2010 BPA Middle School Science Bowl Competition

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Cheri Benson: Science bowl is a math and science competition for middle school and high school
students. It is one way to really get into math and science. And we do it because we
are looking at our future work force. These kids love math and science and we want them
to come and work at BPA.
Cheri Benson: Welcome to our 18th regional science bowl in Portland, Oregon.
Student 1: I think that it’s a really good program. You know, it’s just amazing that
they [BPA] give us the opportunity to do this because it’s like knowledge for the sake
of knowledge.
Student 2: W.
Judge 1: Correct, unanimously.
Brian Silverstein: Time.
Mark Gendron: It is awesome. It is unbelievable. These kids are too smart.
Katie Pruder-Scruggs: How was your round?
Pair of Students: We lost but we did good. It was our first time.
Katie Pruder-Scruggs: Did you have fun?
Pair of Students: Yeah.
Katie Pruder-Scruggs: And so you’re the coach right now?
Coach 1: I am the standing coach, yes.
Katie Pruder-Scruggs: Tell me about your team.
Coach 1: Well, they work really hard. They start in about October. And they spend their
lunch and resource hours studying for science bowl: studying all the packets and the book
of secrets over there.
Three Students: We recommend any of you who don’t like science — come to the science
bowl. It’ll make you like science because it’s fun.
Katie Pruder-Scruggs: What do you guys think of science bowl?
Pair of Students 2: It’s really fun. Yeah, it’s good.
Katie Pruder-Scruggs: How do you think it’s going to affect your careers?
Pair of Students 2: I’m thinking of being an engineer or something. And science and
engineering goes together … I have absolutely no clue.
Lynn Baker: I love it. I come and volunteer every year. It’s absolutely terrific to
see the enthusiasm of the kids. The way they are learning so much.
Brian Silverstein: Congratulations to Meadowpark, our science bowl champions.
Cheri Benson: You have an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. for the national
competition. And the last piece is to hand you the banner for Washington, D.C. You’re
going to nationals!