Dirty Signs - It's Like Christmas in My Mouth

Uploaded by thfemale on 18.08.2011

Hey everyone, Dirty Signs With Kristin! Uh, our awesome phrase for you today is gonna be, "It's like Christmas in
my mouth." This was suggested by my friend Runar. I don't really wanna know what Christmas in my mouth
tastes like, but I think it's a combination of egg nog and peppermint.
Who knows. Alright, we're gonna start off with "like," so you're gonna make a Y handshape and move it back and forth.
Um, this means "like" as in "similar to," and not "like" as in "I like you."
"Christmas," you're gonna take your C handshape and kind of make a wreath.
"In" we've already learned is this. "My," you' don't actually have to say, but if you want to, just point
to your chest. And then "mouth," you're just gonna make a circle around your mouth.
So we're gonna put it all together, and say [SAME-AS CHRISTMAS IN ME MOUTH]
Hooray! [CLAPPING] Thanks for watching!