Monday Kiz Interview [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 08.11.2012

There’s a smartphone app called “Palm TV.”
It started a month before the broadcast.
We met directly with Park Myung Soo.
We had made a track titled, “Our Myung Soo Has Changed,” long before this, and when we met him, we told him about it asked for his opinion.
He approved of the track without any hesitation.
He said, “Don’t ask about those things! Just write.”
To be honest, we didn’t have any intentions of using vulgar language.
The rap portion of our introduction came naturally, and our trademark intimate emotional side came out naturally as well.
We thought about changing it, but we decided not to because it fit the song well and we also felt that it would be best to use words that we felt was more suitable in what we want to express.
There’s been one or two times we’ve been prohibited on shows because the vulgarity, but it’s okay for us.
We want to put more meaning to the fact that we were able to express ourselves freely.
Our personal favorite is our introduction track. It’s called, “The Story of Three Men.”
It’s not finished, and it’s not even 2 minutes long. It’s a track that tells our personal story with the most honesty.
It was the major incident for us. The computer stopped working while we were recording, so our work didn’t save.
We stayed up till the following morning re-recording because, only Seung Hee’s part saved and my part didn’t.
“As expected, the survivors endure!”
“Why didn’t Seung Hee’s part get erased? So he could re-record haha.”
We, Monday Kiz, will be back this winter with a new song titled, “Healing Activity.”
Like the title implies, the track will mend and warm your heart, so everyone should listen to our album so they can be healed.
We will be holding year-end performances in Japan. It’s actually a secret, but we are planning on holding a year-end performance here in Korea as well.
We will work hard to bring you the best music, so please look forward and support our music. Until we meet Scooter Braun! Thank you.