World Championship of Folklore WORLD FOLK 2012

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The second edition of the World Championahip of Folklore
“World folk 2012” is now a fact from the cucltural history of the mankind!
In the chronology of the world folklore art their names have written
thousands of participants - singers, dancers and musicians
from over 100 creative teams and 26 countries.
The World Championship of Folklore was held from August 23
to September 2, 2012 in the Bulgarian Black sea settlements
– Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Pomorie, St. Vlas, Burgas!
Organizers of the cultura, event are
the World Association of folklore festivals,
The European Association of folklore festivals and
the World Folklore Academy. Thanks to the joint
efforts of the organizers, the strong support of UNESCO,
the hospitality of the host-cities,
the media partnership of the World Wide Internet Television Euro Folk
and the wonderful musical performances of the participants
the Second World Championhip has become an occurance
and showed the creative power of folklore.
The idea of turning the folk music arts
to an ambassador of peace in a global scale have shared
also lots of participants in the championship!
Music brings a lot of love in itself. Love is the thing that will
save the world, so together they do this miracle that
you see around you and us.
In the whole world should be a peaceful living together.
There is no nation that does not love the song.
Music is such a thing that unites the world.
There is no better thing than music.
I think that all nations understand each other through music.
World is this what is on stage, according to me.
This will make world better, because we see that on stage
come teams from all over the world. This makes us glad and we
bring together, get to know each other. If thay love folklore,
they love the land too, they love the people too, they love everything.
To exist the world there must be folklore. We must know our
traditions, we must be connected to our past.
All nations have hey own folklore habits, customs,
songs, dances. Everybody talks about peaceful joint living together,
about love, mutually understanding and passing
from older to younger ones.
They work on and on because of the friendship in the world,
because they want to be peace.
Folklore will save the entire world. It is our future,
our past and presense. Folklore tells about the live of the nation.
About what have we beenq what we are and what we should be.
From several years there is a tendency in the organizational program of
the European and the World Association of Folklore Festivals
towards the conduct of dofferent by levels and territorial range
championships - national, balkan, european and world ones.
In accordance with the requirements for the repertoire and high quality
right to participate in the World Championship
of Folklore “World Folk” get tthe collectives,
that have passed a preliminary selection.
This year we participate for the first time at the World Cgamoionship,
as last year we became a Laureate of the European
championship of Folklore, we got a gold medal as award and
nominaton for participation in the World Championship of Folklore.
Together we participated also in other festivals under the aegis of EAFF.
Last year we were on a tour in Macedonia. There we also received medals.
Every year we participate in Veliko Tarnovo, last year
we were at the European Championship, from there we received a
recommenadation to come here.
Of course, after we attended some nice forums in
the town of Primorsko and the town of Hissarya we received a recommendaiton
for the World Championship and there was no way to refuse this invitation
and we attended the World Championship of Folklore.
In 2011 we participated in the First World Chapionship.
Now we participate for he second time.
The official opening of the World Championship of Folklore
“World Folk 2012” was held on August 24 on the stage „Snail”
in the See guarden of the city of Burgas.
"The World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012” is a wreath
of my half-century activity. I present it as a gift to the nations
and people, who love folklore." This will
to all folklorists over the world left Mr. Iliyan Nikolov –
the creator of Stara Planian Fest "Balkan Folk" and all
festivals and championships of the big family of
Musical Feasts "Euro Folk".
Good evening, dear audience, guests and participants,
this evening we are here to officially open the second edition of
the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012”.
Last year the championship started siccessfuly, which became a
premise for a stronger second eddition.
Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov is here to officially open the Championship.
The only thing that I want to wish all the participants is health,
siccess in life and in the field of culture activity.
It is honor for me to open the second World Championship
of Folklore “World Folk 2012”.
The World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012”
provided a rostrum for appearance, tv popularity and a strong stimulus
for the particiants for a zealous work in preservation
and dissemination of folklore. Big part of the collectives
presented themselves with repertoure from authentic folkore songs.
The songs are ours, authentic from Chilnov and we have written them down
from our grandmothers and they are sung by all - little and big.
We continue with the tradition to sing and tho pass this to
the younger ones - thus the songs remain eternal.
The specific thing about our singing folklore is to be
a group for a spring folkore. This what you heard
is the very truth. It comes from grandmothers, grand-grandmothers,
grandfathers up to present days.
In the Second World Championship of Folklore “World Folk”
have presented themselves also the teams for folk dance art.
They are united by the love for the folk dance. The repertoire is huge.
We have dances from all ehnographic areas in Bulgaria.
We apeeared on stage with a bunch of authentic chain dances for
Northwest Bulgaria, which are traditional for our land.
The world and Bulgaria to see us again, that we still maintain,
with the little ones around me, this folklore, that
must be kept in the generations.
For several years we study this part of teh folklore,
and namely the typical for our region and our village - the square chain dance,
which had happened every Saturday in the village on teh square.
As responsibility and a mission to preserve the traditions in
the ritual system and to pass them to the coming generations
to accept their work and the groups for folk customs.
We presented the custom "Kapanki", which is inherent for Golyamo Belovo
and is made on Jordan's Day. The bride that has married during the previous
year and the brother in low go to the river and throw themselves, because
that is when the water was crossed. They become brother and siter, relatives.
We present the custom "Zameski". Four orund loafs are made.
If the bride is from the village – they are brought to a best man,
male and female "babaluk" and to the matchmakers. If she is from another village,
then they send a messanger on horse to go tio the other village.
This is a post-wedding custom, which is performed on the Monday
after the wedding. The custom aims to estimate the quick wits
of the bride, her respect for the new relatives
and her ability to have home and family.
This year edition of the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk”
gathered on onme place dozens collectives, whose representatives
demonstrated with pride the costumes of their ancestors.
The femaale costume of the city of Sandanski dates very long time ago,
maybe 100 years ago. It is from our grandmothers, grand-grandmothers.
The apron are also very old, they are weaved.
This is called "kopche", and this "kordom" an it is from 1923.
This is the oldet costume of our village Varbina. In the community center
we store them. We attract young female singers and we give them to them,
They carry them, wear them and are proud.
The color red, the joyful, is the basic one.
The second edition of the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk”
will be remmembered also with the participation of the jubilees.
Part of the partivipants dedicated their apperance in the championship
to the jubilee anniversary of the beginning of their activity.
To reach this levelq we now for 15 years sing and dance
on different stages and festivals.
Al the women that are here sing for 15 years.
Team "White Hollyhocks" a month ago celebrated
20 years from its foundation.
The group was created 50 years ago.
This participation of ours at the World Championship we dedicate to
the 85 - anniversary of "Svetlina 1927" Community Center.
The uniting power of folklore found expressdion in the presence of
foreign participants and friends in the bulgarian collectives.
You have a new fill up in your team?
We do, for which we are very happy. I think she
successfuly appeared infront of you.
Intriduce yourself, what is your name?
Marlin Paul,
She is in Bulgaria for 6 years and of course she recently became to
participate in our team.
I want to introduce our colege Michael Moses,
who is an American citizen. He works to the peace corps
and for the Municipality of Dospat.
I feel lucky to be here, to listen, to watch these
preentations, to work with this group, everything is very nice.
One of the most attractive pursuing events of the program of
the Second World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012”
was the defile of the participants in the championship. It passed over the main
streets of the Old town of Nessebar and drew the attention of hundreds of
Bulgarian and foreign turists. By the time of the defile
the different nations comunicated on the only clear
language for everyone – the music language.
The World Championship of Folklore “World Folk” has
a competitive character. In this second edition of the Championship
the participants competed in nine genre categories and
two age groups. The award system included
deeds for worthy presentation; diplomas for essential contribution;
the ranks Discovery, Laureate, Maestro and
Maestro-Academic for honoured artistic directors;
Diplomas for succession of the name of Iliyan Nikolov,
recommendations for participation in the upcoming championships;
gold, silver and bronze medals in the different categories.
We are extremely pleased with the evaluation of the jury.
For us this is a recognition.
They are wonderful children and what I am sorry about is that the medals are not 50,
because they deserve them, and I am only scolding them.
So, I hope they are not angry at me.
Everything is due to their work and I hope them
to continue to work like this.
13 of the 100 folklore collectives, particippants in
the World Championship of Folklore „Word folk 2012”,
received one of the highest distinctions of the Championship –
nominaiton „Golden Orpheus”.
. 00:20:44.110,00:20:47.100 We feel wonderful, we feel proud with what
we achieved. Our success came after lots of work.
This is the begining of the team "Motley Beads"
and I think that this is a very strong begining, which gives
wings to these wonderful young people for an extraordinery future.
You see that they eyes shine on stage, that thei hearts
maybe beat very fast in this moment. They got down the stage
with tears in their eyes, we are just excited too.
We thank everyone that supported us.
The Bulgarian folklore is the thing that will remain in time
and the children are these who will bring it through time.
Was this team created recently?
3 years ago. Children are different age and
we got a nice spolder. Lovely kids...
and I am proud that they perceived so well everything
and... that I know them.
For the first time we make a choreographic cultivation, we more dance
folk dances. Indeed, for 3 years we dance chain dances,
and for 2 months we made this, what you saw this evening.
For 2 months we worked in harmony with the singers and with the orchestra.
I am very excited, really I did not come with
great expectations, I just came and sang my songs
and you saw what happened. So, I am really very excited
and happy about it. My name is Vanessa and I am 18.
I study in teh Mathematic school, but I am interested in folk singing
for several years. I take classes at Mrs. Elka Nedyalkova,
who teaches in the Musical school in the city of Pleven.
And in general music at first was my hobby, but later
it became in an aim in my life and that is the thing
that I will be interesting further on.
Children are so happy! They just can not take a breath of joy.
God willing championships like this to be organized all over the world and
especially your World Championship to be held everywhere
in the world. The feeling of victory is wonderful.
This is a wonderful victory for us.
In general the technical work started 6 years ago,
but during the last 2 years we reached a level of
a Turkish state ensemble, of first children state ensemble,
because in Turkey there are children teams, but they are not state and
representative ones. I oersonally engaged myself to create this team,
and the state and the ministry of Turkey helped us to come down
here and participate in the World championship.
Children presented themselves with a Caucasian dance – turkish-georgian.
In Turkey there is a big variety, mosaic of people – there are
Georgians, Americans, Jewish people. Probably in Turkey people know we are here 00:25:56.110,00:26:00.100 and they have watched us on the tv with a wonderful feeling.
I personally am very glad, let the children tell if they are happy...
Are you happy? - Yes!
"Motley Beads" has "Golden Orpheus" 2009 from the town of Primorsko,
but the team continuously changes. Every year new children come,
some graduate school and leave the group. This is actually
a group of pupils from 5 to 12 grade.
First I offer them songs, which to be interesting to them
something to grab them.
They with pleasure want to sing these songs. They help me in the choice,
I offer - they decide if to do this or not. 00:27:36.110,00:27:37.100 .
Hello, we are extremely pleased that again for the second time we are
on this stage. I am sure that as we participate here in Bulgaria, in
Nessebar at your Musical Feasts, abroad some kind
things go better for us. We get really big prizes,
but this is what we work for. It takes a lot of work, lot of constancy.
These two girls started in 2006..
She was 3 years and a halff old, and she was almost 5.
Then at Stara Planina Fest on a Children competition she took First Prize
for a younger performer and Firs Award for participaiton in the very group.
Afterwards we participated at "Euro Folk – Living water" in the town of Hissarya,
at "Balkan Folk" in Veliko tarnovo, at "Euro Folk" in
the town of Primorsko and Kiten and in 2009 we were at the First European
Championship of Folklore, here in Sunny Beach and Nessebar.
In Bologna it was very sceary and streniously. It was
November 2009. We took two of the most prestigeous awards.
The first evening - "The red coin" of the jury, and in the last evening
of the festival we took "The telephone coin", which means thet
entire Italy votes for us and we were ahed infront of the others with 7000 votes.
I study in the Musical School "Panayot Pipkov" in the city od Pleven and
I play gadulka. In the begining it was very hard, but actually
since I was little I dreamt to learn to play this instrument and now
I secceeded and now I maybe will start to learn the tambura.
And will you go on with singing or with some instrument? 00:30:10.110,00:30:13.100 I for now think to stay with the singing, but
further on I think to start with the tambura too.
This what we get today does not surprise us, because we are
prepared quite a lot years ago, as our leader said, 20 years
now we have the routine of such appearances. This evening was very pleasant,
because for the first time we get "Nomination",
which made us very glad and this gives ambision for the next year
to have even bigger success.
These are nice, dedicated, loving music women, who
give their hearts out free to the people with
their songs. The most important thing is their endeavour,
the good accompaniment of Yordan Popov and mostly they themselves.
. 00:33:03.110,00:33:07.100 I want to thank the jury and the audience. Thank you.
Weenerally perform classics. But after we learned
about this festival, we prepared Armenian folk songs and
arrived in Bulgaria to participate in this festival.
Karen Zorabyan is an opera singer. I am a piano-player.
We are in Bulgaria for the first time, we like it very much here.
People are very hospitable. Nessebar is a very beautiful town.
Everything was very nice. Our home city Erevan is very
beautiful and has very rich culture, ancient culture. We have a big variety of songs
variety of national dances, folk songs.
Our culture is very rich in the field of music and
literatureq in all fields.
We are very proud that we are Armenian.
He sings about our Armenia, for this it to always prosper,
to be beautiful, to make us glad and to be proud with our Armenia.
I think that for what the collective does for so years
it also gets its retribution. People I work with are
very inteligent and very responsible, this is exactly
the word - "responsible". They know what they come for, they know what they want
to achieve and that is for we achieve it. We are a very nice
collective with very good relationships,
with one feeling - "patriotic feeling", that leads us.
Therefore our songs are almost entirely with patriotic character.
Everybody has shared with me that it gives them the creeps
when they sing these songs. This exactly makes them
be bigger patriots. Most imporant is that we
influence the audience. We always sing for the audience.
We are very excited and in this moment we are very happy,
we are glad that we managed to perform well our program.
We are glad that the audience accepted us cordially and we are glad that again
we meet you - the organizers of this second World
championship of folklore. We even create a song,
which we dedicated to this championship and
we are glad that we gave away the song to the festival.
The team was created in 1969, but we managed to preserve it
in the look it is in this moment. – How many people do you unite?
We unite 33 people, which coe regularly, learn songs,
create songs, perform them, attend festivals, concerts.
From here on we continue – we have more appearances.
During the winter period we shall prepare ourselves and I suppose that in the spring
we shall call you on spot for another DVD album.
Mr. Uchikov, where did youdiscover these talents, these strong voices?
These talents invited me to accompany their grou
and I do it with pleasure, it is worth it.
We are very glad and I am thankful to all from the group
for their responsibility, for their discipline and for their longing
for the Rhodope music. We keep traditions in Varbina,
as we continue to sing the songs. They are alsmost from this viklage
and we preserve them in the community center, we study them
and thus we perorm them in festivals.
We feel wonderful because of the nomination, because we come
from very far away, from Malaysia, therefore I am very excited.
We come from Djohor Bahru. This is a very beautiful town,
rich of culture and arts, and people there are wonderful.
We perform folklore songs and dances, very popular in
Malaysia. We present our traditions and folklore
and this helps Bulgarian people to undersatnd where is Malaysia
and also its special features. Our group consists of about twenty people,
from which nine musicians, one singer and ten dancers.
Did you like Bulgaria?
Dance team "Sakartsi" was created in 2001. Last year we celebrated
10 years and all these dancers, which are staying behind me,
are one of the first performers of the dance team.
They all dance with great desire, with lots of love for
folk dances and Bulgarian folk song and I hope for
a long time to remain to dance on stage.
I am very happy, I thank them very much for everything. Without their
efforts, without their desire, without their emotions this wouldn't
happen. This year we dansed a new dance,
"Vidin dance", which is new and different, and also
one very nice chamber dance "Arrows in the girl's yard".
And respectively the badge of our team - the dance "On the square",
which is with songs and dances from our region, the music and
the arrange belongs to our corepetitor Angel Tsvetkov,
everybody dance it with great pleasure and maybe
this is one of the strongest dances.
Tell us first how many people were singing and dancing on thiss stage now?
We were around 60 people.
This is a prestigeous distnction for us. We are an amateur team.
All these dancers are not obliged to come, but they love
Bulgarian folklore. They come, dance with great desire and
this appeared this evening with that prestigeous distinction.
Folklore Ensemble "Slav Boykin" was created more than
20 years ago. Our repertoire consists only from Bulgarian folklore
dances and songs. We attend concerts and we have quite a lot participations,
appearances, but what happened tonight is a big prestige for us.
The singing group is at the foklore ensemble "Slav Boykin"
to the community center. I have been leading it for 2 years. Indeed everyone is
working hard and I am very happy,
that we managed to com so far.
According to the regulation of the World Championship of Folklore „Word Folk”
the coleectives ditingushed with nomination „Golden Orpheus” and
individual performers receive righ to participate also in
the repeated jury. It qualifies the winners of
the Third place – the Bronze medal and the Bronze Orpheus at the Championship,
the Second place – the Silver medal, the rank World Vicechampion
for 2012 and the Silver Orpheus,
the First place – the Gold medal, the rank
Absolute World Champion for 2012, Grand Prix „Golden Orpheus”
and a cheque to the value of 1000 Euro, provided by he organizers.
In the last day of the World Championship was in session
a five-man jury commission. The evaluating members of the commission
have watched carefuly the tv recordings of
the nominated teams. The winners were determined throgh
voting by the ten-point system in four sections –
for complexity, quality, vision and stage behaviour. With what feelings
and hopes did the directors of the nominated teams
expect the results?
To be here you need a really big preparation, everyone
did their best, I wish everyone soccess.
We make art and this gives me a reason to hope.
We thank for being nominated and I hope
that we shall be well evaluated equally with the other collectives.
Will you keep your fingers crossed? - Yes, of course.
We are 30 and so people, that makes 60 and so fingers,
so most probably we shall win, we believe we shall win it!
I strongly hope, but as always I say to myself,
that will not happen, but I hope.
If it is meant to be, we might win.
Naturally, this is what we came for. That is what we have made so much efforts for.
We shall probably win. We shall become World champions,
because children work so much.
Will you hope for the big prize? – Yes!Yes, of course!
I know how hard it is for the jury with so many good
teams to estimate who must win - gold,
silver or bronze madal. You can win a prize, you have to work,
if you have not get a good prize this year, you will try,
you will come again next year to win.
The results from the juty session of the
World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012” were
announced on the official ceremony minutes before the galal concert of the
winners in the stage Antique Amphitheatre in Old Nessebar.
Good evening, dear audience, dear guests and
participants in the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012”.
The participants in this modern form of preservation and
dissemination of folklore competed in 9 categories for
Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. 13 of 100 folklore collectives
participated in the championship, received also a nominaiton "Golden Orpheus".
Now starts the awarding ceremony for the best teams.
So, we start from the third place of the championship –
Children's Folklore Ensemble “Kökler” from Izmir, Turkey.
Thank you for the organization and for everything, because we had
to prepare ourselves in a very short time. Thank you for your welcome in
Nessebar – we are very happy, the children are very happy.
Thankk you for everything. I am very excited.
The second place of the World Championship of Folklore
Folklore Ensemble "Slav Boykin", Rakovski, Bulgaria
I want to thank for the prize, to thank the wonderful
audience, which supported us last night on this stage and gratitude
to the organizers for his nice and beautiful undertaking.
The Firts place, the Gold medal and Grand Prix "Golden Orpheus"
at the World Championship of Folklore,
the rank Absolute champion for 2012
goes to the Folklore Ensemble from Malaysia.
Hello. I would like to thank all the members of the group and
also the organizer, for allowing us to participate in this
competition and to show our culture, Malaysian culture, to
the people from Bulgaria. I am very excited an happy,
because we managed to come down here and to present our culture
infront all of you! Thank you very much!
After rewarding of the winners in the Second
World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012”
also the official closing of the Championship took place.
I want to thank all the participants for making this beauty.
All concerts were broadcasted by the World Wide Internet
Television "Euro Folk" and thus all the viewers could
see the appearances of the groups. More than 100 groups,
26 countries tokk part 10 days in these stages in several towns.
I wish all of you success in the future, be alive and well.
It is a great honor for me to put an end on this high forum.
I officially close the Second World Championship of folklore
“World Folk 2012”. Congratulations! Alive and well!
In the end of their stay at the World Championship of Folklore
“World Folk 2012” the participants shared their impresions of the organization,
the other participants and the audiennce of the championship.
This is a wonderful meeting of folklore from all accross Bulgaria and the world.
We liked Malaysia very much, Bulgaria. All participants were good.
They have been preparing themselves, worked. Everything was wonderful.
All teams are very strong. We enjoyed the performance of the
Malaysian team, very attractive,
also the team from Izmir and meny other Bulgarian groups.
Great, very motley! I am very impressed.
Yes, we liked everything very much. The organization, the audience.
Audience perceived us very well, applouded us, supported us.
We felt that. Everything is very well organized.
The jury judged everything very fair. Thanks a lot to everyone.
Everything was wonderful.
I advize all the children in the world to come here so they can experience
this feeling. Because the organization is wonderful. We are very
pleased with our stay here. I hope in 2013 the World Championship
to be held in Turkey!
The balance from the World Championship of Folklore “World Folk 2012”
are the dozens of hooirs of tv recordings of the concert appearances
of the participants. After their broadcast live by the World Wide
Internet Telelvision "Euro Folk" it is about to make the recordings of
the most valuable performances to be included in different
tv productions and disseminated through the world
television air. The Championship will remain in the memories of
the thousands of participants and spectators with the beauty of the performances,
the mastery of the performers and the strong friendship feelings,
arised spontaneously on the stages and beside the stages of the World
championship. The great number of the participants, the arised strong
connection between them, the raised interest of the audience and
the tv viewers give reason the organizers to
plan a new siccessful edition of the World championship in 2013 too.
Because this is the way to the implementation of those prophetical words
of the creator of Musical Feasts „Euro Folk”
Iliyan Nikolov - „theh beauty of folklore will save the world”!
. �