ABDC Season 7 Crews - Lil Mama Official Announcement - America's Best Dance Crew on MTV

Uploaded by DanceOn on 16.03.2012


What's up, y'all?
This is Lil' Mama.
And I'm here to officially tell you guys about the 10
crews who will be competing on America's Best Dance Crew.
The Season 7 lineup is filled with talented dance crews of
all ages, styles, and backgrounds.
So let's get right into it.
Collizion Crew from Atlanta, Georgia.
This southern crew is bringing their A-Town flavor and swag
to the ABDC stage.
Their crew's name and unity were cemented when all members
were involved in a near-fatal car collision
that they all survived.
The Elektrolytes from Arizona are a B-boy dance crew who won
the United States Hip-hop Dance title at last year's
Hip-Hop International and ranked seventh in the world.
They call themselves Elektrolytes because dance
fuels their body.
Season 2's breakout crew Fanny Pak from Los Angeles are
returning for the second chance at winning the title.
They are the first crew in ABDC history to compete for
the title twice.
The electric crew and their zany style won a MTV Video
Music Award and appeared in Honey 2.
Now, let's see if their hard work and
determination pays off.
All the way from Hawaii comes 8 Flavahz, made up of 8 to
17-year old females from Honolulu and LA.
This diverse crew blends styles like hula,
hip hop, and jazz.
Their motto is honor and appreciate the diversity of
all people through movement.
Can it win America's hearts?
Now, our first international crew is Funkdation from
Monterrey, Mexico.
The members mix salsa dancing with old-school hip hop and a
Latin flair.
From Montreal, Canada comes Irratik.
The young, powerful women of this crew won the Canadian hip
hop dance championship three times, placed second twice,
and tied for gold once.
Do you think their fierce choreography and even fiercer
looks can get Canada an ABDC title?
Mix'd Elementz from North Hollywood distinguish
themselves with their unique use of suspenders and the
ability to seamlessly flow between different styles,
better known as flowtivity.
The crew also placed second in Hip Hop International's 2011
USA Hip Hop Dance Championship.
LA's Mos Wanted Crew is comprised of 10 members who
are all choreographers and instructors from the
industry's top dance studios.
They represent over 30 dance crews from California and
Texas and have blown up the internet with their original
dance videos.
The teenage crew, Rated Next Generation, hail from the
great state of Washington.
Made up of six females and one male, this crew has already
proven themselves to take first place in Hip Hop
International's USA Hip Hop Dance Championship Junior
Division and sixth in the world.
Last but not least are the Stepboys from Roseville,
This dance crew brings a big dose of comedy
to their dance routines.
Since many of the members are facing economic hardships,
they use comedy to rise above and hopefully to win the title
of America's best dance crew.
So there you have it-- the 10 crews who will battle it out
for the title of America's Best Dance Crew.
Be sure to tune in to Season 7 on MTV.