Bamse Goes Gatebil - Day 2

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 05.07.2012

”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
And action
Here we are at the Mantorp Park
We're now going to the inspection and after that we'll get the licenses
After that we are good to go
The cars here are sick! Look at that carbon fiber polo for example
Excitement's in the air Just like in Artukainen
Lets take it easy and we'll see how it goes
Just got the licenses and it means that in 15 minutes we're at the track
Let's just try a few laps with Ode. After 2-4 laps we'll change to cheaper burnout tires
Who's Ode? That guy with a tight ass
Pretty tight
Pity that it broke now What is broken?
Propably the bearing
Hey! There's a plug missing from the vacuum station. You should always put threadlocker on those
I've never touched it!
This is bullshit
All the way to Sweden to break the turbo... It worked fine before this
Lets fix it
It's out
Doesn't feel too bad I just calibrated my dial indicator in France so it should work ok
Let's ask what the expert thinks
I think some of the wings have bent
I can see that the wings have slightly touched the housing That indicates that the bearing's loose
You can always just give it more boost and try
It is bad for sure, but depends on your luck how it holds
(Some pourage Norwegian)
Should I just drive with it? Go ahead
If we would have the money, we could just buy a new one
”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
”Desibel whiners try to shut it down”
Good old, old time, good old Bangbang-system
The grass is burning! It's on fire!
It isn't broken. Not anymore.
The guy has shaved legs now
Not bad!
Are you hungry? A little
Are you speaking Norwegian?
Norwegian? Norwegian???
Oh, a narrow string with a frostbite
Proper stomach! A Finnish belly
Hello everybody! I dare say that the best thing to do when you're drunk.... to do a gearbox overhaul.