SED 713 Week 8 - Lee Canter or Jacob Kounin

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[female voice] Hi. Welcome to Week 8
This week we're doing our reflective journals and you're going to choose
either Lee Canter or Jacob Kounin to do your research on. When you're
thinking about these two individuals please
be remembering to think about their application in terms of how you're going
utilize some of the strategies that they present in your own
classroom and then also examples of aspects
other strategies that you're seeing maybe unconsciously being done or
consciously being done by your mentor teacher. So if you choose Lee Canter, please
focus, or make sure you reference his idea of assertive disciplines and we kind of have...
he kind of has this idea of having high expectations for students in the
classroom and one part about his strategy that I really like, that I think
a lot of you will find it interesting, is that he has that
emphasis on
not only having high expectations within the classroom but also making
non-academic relationships with your students; so talking to them about
their interests and learning more about their personal lives from the very
beginning of the year. So I thought that would resonate with a lot of you.
And then Jacob Kounin is a little bit older, from the 70s
and he is one of the forefront people of the constructivist movement
and he's gonna do a lot of stuff about instructional management and
this idea of moving from a traditional classroom in which the teacher just
stands in front of the class and gives knowledge
to a more inclusive classroom
that involves strategies to get all students accessing
information. So they're both very good people and I think, like I said, I think you guys
enjoy researching both of them and I would encourage you to do a little
research on both of them; some simple Google searches, or maybe some YouTubes
you get an idea which one is maybe possibly a better fit for you and your management
and then looking into one of those with more detail.
I look forward to seeing your
submissions. Have a good week!