts.
Youth is like a blossoming flower.
And love is its aroma.
This world is alive with this aroma only.
And life gets its light from this aroma only.
Love is associated with souls.
But marriage with traditions and rituals.
Traditions and practices keep changing in every caste.
But love remains like that in every caste.
And Majesty, we are living at the birth place of Lord Krishna.
Everything, even the leaves here are alive with love.
Only love. Yes, Majesty.
Bala is my daughter also and I cannot hurt her.
Do you mean that I should marry Bala to Arjun?
Yes, your highness.
Call Arjun tomorrow morning. I'll talk to him.
Very well, sir.
Majesty, this is Arjun.
Yes, Greetings.
Do you love Bala?
Yes, I love her very much.
Both of us cannot live without each other.
Only death can now do us apart.
My daughter is dearest to me in this whole world.
Do you understand?
How will you keep her happy?
Will you be able to give her all these comforts..
..and luxuries which I have given her?
Tell me?
I cannot give all the comforts to Bala.
But I can definitely give her all the happiness of this world.
I belong to a poor family.
I am a farmer.
I.. - Being poor is not an offence.
But will you leave Bala if I give.. a lot of money, land and property?
All the wealth of world cannot take..
..away Bala's love from me, your highness.
Only death can take me away from Bala's love.
But then, how will you take care of Bala?
A woman cannot be happy with love alone.
No, this cannot happen. This can never happen.
Very good, dear.
You don't care anything about your daughter's happiness.
The boy is good and Bala loves him.
After sixteen years she has come to you.
Have you forgotten that you had promised her.
That you will always keep her happy.
Then why are you breaking her heart, my dear?
What would you like to do?
I want to become a soldier.
I want to join your army.
I want to go to war with you.
Thanks a lot to you Allah.
Father, you are so nice.
Welcome, welcome.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Have a long life, my dear.
Greetings. - Come with me, Son.
Welcome, sir, welcome.
Thank you, sir.
May God give you a very long life.
You have done a great favour to me by marrying..
..the son of a poor farmer like me to your daughter.
You have given me a great honour.
My brother-in-law, don't make me ashamed like this.
Come now.
Arjun, I still can't believe that we're married.
That we are husband and wife.
I also can't believe it, Bala.
This is my good luck.
I will sacrifice my life to you.
I will always keep you happy.
I will always be yours and serve you.
Please come.
Majesty, emperor Shah Alam's messenger..
..Saifuddin has come from Allahabad.
My respects and salutations, at the service of the chief ofAgra..
..and Ajmer and commander Mahadji Scindia.
Greetings, please be seated.
His highness has sent his sincere compliments to you.
Please convey my thanks to him.
His highness has expressed his willingness.. go from Allahabad to Delhi with you.
This is the order ofwillingness.
Okay, it's all right.
Your highness, the emperor wants to know about your..
..conditions in exchange for taking him from Allahabad to..
..Delhi and in helping him acquire the Mughal throne.
I have been given the authority to..
..accept or reject your conditions by him.
The first condition is that he will pay Rs.25 lakh.. the Marathas as soon as he gets Delhi and its throne.
All right.
We will pay the advance amount of Rs.10 lakh for that.
And that will be paid within ten days.
And the remaining amount will be paid.. the time of acquiring the throne.
That's all right.
The Maratha government will be given the territories.. collect that much tax if that amount is not paid.
We accept.
And the concessions which Marathas..
..enjoyed in the past will be continued.
Fine, we accept.
Our last condition.
The emperor can appoint anyone as his prime minister.
But other posts will be appointed on our advice.
We accept this too.
Your highness, you have made us accept all..
..these conditions for the Maratha government.
Now tell us that what you would like for yourself??
Shri Saifuddin, success in my ambition..
..will be the biggest reward for me.
I don't want anything else for myself.
I want a strong government at the..
..centre so that India can remain safe.
Very nice.
I'll definitely tell his highness about your feelings and wishes.
Now please permit me.
Now we'll know about the strength of Mahadji Scindia's sword.
British cannons will be waiting for his welcome at Allahabad.
Whose roar is heard throughout India.
Mahadji Scindia's desire to free Shah Alam from..
..the British army will remain as an unfulfilled dream.
Mahadji won't even find the road.. Delhi, once he arrives at Allahabad.
Even if Shah Alam and Mahadji reach near Delhi..
..they should feel that they are still far away from Delhi.
We cannot predict what Mahadji can do.
So announce my control over Delhi.
Close the doors of the city on Mahadji's face if he..
..progresses towards Delhi and fire cannons at him.
Oh my god, you are looking so beautiful, my dear princess.
Please forgive me for this.
Only if I would have been a man.
Only if I would have been a prince.
And I would have seen you anywhere, I would have..
It's enough, Master Sanobar.
Don't call me Master Sanobar, call me Lady Sanobar.
Okay, Lady Sanobar, tell me one thing?
Ask me.
Have you ever loved anyone?
Oh, don't ask me.
Not once, but I've loved many times.
Really, but whom?
The most handsome princes alive.
Is it so, but where did those princes reign?
In my dreams, I've loved only in my dreams.
You will be cursed by Allah.
What I wanted to hear and what you have told me.
Go, get lost from here.
Yes, honourable Malika.
Mahadji Scindia has reached Mathura.
Whether he will go to Allahabad or not.
And if he decides to go, then when will he go?
I'm dying with these worries.
I will go to Mathura and try to know about it ifyou permit me.
Mathura and Delhi are like adjacent homes.
I will go there and back in a jiffy.
Yes, you can surely go.
Sanobar, I'll give you..
..a 'rakhi' (wristband marking brother-sister bond) which you..
..have to present to Mahadji Scindia from me.
Come with me. - All right.
Honourable lady, may God put ash into my mouth.
There is news that Najib Khan's son..
..Zabeta Khan has taken control over Delhi.
Oh, my God, what's happened?
Will I never be able to meet my son now?
Will Mahadji have to fight Zabeta Khan also?
Oh, God, please give strength to Mahadji Scindia.
Give strength to Mahadji, my God.
Give strength to Mahadji.
Yes, your Excellency.
Oh, yes. Please be seated.
It's been many days since..
..we got Mahadji Scindia's letter.
Yes. Your Excellency.
And we've got permission..
..from the council of directors since many days.
Yes, your Excellency.
I don't want it to be an easy task for Mahadji.. take Shah Alam from Allahabad to Delhi.
That's why I didn't show any hurry in replying to Mahadji's letter.
Oh, I see.
On the one hand..
..I don't want to anger my court of directors in London.
And I don't want the emperor of India to..
..slip away from our hands, on the other hand.
And I'll be able to see the solution for this..
..problem when I personally meet Mahadji Scindia.
I want to see how much political wisdom he's got.
And how we can take maximum advantage from him.
Now you can write an answer to his letter.
Yes, sir.
His highness, Mahadji Scindia.
Chief ofAgra and Ajmer.
My respects.
I seek your forgiveness for I have been late in replying to you.
The matter of emperor Shah Alam's..
..freedom is very complicated.
I will be very glad ifyou meet me at..
.. Allahabad and discuss this matter.
Awaiting your reply.
Your friend..
..Robert Clive.
It's a very good idea.
Okay, sir.
The security of princess Khairunissa's.. and grace is now in your hands.
She has sent a 'rakhi' for you.
Ifyou permit me, I can tie it to you on her behalf.
Oh, sure.
This 'rakhi' has been tied with my hands.
From today, I'm your sister.
But Sanobar, please forgive me for this.
You can neither become a sister nor a brother.
Why not, from today onwards I am your brother.
How is Malika Lal Kunwar?
She's all right. May Allah keep her happy.
She's sent her sincere wishes to you.
And asked about when she is..
..going to see her son Shah Alam Sahni?
And she's said that her eyes are towards Allahabad..
.. and her mind is always towards the gates of Delhi.
Now she won't have to wait longer.
She is more worried because Zabeta Khan sometimes..
.. comes suddenly without any permission in the royal harem.
And wants to disgrace the princesses.
Allah will definitely burn him to ashes.
Now Zabeta Khan has also taken control over Delhi.
Please wait till tomorrow.
Rane Khan. - Yes, your highness.
Call a meeting of all the army chiefs tomorrow.
We'll discuss the letter of Robert Clive.
And also Delhi's matter.
Yes, your honour.
Please come. - Accept my respects, sir.
Chief ofAgra and Ajmer, commander..
..Mahadji Scindia is appearing here.
Please be seated.
Dear colleagues, I'd written a letter to Robert Clive..
..that I want to take emperor Shah..
.. Alam from Allahabad fort to Delhi fort.
It's up to the company whether it fights with us or not.
But it should tell us about its decision.
Instead ofwriting anything clearly, Clive..
..has invited me to Allahabad for discussions.
I would like to know your opinion.
We are quite aware about the empire which Englishmen..
..have established in India by deceit and fraud.
This letter of Clive is written with the ink of deceit.
We should save ourselves from being prey to his traps.
Rane Khan is right.
It's very clear by not replying to commander Mahadji..
..Scindia's letter that Robert Clive's intentions are not clear.
Then the second name of British politics is fraud and deceit.
And to save ourselves from deceit should be our politics.
Englishmen understand only the language of swords.
And instead of talking to them, we should attack Allahabad.
The company has a very big army at Allahabad.
Our spies have the information that every month..
.. three to four ships from London arrive at Calcutta.
And they are loaded with new weapons.
The company is armed with all the new weapons.
And it's also being heard that the neighbouring..
.. kings have also given their armies to the company.
We'll have to make very good preparations.. fight the British army.
If I listen to you, then we'll not be able to do anything.
Ifyou can't think of your enemy inferior to you.
.. then don't think of him also as superior to you.
King Shivaji had such a small army.
But he always fought Aurangzeb successfully.
We'll leave with an army of twenty five thousand for Allahabad.
Englishmen know well to use weapons and words.
We'll talk to them and go ahead.
Otherwise we won't hesitate to fight them.
Make preparations for departure.
Rane Khan will go with me to Allahabad.
He'll go towards Delhi before us.
So that he can arrest Zabeta Khan or kill him.
As you command, your highness.
What are your orders for me?
You'll remain with me.
As you command, your highness.
Send a message to emperor Shah..
.. Alam that we are starting for Allahabad.
Honourable lady.
Khwaja has a whole army with her.
It seems that Sanobar has brought good news.
But it's no ordinary good news.
Your heart will jump with joy ifyou listen to it.
Then why are you taking so much time in telling it.
I think you are going to tell us some bad news.
And Rampyari, God will burn you to ashes.
You have killed your husband with your black and evil tongue.
And now you are after my life.
Stop this nonsense and tell me what's the news?
Mahadji Scindia is going to Allahabad..
.. to take his highness to Delhi.
I can't believe what I am hearing.
My heart had sunk in remorse and sadness.
I had lost hope.
Oh, God, a million thanks to you that you have heard my complaint.
Eat these sweets of Mathura on this occasion of happiness.
Did Mahadji brother accept my 'rakhi'?
Yes, honourable Princess, very gladly.
And both ofyou will be very glad to hear that..
..Rane Khan has proceeded towards Delhi..
..with an army to take care of Zabeta Khan.
Sanobar, you are sprinkling flowers from your mouth.
And my heart is dancing with happiness.
Take this, Sanobar.
Rampyari, you also take this.
Gulfam, Anarkali, Navbahar, all ofyou have these sweets.
The weather here is very pleasant.
And especially ofAllahabad.
Yes, really.
It will be you first.
Thank you, sir.
Marvellous, absolutely marvellous.
Cheers. - Cheers.
Welcome to Allahabad, your Excellency.
Thank you, general Harrison, thank you very much.
Tell me, is there any news from Mahadji Scindia?
As per the latest news of our scouts, Mahadji Scindia is..
..24 miles from Allahabad.
He has an army of about twenty five thousand with him.
And around 25 big and small cannons.
And he has all the chiefs with him.
Rane Khan and Ganesh Ramchandra also.
Oh, I see.
It means that he'll reach Allahabad by today evening.
And come to meet me tomorrow morning.
Yes, your Excellency.
Marvellous brandy, General, marvellous brandy.
Would you like some more, your Excellency?
Yes, wouldn't mind at all.
Thank you, thank you very much.
General Mahadji Scindia is as good a politician as he is a commander.
He's always ready to face and fight..
..whether it's a battleground or a discussion.
It seems like that.
Our army should also be told to be ready.
As you wish, your Excellency.
This is our chief of army, Rane Khan.
My respects.
This is General Harrison, commander, Allahabad unit.
Please come.
Please be seated.
This special soft drink, only for you.
I am very glad to meet an..
..eminent personality of India.
I would have been glad ifwe had met in different circumstances.
Yes. Have it.
Mahadji Scindia, the conditions..
..never remain the same.
They keep changing. And sometimes.. they are even changed.
I am aware of that.
You are trying to change the condition of India.. your favour and I am for mine.
But Mr. Robert Clive, this is our country.
And the right of deciding its fate.. only with us. Only us.
Mr. Mahadji.
You are not aware of the power of the British.
Today, the rule of England has left its borders..
..and spread to half the world.
You don't know how much our factories..
..are performing in our country.
Everyday, new weapons are made.
And new cannons are made.
At our place, mounds ofweaponry..
..and gunpowder is rising continuously.
In the whole world, for our armies..
..a plan has been prepared.
And even in the seas, we have made our mark.
Now you, take support of our enormous power.
And have Shannum sit on the throne.
For you, from Allahabad to Delhi..
..I'll spread gold and silver on your path.
Robert Clive, the king of India has even..
..laid his eyes on the path for me.
Now, in my sight, gold and silver are of no importance.
You traders have such a bad habit of buying..
..Indian traitors that you even want to make..
.. Mahadji Scindia a traitor!
Perhaps you do not know that when the instance..
..arises, I even lay down my life in battle.
And what feats I show in battle.
In my country, I will fight a foreigner like you.
And for my country, I'll even sacrifice my life.
Even iffrom my pyre, the smoke of gunpowder be rising.
Looks like your Excellency is disappointed.
Yes, General.
I gave a golden opportunity to Mahadji Scindia.
He refused it.
Looks like his mental state isn't quite all right.
He has only one medicine.
Go. Start the war and crush these Marathas.
Yes, your Excellency.
Harrison, in Mahadji Scindia's army..
..our detectives are to be sent immediately.
Major Frasier. - Yes sir.
Mahadji Scindia is turning to be a big danger..
..for the East India Company.
And until he is alive, this danger will keep increasing.
We have a rented assassin.
No one is aware of his real name.
But he is known by the name of Shaitan Singh.
He is a dangerous man himself.
You get him to me.
Where will I find him, sir?
You go to the female dancers road tonight.
At the cottage of Radha Bai.
You will recognise him by yourself.
Yes, sir!
What do I say?
I have seen..
..such a beautiful dream.
Hidden and quietly..
My lover has come.
He grabbed me in my dream.. Jasmine flowers, the night will pass.
He grabbed me in my dream.. Jasmine flowers, the night will pass.
Hugged me to his body.
Hugged me.
Now, I don't have any patience.
Hugged me.
Now, I don't have any patience.
He grabbed me in my dream.
I am dancing in my youth.
I am dancing in my youth.. moving my hips in such a way..
When I walk in such a way..
When I walk in such a way..
I have a hiccup of love.
He grabbed me in my dream.. Jasmine flowers, the night will pass.
Hugged me.
Now, I don't have any patience.
He grabbed me in my dream..
Don't touch my drape, my dear.
Don't touch my drape, my dear.
Don't catch my wrist.
Due to shame, I will..
Due to shame, I will..
Leave you, mischievous darling.
He grabbed me in my dream.. Jasmine flowers, the night will pass.
Hugged me.
Now, I don't have any patience.
Hugged me.
By Jasmine flowers, the night will pass.
In my dream.
In my dream..
..he grabbed me in my dream.
Brilliant, Shaitan Singh!
Your swiftness and aim is incomparable!
General Harrison has called for you.
There is a job for your knife.
General Harrison?
Come on.
I agree that you are an expert in your occupation.
But don't think that murdering Mahadji Scindia is easy.
Sir, I have never disappointed you.
Till now, all the killings I have done, they have..
..all been of great personalities.
And that too in adverse situations.
I will get your work done but..
My reward must be worth me.
You will get Rs.5000.
Sir, Mahadji Scindia's life is not so cheap.
All right. I will pay you Rs.10000.
You will get 5000 now and 5000 on completion of the job.
In fact, you will get even more than this.
As you wish, sir.
I am thirsty. Give me water.
There is a vessel kept there.
Remove it yourself and drink.
Leave me.
Take these vessels, made of copper, brass and sand!
Take vessels made of sand and copper!
Chanda! Hey, Chanda!
Where does she go to?
Hey, Brother. Have you seen.. daughter Chanda anywhere?
So, Brother, have you seen my daughter Chanda anywhere?
No? - No, I haven't seen her.
Chanda! My dear, Chanda!
Take these vessels of copper and brass!
Hey, vessel vendor!
They appear to be good vessels.
How much does this cup cost?
It is for 25 paisa.
And this plate? - This plate is for 75 paisa.
This pot is very good.
That is for 50 paisa. - How much does it cost?
I told you it costs 50 paisa.
It is very costly.
Keep it back. Keep it. - Lets go.
Hey, Brother, give me that pot.
Well, take it yourself.
How much does it cost?
It costs Rs.1.50. - Rs.1.50?
Why is it too much?
No, its not that. I have less money.
No problem. When you get your salary, pay me.
I will surely pay. I will.
Friend, you are a very good man.
Another man used to come, bringing such..
..a bullock-cart. He also sold vessels.
Yes, yes! He.. he is my elder brother.
I have sent him to the village for a job. - Oh!
Well, so, I'll leave. But..
Its evening and my village is very far away.
So what? Spend the night in my camp.
Do you mind? - Absolutely not.
Come with me. - Okay.
Come on. - Come.
Do you stay alone here?
Yes, I am alone. - Okay.
I am a soldier in Mahadji Scindia's defence army.
All right.
He will go tomorrow to observe the battlefield..
..with Chieftain Rane Khan.
Will they be unaccompanied?
Yes, they will be unaccompanied.
We have been told to rest. This is my camp.
Come. - Okay.
Look at this, Rane Khan.
On this field, we will prepare for the war.
We will keep the cannons here.
We will keep the checkpoint here.
Look over there.
You had said rightly, Rane Khan.
The one who saves is greater than the one who kills.
Your majesty, the British must have sent him to kill you.
But I am thankful to God, you are saved.
Come. - Come on.
Either luck is fooling us or God is testing us.
Delhi is not only far from us till now.. fact, it is getting even farther.
With the blessings ofAllah, Your Majesty..
..shouldn't be disappointed.
My belief about the British is proved right.
Now, they have openly come forward.
The curtain of their deceiving nature has been revealed.
To stop me from going to Delhi, they are..
..going to have a war with Mahadji Scindia.
By the grace ofAllah, Mahadji Scindia will win.
He also has an able army with him.
Our prayers are also with Mahadji Scindia.
The only fear is that the British are very cunning.
Saifuddin, no matter how cunning the British..
..may be, they are not greater than Mahadji!
Your Majesty is right.
But this rumour has also openly spread..
..that the spies of the British are also present in..
..the way of Mahadji Scindia.
Look at that.
Saifuddin? How did you come by?
I was searching for you.
From the Allahabad fort, some soldiers..
..have been sent to spy on you.
They are all in the disguise of Maratha soldiers.
That was the news I wanted to give to you.
Be careful.
Rane Khan, you may go.
Increase the security of both..
..the gunpowder and the weaponry stacks.
And advice the caretakers to be more careful.
Go. - Very well.
Thanks a lot, Saifuddin.
Give my greetings to the king. We'll meet again.
We'll surely meet.
We are all praying for your success to Allah.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Paluskar. - Yes.
Listen carefully to what I am saying. - Yes.
The spies of our enemy will try to cause maximum loss to us.
Yes. - Be a little careful.
You need not worry.
And yes, I am sending a few more soldiers for your help.
Very well.
Damble. - Yes, Rane Khan. Give me an order.
Is this pile of gunpowder safe?
It is completely safe. I reassure you.
I think there is a great danger.
That's why, for its protection, I am..
..sending a few more batches.
But be cautious. - As you order.
Rane Khan, take care of those who are injured.
Rane Khan!
Get up. You.. you could have died, Rane Khan.
One has to die one day, Your Majesty.
If I would sacrifice my life, it would be good.
Find the spies of the enemy and kill them!
Keep a strict watch all night.
Only then will the coming morning will be ours.
The drum ofwar will be beaten in the morning.
And at evening, the celebration ofvictory.
Yes. Come. Come on.