My Day - Nepali short documentary movie

Uploaded by thekarmagurung on 03.03.2011

My name is Kancha, but people call me Sushi Karma.
It’s been 10 years since I’ve arrived in the USA.
In those 10 years I worked at a Japanese sushi restaurant.
I started off as a sushi helper.
It’s been almost 10 years and I am still working as a sushi chef.
When I first came to New York, I didn’t know anyone.
I had few friends and they helped me adjust to life in New York.
Sushi is Japanese food and it is all raw meat.
In Nepal, we only had Tuna in a can. Which is cooked and ready to eat.
Here, when I had to eat this all raw salmon, tuna, etc. I was very much surprised.
When I first started off as a sushi chef, everything was new to me. I saw the things that I had never seen in my life before.
It was good experience for me too. Sushi is very interesting. I feel like it is a form of art.
What can I say about life in New York City? It is very busy.
All you do is go to work, go home, go to work, go home.
How did I spend those 10 years? I don’t even know.
Every year we have our own cultural New Year party.
At that party, I meet all my friends and family.
We dance, sing and just have fun.
This is what I call fun.
How do I spend my day?
I get up, freshen up, pray, then eat breakfast.
Sometimes before going for work, I just relax, watch TV or do some reading.
Its takes 45 minutes to get work from my home.
When I get to work, I change and get ready for work.
The restaurant opens two hours later.
In those two hours we prepare the food.
First, we make the rice, sushi rice.
We make it with vinegar, sugar, and salt.
We mix it then we get sushi rice.
After that we cut fishes and put into sushi case.
We finish prepping fully in those two hours.
Then we get a break for half an hour. In that time, we eat.
At the end of the half hour break at 6PM we start working.
It used to be twice as busy a couple of years ago.
We used to have 600-700 customers in 6 hour.
There were ten sushi chefs.
Now there are only 4-5 sushi chefs a day
because the restaurant is slow now.
That’s why in Friday and Saturday we have around 300 to 450 customers in 6 hour.
We make varieties of fish dishes according to customer’s order.
Since we are located in Manhattan, we are quite of busy.
At around midnight I finish my shift and scan my hand to clock out.
Then I change, wear my regular clothes and go home.
When I go home I’m usually very tired and sleepy.
To make matters worse, sometimes I have wait for two hours for train.
I get home, go to bed and wake up the next morning.
That’s basically how I spend my day.
Well, I have to say that I am happy. Yeah, I am happy.
I went to Nepal last year, after eight and a half years.
I met everyone, my friends, my sister and brother.
When I think about that trip it makes me feel happy.
Right now I don’t want to return my country.
The political situation isn’t very good there.
It’s very tough out there.
For my retirement, I’m thinking about returning to my home country.
I am Kancha and so far, this is my story.