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bjbjLULU Dr. Dzung Price: This is Dr. Dzung Price from Beyond Good Health TV, and today
we're going to show you how to actually make almond milk, because almond milk is just a
fantastic substitute for dairy and you can use it in all sorts of fabulous recipes. I
have here, Kristine Matheson, author of the renowned "Cancer to Wellness Manual." So she's
going to show and demonstrate how we actually use this in so many other recipes, especially
when you're creating recipes that help you recover from cancer, because you can't go
and you know dive into the dairy or any of the other processed beverages that actually
are so very unhealthy and high, full of sugar. Isn't that right? Kristine Matheson: That's
correct. One of the things, too, about making your own almond milk, I know it saves an absolute
fortune because to buy a carton of almond milk, it's about $8, whereas I worked out
the other day, it cost me about $2.50 to make my own almond milk to have a container equivalent
to what you buy in a container that you buy from the stores and plus you have control
of what's in it and it's not heated. Dr. Dzung Price: Yes. Kristine Matheson: One of the
things that they're probably under the direction of through the TGA or through the government
bodies was the fact that when they give out products, they heat them . . . Dr. Dzung Price:
Yes. Kristine Matheson: . . . which takes away all the nutrients. Now, what I've done
is I've actually soaked a cup of almonds, and as you can see, it looks more than a cup
because it expands, and then you wash the almonds as well. So, you just soak them and
then throw them in a high speed processor. Dr. Dzung Price: Use the organic almonds when
you can. Kristine Matheson: Yes, organic, that's right. And that's three cups of milk,
sorry, three cups of water in there. This is so easy to do. Put your lid on. Now, done.
So this is a nut bag. You can use a sieve, but these are so cheap, go buy one. It's crazy
if you don't. So we put the nut bag over my little plastic container here. This is just
a nice size for what I do. You take off the lid, put that aside. You throw your milk into
here. You actually strain it through the bag. And what else, what I do with the pulp, after
I use this, nothing gets wasted. I actually use it in making vegetarian patties. So I
actually, because I always had this over and you can use it for sweets as well, in some
of your dessert bases. Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah, like in biscuits and so forth. Kristine Matheson:
Biscuits and stuff. But you know, I was always, because I make this regularly, I always had
this over and so I had to devise an almond meal. Dr. Dzung Price: Is it in your book?
Kristine Matheson: Burger? Yeah, it's in my recipe book. It's not in my main book. So
you have to buy my recipe book eventually. But, at the moment, we have the recipe book
as a freebie. Do you know that? Dr. Dzung Price: Oh really. Kristine Matheson: It's
only a small version of the recipe book, yeah. Dr. Dzung Price: I'd love to offer that to
people watching this. Kristine Matheson: Yeah, if you buy the e-book, if you can't access,
like if you live in America or something like that at the moment, where the book isn't,
you can actually buy the e-book, and I'm giving away a recipe book as well with it. It's not
the full recipe book, as I said. It's just a mini recipe book, just to give people, because
everybody was asking me for more recipes. I have quite a few of them in my main book,
but this was just a little additive. So here, now, we just got to have a bit of strong hands
here. Dr. Dzung Price: I make this almond milk quite regularly, and I use it in a lot
of my tea tonic beverages that helps to improve your adaptability to stress. So this is also
great for use as a winter chai drink, I make a lot of chai, and I use a lot of almond milk
because it's better than using normal milk or soy milk or any of that. You certainly
don't want to get into soy if you've got cancer in any way. Kristine Matheson: And do you
know it creams up too. I actually have used ganoderma mushroom, and I have a ganoderma
type of coffee. Dr. Dzung Price: Yes. Kristine Matheson: And so, even though, you know it
is heating the milk, but I like to have one a day and with almond milk it tastes amazing.
Dr. Dzung Price: Oh, it does. Ganoderma, which is the same as reishi, is a fantastic adaptogenic
herb. One of the Chinese herbs that they use for longevity and it is also called the immortality
herb. Kristine Matheson: I'm going to rinse this off now. Then we're going to show you
how to do a sweet almond. Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah, fantastic. Kristine Matheson: Okay?
Now, I've bottled my almond milk, and I'm just going to put that in the fridge normally.
But today I want to show you how you can actually make a sweet almond milk and make it in a
fancy glass. So what I do is I put a little bit of almond milk in here. Normally it would
be chilled. A little bit of organic vanilla essence. Dr. Dzung Price: I love vanilla.
Kristine Matheson: And just put a little capful. Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah. Kristine Matheson:
To give it a sweet flavor, so that we're sticking to the raw foods and etc. and not putting
anything into our body that's going to harm us. Dr. Dzung Price: So, if you're craving
sweets, this is the drink. Kristine Matheson: This is the drink. So I'm putting some pitted
almonds and the medjool almonds, sorry, dates. Dr. Dzung Price: Dates. Kristine Matheson:
Dates, goodness me, medjool dates are the best ones. Okay. So I've actually pitted those,
and I'm going to put the food processor back on the top of the base again and we're going
to mix that up. Once that's nicely blended, we pop that into a nice glass, and stick a
vanilla stick on the side. Voila, a cocktail. Dr. Dzung Price: Beautiful, that's going to
be enough to satisfy anyone's appetite. Kristine Matheson: Yes, it's really good because sometimes,
too, when you're on the cancer programs and you're trying to detoxify your body, particularly
in the beginning, you sometimes may even get a headache from detoxing. These are great
drinks to have, especially in the evening if you're not feeling that well. Broth, I
have a broth recipe that I put people on in the evening. If they don't feel like that
and they're a little but headachy through the detoxification, this is a great way to
stop it. Dr. Dzung Price: Yeah, and you don't feel like you're depriving yourself. Kristine
Matheson: You're not, exactly. Dr. Dzung Price: You can have something that tastes divine.
So really you can get sucked into this and feel like you're really treating yourself
to a great luxury as well as being extremely healthy for you. Kristine Matheson: Exactly,
yes, yes. Dr. Dzung Price: It's great. So thank you for watching. This is Dr. Dzung
Price and Kristine Matheson. Kristine Matheson: Yeah, see you next time. Dr. Dzung Price:
See you next time. Bye-bye. h'x" gd'x" h+m" h+m" urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags
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