Business Spotlight with Dr Mary Swift DDS North Dallas Cosmetic Dentist

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bjbj Welcome to the Business Spotlight. I'm your host, Patrick Dougher, and today I've
got a fabulous show for you. I have a dentist that, when you read her business brochure,
it sounds like you're going on a journey to the Bahamas or something. It's an incredibly
encounter of "Oh my God, there's so much peace there." You think Dentist, peace? Dallas Laser
Dentistry. My guest is Dr. Mary Swift. Thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you.
And it is like being in the Bahamas. It's very peaceful and calm. How did you create
that? Fortunately, I had an opportunity to see lots of different practices as I was developing
my philosophy and what I wanted to emphasize was it's as low of stress as we can make it
as comfortable as we can make it. I understand that you won the 2011 DFW Consumer's Choice
Award. That's right. As a dentist, you won that. That's really unusual for dentistry
to even be placed on the ballot. From there, it's a random phone sampling of a demographic
and you have enough support of your patients feeding back that you get the Consumer's Choice
Award. I've been to your location. It is exactly like the brochure says. You re sitting there
staring out over North Dallas from a luscious office building. The spa environment is really
big that was just something else. What are some of the keys to creating that? Not just
the environment but the people that create that environment and work in that environment
every day. You surround yourself with the best, calmest, and most nurturing, caring
staff. You're going to be able to provide that for your patents. We re up on the 8th
floor facing north looking right over Royal Oaks Golf Course. Usually, you're looking
at another building if you're that high up. We have the most spectacular view, and it's
comforting for patients not to be squared in by walls. It's almost like if you can see
what's going on in the world, it helps to lower some anxiety. All of our chairs face
out with a view. Massaging pads on the chairs, almost for distraction. If we can take you
away like the old "Let us do the driving and let you relax and let us take care of it.
Even herbs. A little aromatherapy. There's Eastern medicine behind all of that. There
are things you can do in your environment to create a calming atmosphere. We try to
incorporate that. One of the other things you mentioned it, but to highlight it is you
don't even hire people unless they meet all the specs for what you need, plus have a calming
demeanor. You have to have tender hands, a tender heart, and skill. This is nothing like
'normal' dentistry as most people think of it. This is a totally unique experience. When
I started thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I actually started as a
little chair side dental assistant to see if I liked dentistry. I hopped right into
hygiene, which is another degree and another position up and after 15 years as a hygienist,
I went to dental school. I've been in every position. I tell my girls I don't know if
that makes me easier or harder to work for. I think I can relate to what they have to
do during the day. We have a very harmonious relationship. When you were creating all of
this stuff, what was the end result for the person? What were you really trying to achieve?
Confidence. For them to be comfortable enough to have confidence in what I'm teaching them,
showing them and creating for them with their oral health. You guys do a great deal of instruction
before, during, and after because it's important, isn't it? Oh yeah, but never lecture. We'll
teach, but we won't lecture. What are some of the things that you teach before, during,
and after? I've found lately after being in practice for 17 years and watching my patient
population mature as I have that I need to look for what's going to happen down the road
for them. There is so much going in their world right now that it's hard for them to
even conceptualize what they need to have happen to stay healthy dentally in their future
and in their old age, basically. I wouldn't doubt. I think about the difference between
where dentistry has been, and now I know there are a number of new tools, techniques, platforms,
and processes. They make my job easier. The technology available today enhances the result
for the patient, but it also makes it easier
to accomplish. Welcome back to the Business Spotlight. This is your host, Patrick Dougher.
My guest today is Dr. Mary Swift. She is a cosmetic dentist. Not many of us really go
for cosmetic dentistry; a lot of insurance companies don't pay for that. These things
are amazing. The stuff that they're doing is cutting edge, and the type of client that
really needs that is something that I really want to get into. As we move into this, I
want to look at what you guys are doing that's so different, what you're doing to create
the success you're having. When I look at that question and look at my practice, I think
I have a good grasp of what technology I should invest in to enhance the outcome for the patient.
Dentists are famous for their toys and gadgets. You can spend money on technology that you
think is fun, but in the end it really didn't accomplish a lot for the patient. I've got
in place digital software imaging that allows me to virtually straighten people's teeth
on the computer and show them what the outcome could be. That helps. If you can see what
it's going to look like, it makes that decision easier. Many times people can't visualize
it at all. They look at their mouth and you just go, "Can you visualize straight teeth"
and, they go "Nope." Invisalign invisible braces is an amazing technology that's out
there. It was developed initially for people that had braces when they were a teenager
but they didn't wear their retainers. Things kind of crowded a little bit. Invisalign unraveled
that. The technology has advanced in the last ten years that it's been available that now
we can use it for a number of different situations. When you say invisible braces, I can't see
them. Exactly. It's a set of little clear trays. They call them aligners. Each tray
is worn for two weeks at a time. Each tray moves a little bit. You put a new tray in
and it moves a little bit more. The old braces that used to be on and there was just something
on the outside and things had to swing around that. The technology, because this tray grasps
the teeth snugly, is a more efficient movement. If I said to you, "Patrick you can get your
teeth straightened but you're going to have go down and get wires on your mouth." You'd
go "Hmm " but if I said I can do that and no one would see it That would be amazing.
It is amazing. I imagine you've got some really amazing stories throughout the years. I do.
I'm actually a premier provider which is a status that you are awarded after you've done
a number of cases. Tonight, a matter of fact, I m going to a meeting where they've asked
me to be there because I'm one of the few dentists in North Texas that instead of taking
a goopy impression, I have a digital scanner. It just goes right into the computer and the
trays are made from that computer image so the accuracy is levels about the goopy impressions.
I just know of the goopy impressions. That's the cutting edge. That's pretty neat. Are
there any other toys you have that are like that? Lasers. It's Dallas Laser Dentistry
because I was an early fan of lasers. I used them in a lot of aesthetic cosmetic cases
where you not only look at the teeth but you look at the gums. It makes a difference. Now
that I've said that, you're going to look at everybody's gums. Probably not. I do tend
to notice people's teeth. Yours are beautiful. There's symmetry to the gums and the teeth.
There are some golden proportions and rules. How do lasers do that? They used to use a scalpel (a blade), but lasers
melt. I hate to get into the blood and gore there's no blood. It's noninvasive, easy,
no discomfort or aftercare problems. It s like trimming your cuticles. It makes the
biggest difference in a smile if you've got symmetrical gums and symmetrical teeth. If
you ve ever seen anybody where one tooth looks really long and the other one looks really
short, lift that gum. Sometimes people ask me in a cosmetic case "Can you fix this, Doc?"
if you really look closely, I can't fix that until I get your teeth where they should be.
The reason it's broken is something needs to change. There's more stress on there than
you think there is. Exactly. We have to make sure, for the long-term lasting of the restoration
it s like home improvement the foundation has to be good. It's a way of making the foundation
good and then making the improvements on top of it. In the next segment want to go into
"Who's the ideal client?" Many people may be in a position where this is just perfect
Yes, I need to straighten the gums, straighten the teeth or literally brighten the smile.
We were talking about brightening up some things. I know that I could use a little brightening.
Now I m completely conscious about it. We can fix it. Dallas Laser Dentistry can fix
that. This is Business Spotlight. The Business Spotlight is really about helping companies
in there, telling their story and then getting it out into the marketplace. We ll be right
back after this. Welcome to the Business Spotlight. I m your Host, Patrick Dougher. My guest today
is Dr. Mary Smith. She s a cosmetic dentist at Dallas Laser Dentistry. I m so thankful
for you being on the show. Thank you. Thank you. I want to get into who your ideal is.
I hope we talk about the veneers, etc. I understand you use a specific kind of veneer called Da
Vinci. Who's your ideal client? Anybody that you care about. A few years back, Reader's
Digest did a really interesting article not thought upon kindly by dentistry. They had
a reporter go and do interviews with dentists pretending to be a patient looking to see
what they needed to have done. They had as many different opinions as they had dentists
looking at this reporter. Everybody went, "I don't want that to happen to me." I love
when I see patients in for a second opinion. If your red flag went up you've been told
you need something and you're not sure about it that's somebody I'd like to talk to. If
anything, let me set your mind at ease that it is the right diagnosis. You guys do offer
that a consultation? Absolutely. It doesn't take that much of my time and it makes such
a big difference just to be able to talk with somebody. I hate to use the word, but the
word is free there, right? Yes, it is. Absolutely. I would think there would be a number of different
people that would be ideal. Salespeople that are higher end trying the next ladder. Divorcees
I hate to say that but I see it a lot. Not divorced, but wanting to change their life.
They want to change their life. We see lives change. If you walk around not smiling because
you're self-conscious about your teeth, people only think you're not smiling because you're
not friendly. It's not the truth. You can speak to your truth if you've got a smile
that you're proud of. I know you guys have some amazing stories. One that I remember
is about somebody who came to you who had a smile redone. What happened after that?
That was a big case; very involved. She walked away so happy that she sent not just the rest
of the family but literally everybody she knew. That's a great compliment to have that
happen. How did that change her life? I know when you're talking about changing somebody's
looks, how does that affect the rest of them? It's amazing. It's the most fun I have that
I can change people's lives. It improves. What was her story? Two years later, she came
back and you guys didn't even recognize her? Christina, yes. She had a marriage that fell
about and her husband told her, no, she couldn't spend that money on her teeth. We thought
she had gone away forever. She came back and said "Okay, I'm ready to do it." We changed
her smile. She got rid of the husband and got a better one. It is life-changing. Didn't
she also lose weight and stuff like that as well? Didn't it radically change her? We see
that a lot. When we change their smile, the rest of their life falls in place. The self
-image thing that they talk about, once they change that smile You only have 10 to 15 seconds
to make a first impression. Statistically we know they look at two things. When you
meet someone new, you look at smile and eyes. We're judged. It's a cruel world. We're judged.
It happens. I m curious if there are any other people that you would really want to say,
"These folks really should us ASAP." Missing teeth. I'll go there. Nobody wants to talk
about it, but it shortens your lifespan. How does cancer affect? I've heard some horror
stories. With radiation, there are some things that you need to be very cognizant of. I had
neck radiation as an oral cancer survivor. There are some specifics. What do they typically
tell you to do? What do most dentists tell you to do with that? Current is getting rid
of the teeth because they are a hotbed of infection. If you're undergoing head and neck
radiation, that's usually the protocol. It doesn't have to be, and it's getting better.
You just said "Go gums. All the way to the gums and wear dentures the rest of your life."
Yes. That's hard to talk about because that's life changing. Dentistry is working really
hard to improve and make sure we can get patients through head and neck cancer survived and
quality of life afterwards. I've heard that you do some amazing things in that area. We're
looking at it. I know that there's a big concern there. There is. Everyone please make sure
when you have your cleanings done at your dentist office that they re doing a head and
neck cancer exam along with that cleaning. It takes two seconds. That's mind boggling.
It takes two seconds for a nice little look around. Everyone should make sure that is
getting done at their cleaning. That's interesting. With that, we re coming up on this last segment.
We re going to talk about how people can connect to you and what they can experience in that
whole process. You have a system. I'm so thankful for that. This is the Business Spotlight.
I m Pat Dougher. My guest today is Dr. Mary Swift. We ll be right back with more. Welcome
back to the Business Spotlight. I m your host, Patrick Dougher. My guest today is Dr. Mary
Swift Dallas Laser Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry. I m so thankful you re ere today. Thank you.
I want to get right into: How could somebody connect to you? There are so many people that
need what you offer. Google, hopefully, if you put in Dallas and dentists. I m up there.
I bet you are. I know your marketing guy well and I'm sure he's taking care of you there.
There are ways to get a hold of you. Basically, you really want people to see you, right?
We try to be as helpful as we can on the phone at that initial contact. We know people's
time is very precious. I don't want to waste their time just coming in once to look, next
time to do, etc. We try to listen well and economize your time. It's always best for
me to actually see. I've tried to answer e-mails but you have to be so general. I really do
need to see, and am happy to see to give second opinions and consultations. What's your process
when somebody contacts you? What's the process that you walk people through? The first contact
is usually on the phone. My staff is crackerjack. I have someone that's just there to make sure
we use your benefits. So you can use some of that stuff? Absolutely. And you should
be able to. With the Internet and all the information, it's really easy to verify people's
benefits and look it up. It's customer service. It's something people really appreciate that
we do. We get you in, depending on your need. Obviously if there's a toothache we'll get
you in immediately. If it's just a cleaning you need, we'll fit it to your schedule. You
come in and see the hygienist first for a cleaning and x-rays. I come in for the exam.
This type work that you're doing is really higher end. A cosmetic dentist you're thinking
Invisalign, the laser, Da Vinci veneers Porcelain work, yes. What is a Da Vinci veneer? Da Vinci
is a lab out in California. You've probably heard of them if you've ever watched the Extreme
Makeover show that was so popular. That's the lab that helped with that show. They are
artists. They are out there in California and working for the dentists who do the stars'
teeth. They have artists onboard. I love their work. I have a great relationship with them.
I've been working with them for many years now. I can trust them. They offer something
that no other lab offers: a lifetime warranty. That's unheard of. They take care of you on
that side. Someone sits down and visits with you and you design a solution. I design a
smile. It's basic on design principles/forces. It's got to look good but it's got to last
too. There is a definite design. There's a certain amount of engineering, so to speak,
to make sure everything fits right. It's got to look right. Those veneers really do last
the rest of your life? In the right situation. That's the key. It has to be the right situation,
the right diagnosis. If it's a good veneer, you should be able to treat them like they're
your own teeth. Really? Absolutely. Again, it has to be good design, good preparation,
good materials, follow procedures and done right. It's rewarding. I get to use the science
of the materials with the art of design and medicine involved and put the whole picture
together to have the smile you want. How many veneers do you think you've actually applied?
Thousands? I could get you the number. It s a joy and a pleasure to be able to not just
do fillings , not just do the grunt work. I have a reputation that draws. I have people
come in from lots of faraway places to come have smile designs. I've heard that in your
segment your niche that people will fly in from all over. You've created such a name
for yourself in that industry. That's awesome. It's because I have fun. It's because I love
what I do. I believe that. Once somebody has had you design their smile, you finish the
work, but there's an education before and during. What kind of after work stuff do you
train people on? What do you do? The warranty has a stipulation that you take care of the
work. We educate the patient on how to take care of that work so that it does last as
long as possible. Does that mean coming back in for special cleanings and x-rays? Yeah.
We always want to make sure things are healthy underneath. If you put a crown on a tooth,
the crown isn't going to decay, but the tooth can still decay underneath it and we've got
to keep an eye on it. We're going to make sure we look at things closely. How often
do you like to see your clients? That is a patient-by-patient prescription. If you have
a tendency towards gum and bone disease, you need to be in a little more often. If you're
one of these healthy kids that never has anything, you can get away as not quite as often. You
design everything the smile and the care afterwards. Absolutely. I'm just amazed. I've seen your
office. I just want to sit in one of the chairs and just fade in. Careful! m going there mentally.
I hope you do, too. I'm so thankful, Dr. Mary. You have done so many wonderful things. DFW
Consumer Choice Award 2011 what an honor for a dentist to have. If you've got any kind
of dental need, you should connect. Connect with Dallas Laser Dentistry. This is Pat Dougher.
The business spotlight is really about telling your story to the DFW area and beyond. Thank
you so much. We ll talk to you next time. Thank you, Pat. Thank you. [Content_Types].xml
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