Was It Good For You? (Episode 5) - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

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CHAD NIKOLAUS: We're about to go on to perform.
I am stoked.
We've practiced so much.
It's time.
We want to go.
EXOTICJESS: I've been doing a lot of Lamaze breathing, so I
don't throw up.
ALFACAT: I feel pressure.
I definitely feel pressure.
But it's fun.
PRANKVSPRANK: I'm just scared I might forget.
That's what I'm worried about.
MEGHANROSSETTE: Must make eye contact with Joey Fatone, and
that's just going to be epic.
PRANKVSPRANK: I'm going to hell.

ANDREW GARCIA: See you out there on stage.
He was like, I'm in a rehearsal.
It counts.
Five bucks.
JOEY FATONE: Yeah, he looked like he was constipated.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: His body was raved, and his face was like,
I'm nervous, I'm scared.
DAVE DAYS: He was focused.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: I mean, but come on sugar lambs.
You're dancing from the neck down, and your face is a
completely different conversation.
CHIMNEYSWIFT11: I was really disappointed that they did
catch my lack of facials, in the dance performance, because
I really did feel like I injected more of that into
this dance than I think I ever had before.
BRINN NICOLE: And that was the only down side that they
mentioned at performance.
And other than that they all said he killed it, and that
they were extremely impressed.
DAVE DAYS: Yeah, my only thought was the end.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Yeah, the whole ending.
DAVE DAYS: It dragged out where there
just dancing together.
I wanted to see more interaction
between them out there.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Like more duet moves.
They had a few duet moves in the beginning.
They had a lot where he was like what is this.
Like dancing around.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Right, so you wanted to just duet it all
the way to the end.
DAVE DAYS: That's why I liked it in the beginning.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Nothing with dueting it.
DAVE DAYS: Yeah, keep the duet going.
I thought it was--
LAURIEANN GIBSON: You're a choreographer
now is what you thought.
DAVE DAYS: Yeah, I've been dancing for years.
It's in my blood.
He's a professional choreographer.
He can choreograph all your stuff.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: I'm emotional because I didn't
expect to see such
transformations on the Showdown.
BRITTANILOUISETALOR: I wanted to go out and have fun and
remember all the steps and be in character and not rush it,
and it happened.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: She's very sexy.
She just impressed me.
For someone who's not a professional dancer, come on.
To get through that whole routine.
I thought you did an incredible job.
EXOTICJESS: Thank you.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: However, I do have one
glitch in this matrix.
I didn't see any kind of story.
I actually expected exactly what she just did, and I
expected her to be great, and that's what she did.
Thank you.
DAVE DAYS: I feel like it's a bit sloppy at times, and the
balls were out of sync at times.
But you definitely had some moves that were in the pocket.
DAVE DAYS: The whole basketball thing was cool.
I agree.
JOEY FATONE: Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.
I can't attack him for that.
DAVE DAYS: I think it was cool, but I think some parts
of it were sloppy, but parts were really good.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: So the ups and downs.
It's like a roller coaster.
DAVE DAYS: I thought it was cool.
I enjoyed it.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: You killed it.
You did exactly what we were supposed to do.
And so what, you messed up one part.
You did awesome, and you did the one thing that I've asked
of you, which was to look out and perform.
And you clearly did that.
Laurieann was all about it.
JOEY FATONE: It's a shame where she had to do the
Macarena, and she messed that up.
RYAN HIGA: So they threw in her own--
what do you call that--
cheerleading talents and stuff into the piece, and it still
made sense, because it's a high school prom theme, so I
thought it was--
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: You have to back handspring, but
the Macarena--
so when you see that.
And the Macarena has rhythm, and that's the only thing.
We want her to stay on rhythm.
STILABABE09: I thought the judges were pretty accurate
with everything.
I thought they were actually being pretty easy, especially
on me with their critiquing of the routine, because I did
mess up, and I feel--
I'm so proud of myself.
So I don't like what I did, but they seemed to not have
too big of a problem with it.
JOEY FATONE: I like her.
I like what she tried to bring to the table, but I felt like
I wanted more.
I wanted to see more.
This is Meghan, and this is Anze.
MEGHANROSSETTE: I think I did pretty frickin' good,
especially with setting the bar so low for myself.
And I feel like I surpassed my expectations.
I sat there and took what they were saying the same time.
I was like, I think I did awesome.
RYAN HIGA: Obviously, they're great dancers, both of them.
I just didn't feel the story.
And I didn't know what the heck was going on.
JOEY FATONE: As far as a personality comes to life and
bringing that story across, I didn't get that.
Maybe that was his character, but then when he told me there
was this love/hate relationship thing, and I was
like you hated her the whole time.
That's what it looked like.
ALFACAT: But there's always something you can work on and
clean up, but overall, I felt like we did really good.
I think we did great, and I think that we
put on a good show.
I think people would watch it and enjoy it.
I think compared to our competition, I think
we will stand out.
RYAN HIGA: He just killed it for me.
That's their first performance, I was like man,
if I was in his shoes, I don't know if I could do that.
He just killed it for me.
Maybe not the best dancer, but his personality, I could see
him trying.
click away, would you?
Yeah, exactly.
If I had seen this online, this is the only guy I've seen
so far I'd be like I want to follow and see
what else he does.
And I just really like the guy.
And to be honest, I just think dancing wise, it was probably
one of the weaker ones.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Not necessarily.
RYAN HIGA: But for me, that's what I saw.
But in terms of likeability, I like him the most.
LAURIEANNE GIBSON: Look beneath the step.
ONLYUSEMEBLADE: Me just being here is a victory in itself,
but I want this so bad that it will be a let-down if I don't
get to the finals.
But I want to aim for the stars.
Is it aim for the stars?
BRINN NICOLE: Shoot for the stars.
ONLYUSEMEBLADE: Shoot for the stars.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Chad, amazing.
Angie never danced before, and it was evident.
So it was a little painful for me to watch, because I felt
like she pulled him down.
Not a bad thing.
I understand it, but that's just technically where it's
going to affect their scores.
MIKE SONG: It seemed like the judges liked it.
I mean, they gave us all good feedback.
They had little comments to say in terms of critiques.
CHAD NIKOLAUS: It's good to hear the critiques, too, but
as long as they enjoy it overall.
SHANE DAWSON: Honesty, I thought it
was going to be terrible.
I thought it was going to be horrible for some reason.
Oh, I don't know what that says about her.
I love her, but for some reason I thought she couldn't
dance, and she could.
And I'm shocked.
I am floored.
And I'm stealing this.
ANGIE GRIFFIN: I'm feeling really good about my
I'm so relieved that I did it, and I didn't mess up, and I
thought it went well.
It was fun.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Technically, that was very difficult to do,
because it was about a different rhythm a different
And You really had to commit to the story.
You had to commit to the choice of movement, and his
execution, amazing.
That was the best routine I've seen since I've
been at Dance Showdown.
Just saying.
CHESTER SEE: Laurieann said that it might arguably be her
favorite so far.
So that's pretty cool.
JOEY FATONE: The dance sets were there.
But the actual movement was not at the right time.
Let's go there.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: OK, so we can say that it
was one of the worst.
JOEY FATONE: They did the moves, but the moves were not
there at the right time together.
They were not synchronized together.
Originality of dance performance, I
thought it was original.
It was kind of cool they put the hip hop with the--
The original with the hip hop and the line dancing.
And you have to think about this.
Their dance was the line dance.
They had to incorporate that, so why not incorporate that a
lot more, is what they did, and they took a chance to do
that, which I think--
LAURIEANN GIBSON: That was dreadful.
JOEY FATONE: --took cojones, and it was great.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: It was dreadful.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: They had a few corrections to say.
Laurieann completely did not like it whatsoever.
ANDREW GARCIA: We didn't perform for the judges.
We literally perform for us and for the viewers.
Because we want to show the viewers literally I'm outside
my box, and I'm doing something
that's not what I do.
And I'm just letting them know yo, ya'll better get inspired
or something, try something new, you know what I'm saying?
LAURIEANN GIBSON: That was a showdown.
JOEY FATONE: I love obviously he
incorporated the stagger leg.
DAVE DAYS: And then the ripping off the shirt.
It was pretty hot.
MALE: The audience is mainly 12-year-old girls.
And they all just hit puberty watching that.
RYAN HIGA: If I was watching the show as a viewer, I would
want to subscribe.