Interview with Ismail Haniyeh - Gaza Crisis news.

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amid the outcry over Israel's attack on the it's a tool in the mediterranean the have
been growing international calls for an end to the Israeli blockade on Gaza
I don't use wants to Gaza to interview this might have been a a a senior Hamas leader
and disputed Palestinian prime Minister
the best and it will come off to the attack on the freedom to tell you called for an end
to the blockade of Gaza or about the views of many of the countries in the same about
the consent of what happened a victory for Hamas
this mean that what kind of thing
or a and that the hospital with the slogan what happened is a victory for humanity some
other people of conscience or the world
I said as early as the fifth set up carried people from different nationalities religions
and political ideologies he men
at the end that put the ABC us he wouldn't have on the mall yet which is to break the
siege of Gaza
who will have only some point if you reconsider that defeats in the house of commons turning
point to clear limits in sonoma county under siege and constant he meant that I had and
in spending cuts or tax laws that
were not that that we consider what happens what is a victory for Justice and chance
the the same time is that the people's will biti told you patient enough just to which
he is committed against Palestinian people born that you met it's a little bit sarcastic
the community and to my daughter large extent you requested to let them as agents echoed
by the international community out of the picture tacked to that
what some people consider it a success that Thomas refuses to share with the Palestinian
authority a problem often company refused to meet the authority delegation often the
two incidents have been a focal point that
hi the fifth and %uh and %uh unpopular
jessica been no or a look look that he had not personally counsel requested him to relocate
because first received international attention
people react to the nature of his immediate other hasn't been demanding crimes the israelis
committed on the freedom for Cuba that's what you mean
havel up to the contrary
amaning said at the proposal the national national reconciliation
well it requires a consensus and the moms ninety two I have asked at in the agreement
was negotiated by sought help
I will put the US that you there
minute that the fact that you that you are with pat that you get fifty that
what fact that they believe that the awful cosby show and of a lot about the ticket that
a pulpit and that's the
I don't know what part of the city the case of ongoing and that's what you think of the
commission set up by Israel to investigate conflicted incident the work that they did
not know about jews and arabic a probe of poets like current dust in your mind and that
the one doing the will of the alliance
macy's the unacceptable for us that little I do not think it could anyone who was part
of the athletes and I would expect that is that you came in
but the Israeli investigation procedures of at
two recent polls international position which stresses the importance of an independent
what transpired it's an international investigation into what happened in the mediterranean
of the hullabaloo false dead and gone before the warner now you're a scheme that comes
time since an international investigation
how this is going to send a political tool you to carry out an independent investigations
of crimes described as war crimes in that that's what I don't like Hamas joined the
Israeli attacks dime in the tin cup of tea
these are a bit about the Hamas
do you have that a plan that financial management what's the outcome of this investigation eventually
cleared Palestinian factions of blame she as well as saying his office will stand with
an investigation by you
on that for computer data up most of all there's a big difference between the goldstone reports
from this crime could have republicans secondly there is war criminal in briefcases entities
designers enemy
the ones who committed war crimes in Gaza
do you committed a crime in the mediterranean couple months
the idyllic the pot comments come to us with details on what the investigations
that that is an event the result is that the united nations and the secretary general of
the united nations
but how is this summit as outcasts for the internal Palestinian investigation we complied
with dennis Michael takes a look at the list and reports
and for this the defendant
look at what you think of the you saw fit to take responsibility is inspecting paychecks
is going to go
who or what they're shipped at the local level not only that she is ahead in fact we haven't
received any almost a city office
orbit that keep federal that are being if we receive an initiative or motor voter law
hope that we will study it that will focus on all the time in our position on it the
slower hoped that the bulk of it in general we saying that breaking the siege most of
the time
the grew up poor in lifting of the blockade which is not be a for much of the accord up
the pea hen week a month to get access to what's under the access to the mediterranean
sea union
that whole part of it
neither the and it will go on at that level or that the
they either before the nation and we think it's not about one thing if europeans want
to be President of the national or regional that the
we have in mind that the presence of any calls over-use like assaults I think that the media
in any way international and regional what is needed to supervise what answers Johnson
and I guess it up the thought was that
have evidence that could have ever taken of that mission mission the vicious ATF the business
without the intervention of Israel but just let me finish and without that intervention
of Israel it's even allowed in the minute the rest because in that moment that we can
hold a chance to vote on a GOP in control of the right to proceed
but he rejects any Israeli prisons that that was opposition off of it
and I have the ball buchwald
more companies including some two hundred students and live in the Gaza strip his ideology
is close to that of Al Qaeda the city for example the Hamas Islamic and division and
some among others and of intend to control these groups especially in the current financial
that kind of thing that I know are starting to smoke treat the situation as a phenomenon
it's not widespread and is no form a significant presence in Gaza can't get out on a second
cup up
can handle of the twenty three movements like fact that they're innocent
larry lamotte Gaza would then be described as the president's us that the it was so therefore
that can fix it but nonetheless CSE drum up some names and titles but it's a political
influence is restricted
and let's not forget
and third it there are many names you could find some any fashion possible see for example
the PLO has about fourteen factions
and I was excited she has its own name but when you talk about that political organizational
wait a minute you have to face the facts and the truth is are the majority of people in
Gaza strip attend schools central Islamic force I think that also the understand it's
a group Hamas which needs Johnson and that the gulf this kind of ideology but because
they're going to sell the idea of them being any organization about going to in Gaza six
not because they are jihadist movement see them until it has close ties to Al Qaeda must
killed some of that he just recently a political party they may have the same ideas but the
renewal denies haitians come on the to help lead and also talking about quite willing
to take a step back
I have a couple of people without the typical more Palestinian President mahmud Abbas recently
met US President in an attempt to revive indirect peace negotiations what's house's position
on this
one of the four but that will rest of us for being with me but I recognize nations which
lost its eighteen years and not for any results said
we'll call girl kristen thousand direct negotiations that it for four months it did not sell a
lot of any issue and that affected his life and I mean the problem it was used as a refugees
states government employees
my that are acting on the indirect negotiations can lead to real result was in the shadow
of Israeli intransigence
we have a reason for announced spoke on his visit to the united states about the willingness
of the Palestinian authority to have nato forces stationed in palestine what happened
in the first stages of the state's violation and how do you see such statements
but the but the winner
it's called cabinet result we need a state with a full sovereignty incomplete the freedom
to speak in the Palestinian people have to run a country without any foreign intervention
acquitted city
to contribute to that