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Hello and welcome to the Monday Show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show, it's just me talking about
some of the stuff that mattered in the news to me
starting with something more shocking than
Michelle Bachmann's face
she really does look shocked to be on
the cover of Newsweek
that's a fanatastic cover
good job Newsweek, but today we start off
with our first story about OutKast's own
Big Boi was arrested for drug possession
as he got off a boat
What, rapper arrested for drug possession?
next thing you're going to tell me a politician going to
have sex with a young boy, dammit
that is redonkulous
and I don't even say things like redonkulous,
except always because it's hilarious
but yeah the slightly less half of OutKast
was found with ecstasy
some MDMA and a bunch of viagra
that sounds like a party
that he will no longer have
but hey Big Boi was cool to see you in the news again
tell Andre 3000 I said what's up
then we move on to guy stuff
I found something this morning that made me kind of angry
turns out George Clooney has been tagging
Stacy Keibler, what?
Dear George Clooney,
stop having the most baller ass life of all time
makes me feel bad about myself
I mean George Clooney just left one of his longest lasting
relationships of all time
and then it was like he just woke up one day and he was like
"Who does everyone want to have sex with
I'm going to put myself inside her"
and he just does it, George Clooney
is just on his way to being a way less creepy
version of Hugh Hefner, but what people are saying
is that George Clooney is now leaving Stacy Keibler
because she let it slip that she was with George Clooney
and now the Clooninator is on the loose again
so gentleman, hide yo kids
hide yo wives, because George Clooney is putting it in
everything up in here
and then I was going to talk about the Teen Choice Awards
but I was really distracted by Tyra Banks
why would you buy this outfit?
it looks like you were the older, slightly out of shape
last minute edition to the X-Men
who told you that was a good idea?
and Tyra part of me loves you because you went on stage
and you were like "Girls you're beautiful,
you're beau-" but look, people were like
what are you wearing? between that and
Cameron Diaz's oddly muscular physic
and Justin Bieber essentially molesting
Selena Gomez on camera every 3 seconds
I was finding it very hard to masturbate to
what? that's a weird thing say, moving on
and I wonder why we don't have many sponsors
but guys, dick jokes aside
there was a lot of serious stuff that happened over the weekend
one of the hardest hitting, soul-crushing events
that happened over the weekend
was when a Team Six helicopter was shot down
of course Seal Team Six sounds familiar
because it's part of the team that went in
and killed Osama Bin Laden
and of the 30 troops that died that day
22 of them were from Seal Team Six
none of the men who died were on the Osama Bin Laden operation
but considering how few Seals were over there
US has described this with one word
and that word is unbearable
it came as a huge hit and from reports
it was just a lucky shot
it wasn't any crazy new Taliban weaponry
it was just one Taliban fighter, 150 yards from the helicopter
helicopter was taking off, he shot it
it was unguided and just happened to hit
US saying that many Taliban usually fire
but rarely do they actually hit
and ultimately while this hurts so much
it's not a game changer, but before we move on
my thoughts and thanks to those soldiers who died
and their family friends who cared about them
definitely a sad day
and of course we move on to our final story of the day
which is also part of our special segment:
What the Fuck London Type People??
and incase you have not noticed
London has been rioting
and a lot of stories have come out about
why this happened, who's doing it now
but let's just kind of break down the major consensus
riots stated at North London after news
that a 29 year old by the name of Mark Duggan
was shot by police, Mark was apparently
the center of an investigation on a shooting
then during the investigation
Mark allegedly shot at an officer
missed, officer shot back, didn't have the same problem
killed Mark on the spot
so them a protest march was organized by Mark's family
which soon turned violant
people saying that the march turned violant
because rumors came out that the police had beaten up
a teenage girl and they were already together
so they're like "Let's burn some shit!"
and burn some shit they did
and of course the looting and the attacking of the police
and I think as of recording this
35 officers have been injured
over 160 people have been arrested
and ultimately I was shocked
people rioting over something other than a sports event?
one: talk about misplaced priorities
but two: the worst thing about a riot
is the people that started the riot usually
get bored about half way through
luckily there are people that really like fires
and big screen TV's to keep that shit going
Mark's family said they do not condone the actions
and please not to make this riot about his brother
but once again I got to say these riots are stupid
it's like being angry at someone else and then
punching yourself and your friends in the face
why would you burn your own city?
I just, I don't get it
so main point, if you're in London, please be safe
the riots seem to just keep spreading to different neighborhoods
also thank you to those
of the Nation who have been sending in pictures
but please if you have a choice to cover the events
or be safe somewhere else, please be safe
crazy, crazy stuff
but guys that's going to take us to our question of the day today which is:
Do you think it'll ever be creepy that George Clooney bangs
all those young girls? Or is he just that smooth?
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but guys that's it for today's show
as always my name is Philip DeFranco
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and I will see you tomorrow