YOMYOMF interview for our Subscribathon!

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 4, 2012


FELICIA: Hellooo!
who's here?
KEV: Hey!
KEV: Hey Felicia, my favorite person!
FELICIA: Am I your favorite person?
RYAN: Who's talking?
FELICIA: Hang on one second.
RYAN: Who's talking right now?
RYAN: What's going on?
FELICIA: Oh, it's Sheri.
Sheri, I can hear you talking.
Sheri is one of my producing partners, and she--
RYAN: Oh, OK, so this is live.
This is live.
RYAN: Hey!
What's up!
FELICIA: So don't pick your nose.
OK, so if you're not familiar with two of the biggest
YouTube awesome people I know, Kev Jumba and Ryan Higa, they
are right there.
Where are you guys, anyway?
RYAN: We're in Anaheim, backstage at one of our shows,
our YTF shows.
FELICIA: What was that?
Come on.
KEV: I have no idea, Felicia.
I'm nervous.
FELICIA: Kev, why are you nervous?
KEV: Every time I see you I'm just like, you're so pretty,
and I'm just like--
I'm just a little--
FELICIA: Are you drunk? (MOCK OFFICIAL) Let me smell your
breath, sir!
RYAN: He's drunk.
I can tell.
KEV: I'm drunk off Red Bull!
FELICIA: Oh, Red Bull?
You guys are-- are--
RYAN: There's no bottles, cracking cans right now.
FELICIA: Well, I've been here for six hours already.
KEV: Wow.
You must be delusional.
RYAN: You must be very jealous then.
FELICIA: Yeah, I actually--
I've never had a Red Bull, except for like a sip, and I
was like, oh, that doesn't--
but I might actually send somebody out for one, because
we are here until--
KEV: Don't do it!
Don't get addicted to Red Bull--
RYAN: You should probably do it!
You should probably--
KEV: No, don't do it.
RYAN: Do it.
FELICIA: I want to talk to you gu--
I want to talk to you guys because you are launching a
new channel too, with Mike--
you guys, when is your channel launching?
OK, so it's-- and go over it, because it's YOMFYOM--
M-- what is it?
And it stands for--
KEV: You Offend Me, You Offend My Family.
It's a Bruce Lee quote.
RYAN: Yes.
FELICIA: It's good.
It's good.
FELICIA: I could do that, too!
I beat you up in a movie.
We did a movie--
Kev and I did a movie called Rock Jocks together that Sheri
produced, who is now producing Geek & Sundry with me, which
is pretty cool.
And then Ryan came on and guest starred on TableTop.
RYAN: We owned.
FELICIA: And then I went on Kev's show, on his YOMYOMF,
and then he came on my show.
So it's like a lot of incest happening here.
KEV: A lot of incest!
RYAN: Let's call it that.
FELICIA: We'll call it incest--
so tell me why you guys wanted to do another channel and what
are you excited about for being on it?
KEV: The great thing about YOMYOMF is there's a lot of
really cool people involved.
One of our partners is Justin Lin, who directed Fast and
Furious and all those movies.
So we get to work with some really cool people.
He's doing a show with Baron Davis and Jeremy Lin.
I'm doing a show that Felicia was on and we have a lot of
cool guests--
RYAN: A lot more people coming on.
KEV: Yeah!
So that's the exciting part is just collaborating and having
a lot of incest.
RYAN: It's basically--
it's basically taking what we do on YouTube right now to
another level of production, and that's the whole idea
behind these channels.
Well first of all, I think what you two guys do is great.
It inspired me a lot because when I was thinking about
doing a YouTube channel, I was like, well I think that
YouTube is really specific.
And there's a way that the people who are popular on
YouTube interact with their audience that kind of owns
everything else on the internet.
KEV: Yeah!
FELICIA: And it's that devotion to fans that I think
people don't give you guys enough credit for in the
There's like this web series rivalry between the YouTube
and the regular.
That's what I'm hoping with all these new channels is we
get rid of that crap.
Because it's like, if you're making good stuff, and you're
connecting with your audience, you're a winner wherever
you're releasing and whatever you're doing.
KEV: Yeah.
I remember on Rock Jocks I was like, Felicia, you gotta put
out more videos!
KEV: And it happened!
FELICIA: That was before any of this happened.
And you actually inspired me, Kev, because you were like,
you should do--
I was like, I don't know, people don't want to see me
talking as myself.
KEV: You're like, I'm too cool!
I do movies and stuff, now.
KEV: I'm just kidding.
No, you actually--
right after we finished wrapping the movie you started
putting YouTube videos out.
I was very surprised.
FELICIA: No, you're an inspiration.
And Justin Chon, who was in it too, he started putting
weird videos up.
RYAN: His videos are great.
FELICIA: They're great!
No, they're fantastic.
So tell me about--
can I say what we do together?
No we shouldn't spoil it, but basically we cross over and I
do something crazy on Kev's channel, and then--
I don't know when that's going to be out, dude.
KEV: It's going to be out--
our show comes out in May.
I know you guys launch in April, right?
FELICIA: Yes, we launch tomorrow.
KEV: Tomorrow!
Subscribe to--
KEV: --Geek and Sundry!
RYAN: You're really serious.
FELICIA: You're probably talking to everybody who's
already subscribed, but I appreciate that.
KEV: If you haven't yet, then--
FELICIA: If you haven't, we're actually donating money to an
animal charity for every new subscriber.
So we have--
KEV: You liiiiie!
FELICIA: No, we have these charity donor people who are
giving thousands of dollars if we raise that many
subscribers, $0.10 a person?
RYAN: Really?
What is the charity?
FELICIA: It's called Best Friends.
You want to--
do you want to watch a puppy video together?
RYAN: How?
KEV: How?
FELICIA: I can ju-- watch this.
This is technology, friends.
KEV: The future!
RYAN: YouTube!
FELICIA: The future is happening right now,
If you guys have any questions, I would just
hashtag, [INAUDIBLE] to refer Kev and Ryan--
And then we're going to-- what do you want to see?
Do you want to see a picture--
RYAN: I want to see a--
FELICIA: --slideshow, What do you want?
RYAN: Your charities.
KEV: The puppy thing.
FELICIA: Puppies!
We already did puppies!
KEV: Oh!
Well, you pick, you little--
RYAN: Geek.
KEV: And Sundry.
RYAN: And Su--
FELICIA: You Sundry, OK.
What about Cats Are Weird.
We're going to watch Cats Are Weird.
That's what we're gonna watch.
Wait wait wait.
Wait, let me just get this done--
RYAN: I've never done a Google Hangout before.
FELICIA: Really?
Is this an unpleasant or a pleasant experience for you?
KEV: It's very pleasant.
FELICIA: I mean, yes is the right answer.
KEV: You still got a Google Hangout Vcard.
RYAN: Yep.
OK that's pretty cute.
OK I'm going to play this right now.
Can you see it?
BOTH: Yeah.
"And cats--"
FELICIA: "Are cats strange animals or do
they so resem--" Oh.
Cats are weird!
Watch it!
Hey, look at that!
KEV: Oh my gosh!
FELICIA: It's a kitty!
RYAN: This is what YouTube is.
This is what YouTube has become.
FELICIA: What it's be--
KEV: Help meeeee!
RYAN: It's-- it's--
FELICIA: I mean, come on!
RYAN: This is the best part of YouTube.
This is how I lose hours.

Seriously, cats and babies, I lose hours.
FELICIA: Are you doing a cat and baby show on YOMYOMF?
RYAN: Hmm, maybe you'll have to find out, and
subscribe to YOMYOMF.
FELICIA: This is a terrible video.
I don't know why--
RYAN: It's just really laggy.
But I appreciate--
KEV: I love this.
RYAN: --the cats.
Aw, now it's blank.
KEV: Oh no!
FELICIA: Something happened.
RYAN: Call her back!
KEV: There we are.
FELICIA: OK, I'm back.
Right, I'm getting rid of this.
Forget it.
OK, that was what we did together.
That was horrible.
RYAN: That was--
It was OK.
We could--
KEV: Don't be so hard on yourself!
It was--
I appreciate--
FELICIA: You should have seen the first hour here.
It was--
I had a woman, Alicia, doing yoga.
But we had somebody accidentally pulled the cord
on my gaming PC and fried it out.
It's actually turning on, but it didn't
turn on for a half-hour.
It was my new set up, my brand new rig.
I wanted to kill people.
Let me take some questions from the community.
Can you guys tell me what you're doing right now?
Because some of my audience might not be aware of your
tour that you do, which is pretty super awesome.
RYAN: Right now we are in Anaheim.
We have a YTF tour.
We're basically--
we travel to different cities and we just perform a lot of
music, and dancing, and comedy.
And, yeah, this is our last show.
We start in a little bit.
We're tech rehearsing right now, but we
start in a little bit.
And we just wanted to stop by.
FELICIA: Yeah, no, I really appreciate it.
OK, well, I mean, I don't want to take up too much of your
time, becau--
so you can go, if you want.
KEV: All right!
KEV: The questions?
Are we--
FELICIA: I'm having a technical issue with my side.
Oh, OK.
What is the weirdest thing that a fan has
ever done for you?
That's a weird question.
KEV: Oooh.
Yeah, that is weird.
RYAN: The weirdest thing--
KEV: --that they've done for me?
KEV: I mean, in college, like--
this did not start out good.
People would slide notes under my dorm room that-- strangers.
RYAN: Not that weird.
KEV: That's not that weird.
I mean it's just creepy.
FELICIA: That's not weird.
Was it something-- no, it's--
I mean--
RYAN: It's not that weird.
KEV: Oh yeah, I mean--
RYAN: It's not a weird thing they've done for me, but
there's a weird thing a fan did to me.
And basically what happened was I was at a mall, and this
was in the beginning, when I didn't know how
to react with them.
And this fan just hugged me for at least 10 minutes.
I didn't know how to say, like--
I was doing this--
FELICIA: You couldn't do this?
I was like, OK!
Thanks for the support!
KEV: Hey, I love you!
RYAN: I didn't know how to react to that.
So I was literally being hugged for 10 minutes.
And it was really awkward.
I didn't know what to do.
But that was definitely the weirdest situation there--
FELICIA: Wait, did they start crying?
Because I had somebody start crying one time then I started
crying in sympathy.
And then it got weird.
KEV: Wow that is weird.
FELICIA: How long have you guys been friends?
Alex Rodriguez would like to know.
KEV: I think over three years
RYAN: The two of us?
Yeah, three years.
It started at a thing called YouTube Live.
It was a concert.
KEV: Yeah, we met at a YouTube Live concert.
So we're friends and we met each other on eHarmony, too.
RYAN: Yesss.
RYAN: And we were like, let's--
Oh, can I say something that really happened that was
really weird that a fan did?
I mean, I don't like to judge people.
I'm totally cool, but I'll tell you about the guy who
tattooed himself?
Because it was a bet?
So I was at Emerald City Comicon-- which is happening
right now--
and I was at my table.
And a guy came up to me and was like, hey,
can you sign my shoulder?
I want to get it tattooed on me.
And I'm like, whoa, dude.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That is not--
RYAN: You're serious here?
FELICIA: For seriouslies!
For serious.
And I tried to talk the guy out of it--
KEV: You should have!
FELICIA: No, I couldn't!
Well, he said that his friend bet him $500
he wouldn't do it.
So I was like, OK, listen, this is a transaction that's
in this guy's favor, right?
KEV: Yeah.
But no.
I think if you're a good person you
would've been like, naaaaaaah.
FELICIA: Anyway, I did it.
RYAN: Now you're a bad person.
I think you're a great person.
FELICIA: The great thing--
KEV: I think he just really loved you and
the bet was an excuse.
He just really--
FELICIA: No no no, it was a real bet, because
then he took to--
OK, so he went off, and they came back like at 7:00 that
night-- it was the morning when he came up-- and he
showed me the tattoo.
And it was literally over my signature.
And it was all raised.
And it was just really angry looking.
I was like, aw, dude!
Well, I hope the $500 was worth it.
Next day I get a Tweet.
Hey, my friend didn't pay up.
KEV: See?
He just wanted your love.
KEV: The money wasn't even-- came secondary.
FELICIA: He wasn't even that much of a fan!
KEV: He probably has no friends and he just really
wanted to impress you.
FELICIA: No, I don't think he would have come back--
RYAN: You owe it to him!
KEV: You should be his friend.
RYAN: You owe it--
FELICIA: Would you do it?
If a girl came up and said, I want you to sign my calf.
RYAN: I would have said, because you want to get a
tattoo of us, you need to ask your mom first-- because most
of our demo is 13-to-17-year-old females--
ask your mom, and see if she says yes.
Then you can do it if she says yes.
FELICIA: Really?
You're more responsible.
RYAN: If the mom says yes, then, yeah, something's wrong.
I don't know.
FELICIA: Well I know a tattoo artist, because I had another
guy tattoo my signature on his calf but he was a legitimate
tattoo artist, and it was amongst other tattoos so I
felt like, the other poor guy not only didn't make money off
of it, but he actually now has the tattoo--
the only tattoo he has is me.
So I don't know.
Maybe I should send him over to you guys.
RYAN: I don't get tattoos of me.
let's see.
Let's ask some questions.
Do you guys have any other questions in the chat and/or
on Twitter?
Let me check over Twitter.
Do you guys play video games?
At all?
KEV: Yes We do.
FELICIA: What have you been playing lately?
KEV: I used to play a lot of Modern Warfare
and World of Warcraft.
FELICIA: You play WoW?
Why didn't I know that about you, Kev!
KEV: We talked about this Felicia!
I told you--
RYAN: We made a video about it, actually.
So I guess she doesn't watch your videos.
KEV: She doesn't.
FELICIA: I do-- no no.
You showed--
OK, I'm remembering now.
I've been here for six hours.
I don't know my mom's face.
If she came in I'd be like, would you like a T-shirt?
KEV: I had a Warlock, a human Warlock.
She was level 60.
FELICIA: I remember this.
I remember this.
KEV: Yes.
And I was very proud of it, so--
FELICIA: But you don't play anymore?
It's too hard to play lately actually.
KEV: Not any more.
Before I started YouTube I quit playing WoW, so YouTube
became my new hobby.
FELICIA: Yeah, that's what I feel like, making videos
became my obsession.
Which is good in a way.
That's actually a really good question.
A lot of people are like, how do I start making videos?
Like, what inspired you guys to start making videos?
I think obviously it came from a real earnest place, like
you're just trying to have fun.
But what do you think was that one thing that got you to
actually pick up that camera and start making videos?
KEV: When I found out YouTube had an actual community and
there were people that you could become friends with, and
like-- that's when I started posting videos, just so I
could see--
just the community.
I think--
RYAN: Mine was more like, I made videos for my friends and
family on VHS tapes.
And then when I found out I could send them through the
internet a lot faster and not have to physically go there,
that's when I started doing it.
So it was a complete accident.
People just started watching it, watching these things I
sent to my family and stuff.
I was like, why are you guys watching this 5,000 times?
I was tripping out.
But I guess it was just by accident.
FELICIA: And I mean that's pretty coo--
I think that's why you guys are so popular, also, because
there is this-- it was completely organic to who you
are, versus like--
I know--
I see some people who try to do videos and it's obvious
that they've adopted some kind of personality, or they're
talking about a subject they don't really care about.
And I think that kind of authenticity is so important
when you're talking, especially to a camera.
Do you guys feel pressured to add more production value and
stuff to your videos, or do you feel like your fans will
like the fact you don't have this huge crew?
And is that something that you're going
to continue on YOMYOMF?
Or are you going to do different kind of things?
Because, Kev, I saw that awesome--
I do watch your videos because I saw that awesome sci-fi
thing you did--
KEV: Why thank you!
I'm surprised that you saw that.
FELICIA: I follow you on Twitter!
Come on, dude!
KEV: Oh, yeah, you do.
I made you, remember?
FELICIA: Yeah, you did.
RYAN: You follow me on Twitter.
Right now.
KEV: But, no, our fans do like it when they know that we
filmed it ourselves and didn't have a production team.
KEV: I think with YOMYOMF we want to blend the both worlds.
RYAN: Yeah.
KEV: I'm going to have shots where you can tell it's very
personal, but also increasing the production value.
So it's still very organic and natural, but there are--
RYAN: We're trying to do things on YOMYOMF that we
wouldn't be able to do by ourselves.
That's the whole idea behind these networks is to make
content that we have in our minds but we can't create by
ourselves at home and stuff.
Because when I went in and they ask you to pitch a whole
slate of stuff.
Was that intimidating?
Because it was super intimidating to me until I
started figuring out, oh, we can go to all these other cool
people and not only help them make their stuff, but they can
add to what I do in a way.
RYAN: Mmm.
KEV: Yeah.
Geek and Sundry!
FELICIA: I know!
Well, I appreciate it.
We're going to be launching tomorrow, and we have some
pretty cool-- so you guys--
Ryan, your episode I think is our third or fourth TableTop?
RYAN: Is it?
I'll send you the release date.
RYAN: Awesome!
FELICIA: Kev, your segment on my show The Flog will be up at
the end of May.
So I'll e-mail--
KEV: End of May?
FELICIA: --both of you End of May, yes.
Do you want it sooner?
KEV: No--
End of May's good.
FELICIA: Because you were going to release your video
the same week, right?
We should probably coordinate that, huh?
KEV: We should coordinate it, huh?
KEV: We can link to--
RYAN: Collaborative--
Collaborative thing.
FELICIA: Uh, yeah.
I guess so.
KEV: Incest!
FELICIA: Well, no, OK.
Well thank you guys!
Please get back to your thing, and then you rock and--
RYAN: Thank you so much!
Thank you, people!
FELICIA: OK thanks for making time!
You guys are cute.
RYAN: Seeya
KEV: You're cute!