Black Jack TV - Full Episode 4 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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I saw your image in the flower that is blossoming sorrowfully
I love rain, yet it felt frosty today
The season was changed, the forest was colored,
The wind played a tune, memories gushed out
Gather the pieces of the moon, decorate the dream, and sleep
Even if I sprinkle the sand of time, I cannot return to the past
Those searching for the meaning of life are all travellers
I set my course on this endless journey
for the place beyond the thorny path....
The artist of life who produces miracles with his godlike scalpel skills.
The genius surgeon whom the era has yearned for.
Black Jack.
Stay still!
I can't wash you if you don't stay still!
Oh, why can't you stay still?
Largo! Listen to me!
Jeez, you little turd!
If you don't stay still, I'll have the doctor to give you a shot later!
Hey! Don't run away!
Hey! Wait!
Largo! Stop right there!
A six-year-old girl?
Why, you little devil!
Eh? You can't determine the type of bacteria?
Doc! She won't listen to me!
I'm busy right now.
Call me back later.
I got you, Largo!
Give it up!
Largo! And you too, Pinoko.
I'll really give you shots.
No, Doc! We're sorry.
You'd better clean up the mess.
Largo! You'd better take a shower!
Playing Doctor
Originally "Playing Doctor" by Tezuka Osamu.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Did you really think you got away?
That's right.
Forgive me, Kong.
Sharaku, did you do something bad that needs to be forgiven?
Not really...
Then don't act so timid.
Act strong!
No! Not that strong!
What am I supposed to...
Take the bandage off already!
I can't take it off.
Don't say no!
Take it off!
You can't trick us.
Wait, Sharaku!
Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear
That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops...
O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,
That monthly changes in her circled orb,
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.
O, Juliet...
I'm being chased!
Where did he go?!
Get out of my way!
Hey! Didn't Sharaku come in here just now?
No, I haven't seem him.
We're in the middle of rehearsal...
Hey, let's go.
Hey, what was that?
Juliet, did you catch a cold?
O, Romeo, I have been feeling feverish since yesterday...
Look out!
I knew it!
Stop it, Kong!
Don't tell me what to do!
Fine, I'll take care of you both!
Are you okay, Sharaku?
At least the bandage is safe.
Kong is really terrible.
How could you let him do that?
I can't help it.
I'll beat him up next time, then.
I'm home.
It's late.
Uh, yeah...
Well, okay.
I'm going shopping, so look after Chako.
Look after the shop too!
Welcome home.
I'm home!
How are you feeling, Chako?
The doctor came again, and gave me a shot.
Oh yeah?
Big Brother, did you check out the next book?
Could you read it?!
I've been waiting all day.
Sure, sure. Let me get to it.
See, we've gotta wait three minutes like this.
Big Brother, how long will it take for me to get better?
The daddy frog with the big stomach popped, and became flat!
Are you okay, Chako?
Big Brother, the doctor I was talking about...
Dr. Black Jack.
Did you find him for me?
Can you find him soon?
I want him to heal me.
But, Chako...
Please, Big Brother?
Bring me Dr. Black Jack.
So who is this Black-whatever doctor that Chako is talking about?
I guess Chako's friend, Yumiko, was operated on by that doctor.
Her illness was completely cured after that.
Where does he live?
I can't find him.
But since that friend bragged so much, Chako really believes in that doctor.
"Nakano Cleaning"
I recommend taking her to the hospital.
It looks like it's more than just a regular case of TB.
There's a possibility that another illness was contracted.
Can she be cured?
I can't say without further examination.
She may need a operation, depending on the condition.
Big Brother, Dr. Black Jack is the only doctor who can treat my illness.
That's not true!
You'll be fine!
No! No!
I want Dr. Black Jack!
Or I'll die!
I don't want any other doctor!
That's enough!
I see cavities in her chest, so I'm sure it's TB.
Yeah. But I can't find the TB bacteria in either her sputum or her hemoptysis.
Please, would you come check it out?
Oh, don't say that! Just look at this!
Haven't we been friends since med school?
Oh, just please...
Well, fine!
I'm home!
Chako! How do you feel?
Chako... Was hospitalized?
Ja... Chako...
No! No!
Chako, I'll go find Dr. Black Jack!
Yes, who is it?
Oh, you're Chako's brother.
I wanted to ask you about Dr. Black Jack,
who operated on Yumiko when she got sick.
Oh, but we don't know him very well either.
He was referred to us by someone else.
He just asked for a very high fee.
But we paid him up front.
1,000,000,000 yen.
But that's nothing compared to Yumiko's life.
So, what does he look like?
Black Jack?
You mean this?
Unlicensed doctors wouldn't be listed.
Black Jack... Black Jack...
I couldn't find anything.
Sharaku just left the classroom.
Not today.
Is anything wrong, Kong?
...Attending ears!
My dear?
At what o'clock to-morrow shall I send to thee?
Oh, yeah...
Hey, Keaton!
What is it, Kong?!
Please, Keaton! Save my sister!
Just play the role of Black Jack!
Black Jack?
But I can't cure her illness simply by playing a doctor.
You just have to act like it.
The real doctor will do the real work.
But my sister will be happy just to see Black Jack.
You know, worry is often the cause of illness!
I'm only a kid, so she'll know.
No, she won't!
You're in the drama club, so you're good at role-playing.
Besides, Chako wouldn't know what he looks like either.
You won't bully me or Sharaku anymore?
No, I won't!
I swear! Never!
I'll try.
Well, Black Jack's hair on his right side is white.
He has a scar like this...
Yeah, that's it.
It's a bit loose, but oh well!
So what kind of doctor is Black Jack?
He's a real money-grubber, always asking for lots of money.
Now! Hurry!
Big Brother!
I brought someone great today.
Ta-da! It's Dr. Black Jack!
Is he really Dr. Black Jack?
Yeah, the brand speankin' new...
I mean, the real Dr. Black Jack!
She's Kong's sister?!
So, Dr. Black Jack.
So? So? So?
I'm Black Jack.
So you're Chako?
Yes, I am.
Let's get started.
Yes, please.
It took a lot to get him here.
Thank you, Big Brother.
I got nervous in front of such a cute girl.
You're funny, Dr. Black Jack.
Well, let's start.
Open your mouth.
How does she look, Doctor?
It's pretty serious.
It will take a while.
But, what's most important is your attitude.
You must really believe that you will get better.
Well, I will come see you every day, so don't worry.
I will ask the doctors of this hospital to as well.
I'll go send the doctor off.
Yeah! Yeah!
That hurts, Kong.
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, way to go!
That was it, Drama Club!
She didn't notice?
No, she didn't!
She was happy!
Keaton, there you are.
Please! Just one more time!
Chako is waiting!
Just one more time!
You are looking much better.
Really, Doctor?
Are you eating well too?
The real doctor is coming.
I must operate on another patient, so I must excuse myself now.
See you tomorrow.
Don't be so selfish, Chako.
Dr. Black Jack is super busy.
Hi. How's your cough?
I can't go on.
I can't trick Chako anymore.
But Chako will be depressed if we stop now.
Besides, you said "see you tomorrow."
Left, left, right!
Left, left, right!
I'll beat him up good!
Ready, Sharaku?
Oh, my goodness!
Your temperature is lower than yesterday.
There's nothing to worry about anymore.
Chako, this is my last visit.
Just be confident.
Chako, say thanks to the Doctor.
Doctor, please operate on me!
The other doctor told me that I won't get better unless they operate on me.
Chako, but this hospital's doctor will...
I want Dr. Black Jack!
No way...
I want Dr. Black Jack to operate on me!
Don't be so selfish, Chako!
No! No! No!
Fine! If you want me to operate on you, then give me the operation fee!
Operation fee?
That's right. My fee is expensive.
It's 1,000,000,000 yen!
Do you still want me to operate on you?
That much?
I won't do it if you can't.
Are you disillusioned now?
That's right. Doctors may look like great people,
but many of them are greedy people, wanting only to make money!
Stop admiring those doctors!
It's stupid!
He's right.
The real Black Jack!
Your words really spoke to my heart.
I was only planning to look at her after I was asked by Tezuka.
It sounded like this case wasn't going to get me much money.
But what you said really made me want to treat her.
A-re you sure, Black Jack?!
I will operate on her.
You're really saving me!
Thank you.
Thank you, real Dr. Black Jack.
But I will take the operation fee.
This Dr. Black Jack said 1,000,000,000 yen, so that's it.
1,000,000,000 yen?!
Can you pay?
I will! I will work hard the rest of my life, and pay!
So, what do you think?
Well, I'm okay with 1,000 yen.
1,000 yen...?
Well, if this doctor says so, I can't help it.
I'll go with that.
Let's get started now.
It's all prepared!
So, let me take over,
Dr. Black Jack.
You'll make her well, right?
Yeah! Yeah, Keaton!
The real Dr. Black Jack will operate on her!
That's so great, Kong!
Yeah, yeah!
Big Brother!
I'm sorry, Chako, for tricking you.
We didn't mean to hurt you.
We just wanted to make you happy, and...
It's okay, Big Brother.
You worked hard to find Dr. Black Jack for me, right?
I love you, Big Brother.
Dr. Black Jack,
you were very wonderful.
We will probably find the bacteria in the cavities.
Either way, it's not a serious case.
Yeah, I'm counting on you.
OK, let's get started.
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier...
I wanted to see you forever
I'm laying on the grill,
being heated up by you,
so much that I change color
I dress up with sparkly grains of decorations
I love you, darling; Please love me more and more
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier
How does it taste?
People are trapped!
Are you a doctor too?
We must elect a new chairman.
Dr. Tokugawa!
We have Dr. Shibata.
I suppose there's Dr. Shiitake, too.
I forgot about him.
Oh, no, I'm just an ordinary staff member.
The darkest star that human eye can recognize is known as a sixth-magnitude star.
He's the sixth-magnitude man?
Next Karte - The Sixth-Magnitude Man
Pinoko's Diary...
So, let me take over, Dr. Black Jack.