Knife Skills 3

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>> This video will show you chiffonading, concasse, mincing, tourne, supremes. First
thing I want to show you is how to chiffonade basil. You can do this with any herb pretty
much, any flat leaf herb. You can do it with spinach and arugula. Some lettuces and cabbages
can also be chiffonade. What you do is you take your leaves of your basil.
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and you stack them up.
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Once they're stacked, you roll them into a cigar like shape [background noise] and using
your guiding finger make thin 1/8th inch to 1/16th inch slices, creating julienned basil.
The reason we do this is that it won't blacken the basil. If you were to try to mince the
basil, it tends to become black easily. So here's your julienned basil or chiffonade.
Next we're going to do oranges supreme. First I would like to show you a couple of ways
to zest an orange. The first is you can use a paring knife and just take thin, just under
the surface, strips of the orange off. You want to avoid getting white, the white pithy
part of the orange because that will be bitter. The zest of an orange gives you a lot of flavor
so from here [noise] you can julienne it or then you can brunoise it or leave it in nice
little juliennes like that. The other way of doing it is they have these lovely microplane
zesters now and you want to just again, using the orange or the lemon or the green part
of the lime, going just one way and you remove the zest.
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If you turn it over you see all the zest and that's ready to add to a sauce or dessert,
to candy.
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From here you can take your orange, and of course you don't have to zest the orange first
but it's nice to have both products to put in whatever you're making, and you take the
ends off. And then following the curve of the orange, [noise] remove the skin.
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Here you take your paring knife and going in between the segments, you remove your supremes.
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By avoiding the white part it's not, it's sweeter, it's not as bitter and it looks attractive
on the plate or salad or dessert.
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So those are your orange supremes,
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cleaning the cutting board off between different things. Next thing I'd like to show you is
tourne. Red bliss potatoes are great for tourne but you can tourne any sort of vegetable like
zucchini, carrots, yellow squash. And what you want to create is a seven sided football
shape. So using a paring knife, starting at one end, holding between your thumb and your
middle finger, smooth strokes,
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you have a tourne. One more time, thumb and the middle finger, smooth strokes.
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You might see that tournes tend to all end up the same size. These are now ready to be
steamed or boiled or roasted. They look lovely on the plate. The trimmings, since these were
washed beforehand, can be used to make potato soup or mashed potatoes or home fries.
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Tomato concasse, [silence] you can do this with any sort of tomatoes. We are going to
use Roma tomatoes. The first thing you want to do is take the little core end off using
the tip of your paring knife. And then on this side you're going to make a small x on
the blossom end. So you take the core off. From here you need to, you'll have a pot of
boiling water. So now we have our boiling water. You take your tomatoes and you put
them in the boiling water. These are quite ripe so they should only take about 15 seconds,
at the very most, 30 seconds. We're not trying to cook the tomato, we're just loosening the
skin. This can be done with peaches or apricots, plums. It's a great way to peel fruit that
if you tried to use a peeler on would tend to bruise the fruit.
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Pull one up and see if it's loose, not yet.
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Perfect, pull it out and see how it's coming away. Put it in a bowl of ice water. [noise]
Now you take your tomatoes and using a paring knife, slip the skin off.
[ Silence ]
[ Noise ]
>> You can actually take these skins and dry them in a very low oven and then use them
as tomato confetti to decorate plates. From here you take the tomatoes and you cut them
in half and squeeze the seeds out. This leaves you with nice red tomato flesh. Seeds can
add some bitterness to your dishes and the skin can come off and float around on your
sauce. From here
[ Silence ]
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dice the tomato up into whatever size pieces you need. So that's tomato concasse. The last
thing I would like to show you in this video is how to mince ginger. Ginger is a root,
is a root. It's often used as a spice. You can buy dried ginger or fresh. It can be grated
and juiced or it can be minced. We're going to take a small piece of it. And the best
way to peel ginger is actually using a spoon. The skin is very thin and comes right off.
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And then just like we did with the carrot, make thin slices,
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stacking them up, holding with your guiding fingers, make fine julienne ginger.
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and you have lovely minced ginger.
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In summary, we have basil chiffonade, zest and supremes of oranges, potato tournes, tomato
concasse and minced ginger.