Mahabharat - Episode 68

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Hastinapur's mothers are in a dilemma
They cannot even bless their sons
Never were times so difficult for mothers
Had it not been so, would it be possible that ...
... Duryodhan would ask for a blessing ...
... and the large-hearted Kunti would refuse?
By blessing Duryodhan with a long life ...
... Kunti became the prototype of motherhood
As a mother, she understood Gandhari's torment
Which is why she did not want ...
... Gandhari to lose a son
But wars are not fought under a mother's shadow
What shall I do now?
Take a decision!
What decision will he take?
Maybe he does not even remember ...
... why my hair are unbraided
It is I who will take a decision
Explain to Draupadi that I am not a coward
I am not only a warrior but also a king
The king's duty is much more serious than a warrior's
I must also protect those who will light on my behalf
My brothers are not bound by this
Your unbraided hair sting me like a serpent
But I am not only a husband, Draupadi
And I am not only a wile!
If you are the King of Indraprasth ...
... then I am its Queen
I don't want Indraprasth
I want blood from Dushasan's chest ...
... in which to wash the insult from my hair
You will get that blood! I promise you
Grandsire is not the only one who can live an oath
Do not drown yourself in anger, Bhim
Talk like a Commander
The Kaurava army is larger than yours
The odds are eleven to seven!
The odds increase further when you realise that ...
... their Chief Commander is Grandsire ...
... who has the boon of wishful death
Then there is Sage Drona and Karna ...
... Sage Kripa ...
... Dushasan and Duryodhan himself
Our warriors are also no less
King Dhrupad of Virat ...
... Princes Dhristadyuma and Shikhandi ...
... Sartaki, Bhim and Arjun
Who can dare lace them?
And do not forget
You are also with us!
But I am unarmed!
We wanted you unarmed ...
... so that you could bless us
We have plenty of weapons and so do they!
But we have Draupadi's unbraided hair ...
... and we have you!
Something else is also with you
Which is why I am with you
Truth is on your side
So, think of ...
... who will lead your army
What about King Dhrupad?
He is Sage Bhargava's disciple and respected
He is a representative of an earlier era
This is a war of this era and will be fought thus
I think the only young warrior worth appointing ...
... will be the Fire-born Dhristadyuma
Why not Prince Shikhandi?
There is no point in discussing this
Whether you light or not, you are our leader
You tell us who will be the best choice
I think Arjun's suggestion is the best
Dhristadyuma is the best choice
The King was quiet but the Prince ...
... has asked you to pose the question in person
Do me another favour. Please return ...
... and tell them Draupadi only listens to her elders
If Grandsire desires that I, the Kuru honour ...
... come there, I will surely come
If Elder Father desires this, I will come
If Uncle Vidur thinks it right ...
... then I'll come
But if these people don't think it is right ...
... then I won't go there
The Prince will send me back
Won't you do this much for me?
Don't take me there like this!
I am the honour of the Kuru dynasty!
Today you are nothing but a maid
I have not even had a ritual bath
Stop Dushasan! Stop!
I cannot even lace my own family like this
I haven't paid my respects to mother ...
... and you are dragging me to an open court
Those who know me will understand
What about the others?
How will you explain your behaviour to them?
What if you meet your elder brother ...
... and he asks you why you are dragging me
What will you say to him?
How can you drag the Kuru honour like this?
Learn to talk to Princes, maid!
The Pandavas will never forgive you for this
Even if they do, I won't let them!
From today I am a sign of their insult
Here is the woman with live husbands!
What did you say?
A blind man's son is blind!
Seat this maid on my thigh!
Turning your eyes away is not the solution
I, your daughter-in-law, wrapped in a single cloth ...
... without a ritual bath ...
... pays her respects to you in open court
What blessing will you give me now?
You are the eldest Kuru
A brave warrior steeped in knowledge
Had you promised to protect only the Kuru throne?
Doesn't the Kuru honour mean anything?
It doesn't befit you to hide your lace
A woman who has live husbands is a whore!
And a whore has no honour
Had she been brought nude it would not be wrong
Sit down!
My friend is right!
A whore or a maid has no honour
Disrobe this maid!
Let me see how this maid looks ...
... without clothes
I was explaining to my hair ...
... that the days of exile are over
These serpents have stung me for thirteen years
Each day of these years was like a hundred years
We have drunk deeply from the cup of insults
I'll get the blood from Dushasan's chest, won't I?
You will! I promise you that!
Then I salute the chief of the Pandava army!
Till she washes her hair ...
... in the blood from Dushasan's chest ...
... Draupadi will not give up ...
... her concentration on Total Destruction
My lord!
Yes, my dear
Prevent this war, my lord!
Will Duryodhan listen to us?
Do I have the right to order Pandu's sons ...
... not to wage war?
Let alone war, they did not even want Indraprasth
They wanted only live villages!
History will hold you responsible
I am not worried about History
I am worried about the Present ...
... which waits at Vidur's house in the form of Kunti
Why doesn't she go to her sons?
What does she want?
Will her sons get justice if she stays here?
What about the injustice done to me?
I don't want war!
But if war knocks at my door ...
... as a warrior I must open it
Listen! War has not yet begun
You can still prevent it!
Leave the palace and sit on your chariot
Tell Sanjay ...
... to take you to Lord Krishna's house
Request him!
He is the only one who can prevent this war
He can stop the army from marching
No Gandhari! That's not possible
Krishna is no longer neutral
The Yadava army is on our side but ...
... he is on Pandavas'' side
Don't cy Gandhari!
Don't worry either!
A mother of a hundred sons and you are scared!
Look at the confidence of Kunti ...
... who has only live sons
It is not right that the two branches ...
... of the same tree should get entangled
Whether your right eye cries or your left eye ...
... it is you who will weep
Whether it is Bhim's mace or Duryodhan's ...
... it is I who will be hurt
O King!
Save me from this pain!
I will not be able to bear it!
O son of Ganga!
No one can do anything!
That is the rule of Time! That is Fate!
The foundation of what is to happen was laid long ago
Circumstances test every man ...
... but Man is responsible for his state
That is Fate ...
... and also bad luck!
What can I do, O Sage?
I never knew my mother. Hastinapur is my mother
I cannot see its downfall
You will have to witness it!
Sometimes duty tests a man's tolerance
This is such a moment
Therefore, empty your eyes so that you may cy
Is that all you can say to me, O Sage?
Unlike Dhritirashtra, you need not be told anything
You know what can be said in such a situation
There is an eclipse on the thirteenth
This is the first such eclipse
It is an indication of destruction
I know that, O Sage!
I am the Chief of such an army ...
... which is destined to lose
I know that, too!
Maybe even you realise that ...
... I am helpless
O Sage!
My respects to you!
You are already blessed with a long life
What blessing can I give you?
A long life is not always good
If there is none else, what will you do with it?
O Sage?
Sages are free of temptation
They neither cy nor laugh
Which is why they can speak bitter truths
I have come to you with one such truth
Order me!
No orders, O King! Just advice!
Do not allow the war at your door to enter
But I don't desire war
What can I do?
My sons are not in my control
All right, O King!
I shall grant you divine sight ...
... so that you may see the destruction
No, O Sage!
What will do with divine sight?
When I could not see them as ...
... children or youth ...
... why see their corpses?
What will I be able to do?
I won't even recognise the corpses ...
... whether it is Bhim or Duryodhan
I only know how to listen
So, O Sage!
Grant this divine sight to Sanjay ...
... so that I can listen ...
... to his account of the war
As you please, O King!
Now you can see the Past, Present and Future
You can see all!
O Sage! I shall be grateful if you tell me ...
... the result of this war
Trees not only give shade but are also used as fuel
Trees which cannot give shade, should be cut ...
... so that they make way for shade-giving trees
Who will be cut down?
Sanjay will answer that question
What did the Sage say?
Why do we wage war?
What is there in a piece of land that we are willing ...
... to forget our relationships?
Land is a reflection of power
Land is a measure of power
That is why people stake their lives for it
Without power, a warrior's life is meaningless
Hence, use your divine sight and ...
... tell me where my son Duryodhan is
He is in his room with ...
... Karna, Shakuni Prince Dushasan .:.
... and Shakuni's son Ulluk
I think we should send a message to Yuddhistir ...
... that we are not afraid of Krishna
We, too, can perform the ''miracles'' he did
We, too, can alter ourselves and fly in the sky
We, too, can enter Heaven
If we want we ...
Yes, nephew! Yes!
They sent the first representative
We will send the last!
What is the point in all that?
We will soon be in the battlefield ...
... where we will test our might’s
Don't you have a sense of humour?
But I think that is the right thing to do
Whom should we send, Uncle?
What about Karna?
Don't even think of it
If we send Karna and ...
... if he disagrees with anything ...
... he will start a war on the spot ...
... and won't return till he has won it
Then what about our thirst for war?
That's why, my dear nephew ...
... I think we should send Ulluk ...
... so that he can see them before the war
You are right, Uncle!
After the war ...
... their laces won't be worth seeing
Absolutely right!
Now what message has Duryodhan sent
The fact is not worth pondering over ...
... but since he has sent someone, let's listen to him
My respects!
You are welcome, Ulluk!
Please be seated
What message has Duryodhan sent?
Come on, Prince Ulluk. What is the message?
O King! O heir of Bharat!
I am a mere messenger
I hope you will protect my Code
The message I am about to deliver is Duryodhan's
The message and the words are his
Don't be afraid! Say what you have to say
As you wish!
O King! Duryodhan has sent this message :
You lost your kingdom, wile and brothers at Dice
Your wile was dragged into court but you kept quiet
You were in exile for twelve years
You spent your anonymity as slaves in Virat
You are cowards. You may have been warriors ...
... but are no longer warriors
How dare you ask for Indraprasth?
According to the bet, you should go into exile again ...
... since your anonymity was broken
So, first go back into exile ...
... and then return to beg for live villages
Maybe we will even give you Indraprasth
If you can't do this, don't pretend to be Truthful
Your messenger Krishna asked for live villages
I refused to give you those because ...
... you are treacherous and Untruthful
You love your crown more than your wile
If it were not so, you would have attacked us ...
... rather than send a messenger ...
... irrespective of whether you got Indraprasth ...
... or died lighting for it
Your first duty was to seek Revenge ...
... and not ask for the crown
You are greedy for a kingdom
A person who cannot protect his wile's honour ...
... is not a warrior, not even a man
The message is : Forget war
The magical power of Krishna on whom you rely ...
... will not affect us because ...
... even we have these powers
In war, one needs strength and not magical powers
Forget about war, O foolish Yuddhistir!
Accept slavery in Virat
There's a message for Arjun :
Use your bow and not your tongue
If sell-praise could work ...
... then salvation could be achieved thus ...
... because who will not praise himself?
You have Krishna on your side as also the Gandiva
Everyone knows you are a great warrior
Yet, I took away your kingdom and you could only cy
I have enjoyed Indraprasth for 13 years...
... and my many generations will continue to do so
If there is war, I'll kill all of you
O Arjun! When Draupadi was disrobed ...
... your Gandiva was with you
And where was Bhim's strength on that day?
You are all impotent
So, don't be foolish and challenge warriors
Stay where you are!
O Ulluk, son of treacherous Shakuni!
You did your duty by giving us this message
We did ours by listening to it
Now return and tell Duryodhan
You could not live like a warrior ...
... at least try to die like a warrior
It is not easy to embrace Death like a warrior
It is very difficult
Lord Krishna says O Duryodhan !
You could not live like a warrior ...
... at least try to die like one
Enough Sanjay!
I don't want to listen any more
As you wish!
Vidur has stopped visiting me
I have none except you
Tell me!
Should I order Duryodhan ...
... or request him?
Neither your order nor your request ...
... will stop this war
Time will now bathe in a river of blood
All you can do now is ...
... give up your throne and retire to the forest
My respects, mother!
May you live long!
I shall be marching towards Kurukshetra
Is this war necessary?
If it were not necessary, would I go there?
Now like a warrior's mother anoint me ...
... and bless me with victory
Even if I bless you with victory ...
... it will be of no use
Understand one thing!
Where there is Truth, there is Krishna!
Where there is Krishna, there is victory!
And today ...
... Krishna is in the Pandava camp
A mother's blind love may bless you but ...
... Truth will eventually triumph
If you really want to wage war...
... then do so with yourself...
... not Krishna
For that war, I shall definitely bless you
I want your blessing for this war
Even if you do not bless me ...
... I will march to Kurukshetra for the ultimate war
Now tell me ...
... will you bless me or not?
I will never give you that blessing
All right, mother!
I shall leave for Kurukshetra ...
... without touching your feet
My respects!
O Lord Shiva!
A mother has refused to grant her son ...
... the blessing of victory
The stubborn son leaves for war ...
... with his confidence unshaken