SafeSearch Lock (Australia)

Uploaded by ACMAcybersmart on 05.12.2010

Let's face it, creating a safe environment
for your kids to explore the internet can feel daunting.
That's why we're constantly thinking of ways to give you control
over what you see and don't see when you're searching the Web,
like our SafeSearch feature
which lets you filter explicit content
from your Web and image search results.
And now when you choose the 'Strict' setting
you can lock SafeSearch
to make it harder for someone to change your preferences
without you knowing.
Locking SafeSearch is simple and quick.
All you need is a Google username and password.
Here's how it works.
On the Google homepage click on 'Settings' in the top right corner.
Scroll down to 'SafeSearch Filtering'
Click 'Lock SafeSearch'.
If you're not already signed in to your Google account,
you'll have to log in now.
Remember, when you click 'Lock SafeSearch'
you're choosing the 'Strict' setting.
The spinning dots let you know we're locking SafeSearch
across all of Google's domains.
This means that no matter which country-specific Google site
you use to search
SafeSearch will filter your results.
And if you've got multiple profiles on one computer
you'll need to lock SafeSearch in each profile.
Once SafeSearch has been locked,
you'll see these coloured balls
at the top of the Google search results page
even from across the room.
If you don't see the coloured balls,
just click 'Verify' to relock SafeSearch.
Remember, even when SafeSearch is locked
there's no substitute for adult supervision
to keep your kids safe when they're online.
Thanks for watching.�