New bootcamp place Na`Vi - overview by Zeus & prb - part 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jan 12, 2012

- We move on. What else can we see here?
- Maybe the kitchen?
- The kitchen?
Itís very convenient.
First you eat, gain strength
and then you work.
Overview of the fridge.
Oh, we wonít show whatís there.
Everythingís clear here:
a knife, some sugar, a kettle, a microwave oven, and a cooler.
What else? Itís the main cup.
And hereís some water.
Do you know what are we going to do?
- What?
- We pour some water and boil it in the microwave.
Ordinary people usually boil water with a kettle,
but we are Neanderthal men. Weíll steal a few teabags.
- Feel free, itís my tea.
- Really? Thank God!
I took someoneís snacks yesterday;
and you see my black eye now.
People in Ukraine are so pissed off
that they can kill for a tea or a snack.
- Is it because of the politics?
- Itís because many people lose their minds in 2012.
They wait for the apocalypse.
Of course we donít believe in this rubbish.
Weíll live happily ever after. Iím so naive!
Well, this shooting is nonsenseÖ about our tea drinking.
Maybe you want to ask me a few questions?
- Yes, I wonder why you are not a captain anymore.
- My time has gone. On the 3rd of January Starix called me.
I told him I drunk 2 bottles of whiskey the previous day
and I realized that my mission was to be a player this yearÖ
a tough one. And his mission was to be the captain.
Starix answered that he drunk 1.5 liters of vodka
the previous day and he felt the same.
Tactics and strategies run into his head.
So it happened this way.
We changed our priorities.
I was ranked as the best captain in 2010
and this year my aim is to be the best player.
So drinking decided everything.
But I already can see the results.
Thatís the main.
- Will Starix cope with his task?
- He is coping with it now.
Iím as sure as sure can be.
- Despite the fact that your first practice is today?
- See, what I got.
Fried tea.
No, itís not the 1st practice today.
We have been practicing for a while.
What else?
Maybe you want to ask something more?
- Iím not asking about your New Year.
Judging by you black eyes it was a success.
- Yep, everything was great.
- IEM Kiev is coming soon.
Many interesting teams will be there.
It took you 3 attempts to qualify.
Is it the chance for you to show what youíve made of?
Or you think you deserve to qualify by 3 attempts?
- Of course we are lucky to have a slot.
We have a chance and weíll catch it.
The most terrifying thing is that
huge amount of teams participate in the tournament
and what is even more terrifying ñ
these teams are not weak at all.
Nevertheless we have an ace in the hole.
We wonít show our cards as for now.
I can only say itís not even connected
with Counter-Strike. Itís connected
with sports achievements.
Yes, I was drunk during New Year celebrations,
Starix was as well.
But Markeloff, Edward and ceh9 didnít have a drop of alcohol.
I let them know beforehand that
weíll have a tough fight in 2012.
You are either playing CS or living a life.
But everything is OK.
I think everything will turn good for us.
Letís better go and see how they practice.
I advised Edward a film about the wolf manÖ
you know there is different iron stuff appearing on his hands.
How is it called?
- X-Men?
- Yeah, smth like that.
He watched it and now his life is like in X-Men.
With all this iron staffÖ
Edward, hi! I was talking about our new perksÖ
Hereís Yegor Markelov.
Is the practice already beginning?
- In 5 min.
- With whom?
- With Russians.
- With Russians, you see.
Here are all the guys.
They are finally together.
It took me a long time to gather them.
Edward finally returned from war,
Markeloff is laughingÖ he must be on drugs.
Ceh9 is in good mood.
Itís obvious he visited many good karaocows recently.
- Karaocows?
Karaoke clubs with cows?
- Yeah, indeed.
- Starix has been to Thailand
and stole smth in the local temple.
Itís his amulet now. So everythingís ok.
Hello guys. Here we are resting and working.
We are ready for the fight.
This year decides much.
It can even be the last for me.
I have to move on, to do the new stuff.
I have a few ideas
but Iíll tell about them later.