Windows 7: Adjusting Mouse Settings

Uploaded by geekthisnet on 27.11.2012

Hello this is David from Geek This Net Today I am going to show you how to adjust
mouse settings in Windows 7 so you can adjust the speed and precision of your mouse while
using your computer. To begin you want to go to the Start Button
which is found on the bottom left. Once you are in the start menu go to Control Panel.
This window should appear that has all the control panel settings. You want to go to
Hardware and Sound. And then under Devices and Printer you will
see mouse. Click on mouse, and this new dialog window will appear.
To change the speed of your mouse, you want to go to "Pointer Options", and select
a pointer speed. If you go all the way down to slow, it is much more difficult to change
it. If I go all the way up to fast, the mouse
moves too quickly. So find a good median for you for the mouse speed.
You can also go back to buttons, and adjust the double click speed.
And you can try it on the side folder. That's how you change mouse settings in
Windows 7. Thank you for watching.