[ENG] 110317 MBLAQ Kkaeal Player Ep.2 [1/3]

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One two one two three
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday dear Bang Chulyong, happy birthday to you~
10/03/2011 Becoming a real Jangseong youth Level up!
Kneel down and make a wish
Ah cannot! Use the nose!
Mir's "Acceptance of hyung's love" Increase 1 level
Real wishes Mir a happy 21st birthday~
Even glowing in the dark, Lee Joon's dance
Everyone has come to sleep tonight...
Just lie here today
Thank you for such great video!
The relationship between Thunder and his moustache
Can see doong ah
My moustache... Because it grew and I didn't shave it...
So I can only show my eyes to everyone
Everyone, please understand
Naughty Yang and Park Chundoong's dance show! show! show!
Visual brothers‘ gesture Female fans' fainted
Every moves we dance will become art!
Good in arts and having good body~ They're useless in front of moustache
Hello everyone, I'm Lee Joon
Why am I sitting here? Because of the smell of the fart bombs, I felt unpleasant.
Suffered because of the fart bombs last week
Seemed to have provoked me wrongly
I am someone who if you treat me like this, I will return all these to you kind of person cordially
Who is it?
Hurry come in
The full of freshness interview's first customer is?
Come, are you healthy today too?
Last week's power holder, hairy G.O!!
Is this Lee Joon?
You provoked me last week!!
Because you weren't honest
So today, I'll try to write up news
Come, I'm going to start asking. Are you magnanimous?
Magnanimous G.O
When was your first kiss?
First kiss
Stop considering and hurry say it
High School Grade 2?
Why are you laughing?
For bobo, I tried it in fifth grade
Is the first bobo on the lips?
It's not on the lips, it's on the cheeks
It was girlfriend's birthday that day
Magnanimous G.O, when was your first kiss? Kiss
High school grade 2!
Where, who, how, why did you kiss?
Where? Where~
Where? Where~
That.. I think it happened at the school gym
A corner in the school gym?
No it's not
Understood. With who? Who!
That's a little...
Ah what are you talking about? Punish what?
First encounter with fart bomb
Why are you embarassed to say your girlfriend's name?
Is it painful to say it?
Next question, how did you kiss? How~
Just kissed directly, directly!
Like those in western movies? Like titanic?
Like American movies kind of kiss
Ah, hurry pass this question!
How could you take such a long time on the topic on kiss?
It had been 15 min on the topic of G.O's first kiss
Wa, there's really smell
In a plane. Please describe the feeling of leaving the ground as detailed as possible.
The feeling of leaving the ground? Oh it's really good.
First with an uneasy mind. Then after leaving the ground, gets a little worried thinking if anything's going to happen.
Then feels a little dizzy because it's very shaky
But when the plane takes off, there's really a penetrating-your-heart kind of feeling
Ah, so it's like this. At Grade 2 in high school, with an uneasy and worrying if something will happen mind
When you touch your girlfriend's lips, your heart is suddenly penetrated.
What are you talking about?
In MBLAQ, who is the member with a high chance of getting caught with a woman?
With a woman? Lee Joon!
Really saw you grabbing her tightly!
Do you still remember that time? When you were a trainee
You totally, totally grabbed her like that
It's like there's something on during the trainee period
Under G.O's strong attack, the interview ends
Aigoo, you've came?
Cool guy, Yang Seung Ho
It's cute
Are you magnanimous?
Leader Seungho, when was your first kiss? Please answer honestly.
!4 years old, 7th grade
Oh really?
Why did you kiss?
Because at that time, I believed that it was love.
Your feelings at that time, please describe it as detailed as possible.
Ah it's someone you know, got what?
Ah, I'm still not sure
Like this kind of feeling?
Oh it's something like I'm sitting on a dolphin, swimming kind of feeling
That kind of pleasant feeling and the feeling when you open up while looking at the sea
Together with the wind, a comfortable, stable feeling. Is it this kind of feeling?
That's right. It's like the heart's going to burst.
Boarded the plane. Please describe the feeling of the moment when it leaves the ground as detailed as possible.
It's the kind of feeling when someone throw me up into the sky.
So it's like this.
Thrown up into the sky during first kiss, Seungho
Understood. What? Ah nothing, nothing.
The taxi rejects when you're boarding it, what is the first thing you would say to the taxi?
I'll go to the police station and sue you!! Oh really?
This question is a psychological test to see the first thing you would want to say when the opposite gender suggests a break up.
Really magnanimous
Ah what? You can watch the broadcast next time
In MBLAQ, who is the member with a high chance of getting caught with a woman?
In MBLAQ, who is the member with a high chance of getting caught with a woman?
In MBLAQ, who is the member with a high chance of getting caught with a woman?
Lee Joon! Punish!!
Who do you think is the master in love in our team?
Pun..! Ah, not punish. Sorry.
Ah, got a shock. Ah yes, sorry.
Among MBLAQ members, is there anyone who had dated a someone in a girl group or nearly dated?
Yes! Oh, who is it?
Lee Joon!
I would like to say here is that, Seungho hyung really knows a lot of girl group members.
He knows KARA, Rainbow, T-ARA, F(x), FINKL SES
Don't you know them too?
How can you hit the back of my head?
Said what hit the back of your head? I just stated the fact.
I really don't say lies. Ah really!!
A student who really doesn't say lies, a beautiful youth, right?
Okay, then did I dated that person? Dating now?
Nearly dated.
Nearly dated? Me?
This time too, the interview is forced to stop.
Cute maknae, Chundoong!!
Where does it look like a toilet(?) ah?
This is a toilet. What the camera is filming now is a toilet
Even though we meet inside, it's still fate. Please showcase the voice imitation of goldugi (manga character).
Come, other question. Punish!!
It seems like you haven't heard the rumor.
It seems like you haven't heard the rumor yet.
3rd time, punish!!
Just started the consecutive fourth punishment
Cheerful~ Oh this friend is still laughing.
Chundoong-ssi, please showcase the voice imitation
Haven't you heard of a rumor about me yet?
Punish!! 2 more!!
What ah, this friend?
Because of Chundoong's flu, he can't smell anything.
Told you to do voice imitation! Have you not heard of my rumor?!
Don't care! Punish!!!!!
Ah it's really useless friend. Are you going to be like this till the end?
No matter how many are thrown, the useless fart bombs.
I don't want to do anymore.
Wanted to take a little care of you. Now I can't.
When was your first kiss?
During filming. Ah, not that one.
You said that you kissed during middle school?
Ah it's not! Straight after graduating from elementary school.
Turned into an ice block cause of the unexpected attack.
I'm really really not. Punish!!
You know it yourself! When did I tell you?!
That time when you said it while drinking cola!!
When did I!? Ah, you. What cola? I don't even drink carbonated drinks.
What is this. Punish! Ah this can't even be punished. Becomes weird.
Me... Haven't heard of my rumor?
I've said a lot of times, I'm not interested in you! I don't want to know either.
I can't smell anything.
Hyung, the punishments you gave aren't punishments at all.
Ah, these. I can't continue anymore.
Ah I really, really...
Ask the next question
Chundoong-ssi, please answer truthfully
Do you have any female celebrity who you're concerned about recently?
I know Joon hyung's
Someone Joon likes? Ah, who is it?
Ah cannot, because there's still image
It becomes weirder like this...
Seemed like liking so can't!!
Me? Who? Say it.
Ah if I say this, Joon hyung will get hurt.
Wouldn't it be weirder if you say it this way!!
Ah hurry!! Ah cannot cannot
Lee Joon has image.
Hurry say! Say it?
Say it? Say it.
Ah cannot cannot.
I can't even punish for this, what to do?
The strongest - Chundoong
You just come out straight!
Come out? Come out.
Will come out after resting for 5 min
Should've asked others. How do I coordinate with this person?
Even said how to make it more interesting. Even said hwaiting hwaiting.