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Taking the chicken ginseng soup dumpling he chose
Towards kitchen Go Go
Kind hearted son Relieving mom's hard work
Putting in dumplings prepared by T-ara moms into the soup!
Will...it be cooked?
When will it be cooked?
Next one, Boram mom's dumpling into water
Whos one is this?
Qri's one
What to do about Hwayoung's one~
If Hwayoung's one put inside, the water will flow out...
Cannot put Hwayoung's one inside
T-ara mom's own made dumplings All in the soup!
Should be delicious~
What to with Hwayoung's one?
In the end, Hwayoung mom's dumpling caused problem...
So pity...
Dont put in. Cannot put in~
It will become stiff...
Then steam it and eat. Feel like want to steam it to eat~
Then how about the chicken inside?
Is there really chicken inside?
But we didnt buy chicken isnt it?
What kind of taste is T-ara mom's noodles soup taste like?
Recently, because our children had became closer with us
The closer we get the more exciting the joke they make
Vin also hate~ He hit mom just now
Just joing only~
What kind of joke should i make next~
He looked like the Joker in the Dark Knight~
Correct,I am T-ara family's Troublemaker
During this time, Maden started up walking poses
Mavin started his violence move again?
Noone are able to stop Mavin's violence act
Mavin's sudden attack action to his brother!
The moms are shocked seeing Mavin's sudden action!
Shocking is just temporary, attacked Qri mom together with strange sound!!
The moms became panic because of Mavin's sudden action
Unable to close the mouth!!
Because of Mavin's attack Crying out loudly in pain~!!
Did I do it overly?
Son ah, Dont cry
Feel a bit sorry seeing his brother crying
Brother, I am sorry~
Dont cry anymore~
Maden unable to ignore the crying Mason
Seemed like I have to comfort him
Dont cry anymore
Got hit one punch
Get lost
Thanks for working hard...
Return safely to Hwayoung mom~
Mavin, Hate~!!
Hate Mavin
Son ah dont cry
Hiding away because feeling bad...
I didnt do it on purpose
Feeling down because of Mason's tears
Mavin, I will not forgive you
Dont understand my heart at all
Hyung(Brother), I am sorry
T-ara moms feel that the actions of these 2 brothers are cute
Unable to stand right infront of brother
Because Brother's crying unable to stop
Slowly hiding his face
Soyeon mom decided to deal it herself
Its alright Its alright...
What to do~ Dont have tears
Inside Son's eyes dont have tears
Theres only one in this whole world
Our Mason is not crying~
Just dancing with mom~
He is enjoying~
Following Soyeon mom's singing
Oh! Mavin went out and came back already?
Mason is gone!
Lets go eat something delicious
The moms working hard to comfort Mavin who made his brother cried
Giving attention
Try to find Mason then~
Mavin finally looked at Mason's direction
Please give some care to our Mason~
Feel ashamed because of crying too much in front of his younger brothers
Still unable to come out from Soyeon mom's clothes
Still awaiting Mason not angry
Come here~ Mavin
Mavin unable to go forward
Asking the hesistated Mavin to come Mavin: Mavin its alright. Come here quick
Running happily towards Soyeon mom who is holding Mason
Mavin begging for a reconciliation
Brother, I am sorry
Our Mason not crying anymore~
His frozen heart is slowly melting
Hyung not angry anymore?
Mavin calmed down
Feeling awkward because angry for too long
In order to prevent this awkwardness Mason started joking
Not even letting go when Mason facing wall
Upgrade becoming "(I dont know the name of flower)" game (Kind of like cannot move when he see back like in earlier episode
T-ara moms this kind of feeling~
Mason still abit shy
Wait until he willing to play this game
The moms know how to take care of people
Mason got caught~
Once again Creating chance for going beside his brother
Go touch him and come back
Because of Mason hyung said "Dont" he stopped
What to do...
Mavin, you moved~
Got caught by Mason Requesting for help~
Escape first...
Didnt move abit How can you do something to Vin ah...
Mavin, you moved~
Runnig towards Mason hyung
Even after falling down still stand up like tumbler
I wont provoke my brother in future
Yes, lets not fight in future~
Brothers, I will listen to you all also~
We are the 3 brothers that have good relationships
Next week
T-ara family welcoming Chinese new year
Changing into Traditional korean clothings!
Moms trying to perform old drama
Chinese new year song cannot be missed out
Soyeon mom speech on Lucky money(money received from parents)
Wish you all have a lot of blessings for new year
Mason bowing!
Some kind of game played on chinese new year (I dont know the name. Sorry)
Fouled again
Kick again
Chinese new year Game battle
What happened to Boram mom...?
T-ara mom prepared
Present prepared for 3 Moon brothers
Pots that contain 3 Moon brothers names
Its time for farewell
Cant feel the reality...
That it really is time for farewell
T-ara mom's became silent
Next week Presenting the last story to everyone
Just like promised, we meet everyone again
MC Soyeon
MC Hyomin!
Everytime this is the most looking towards part
Isnt it cute?
Trying for second time As promised, we meet everyone again
MC Soyeon
Every fathers and moms must pay attention to today's contents
Ever experience shedding of hair? (I not sure is shedding right word to use. Just simple is hair falling down)
While combing hair, washing hair
Even when the wind blow, the hair will also fall
In order to prevent such sad incident to happen
We, T-ara had prepared hair scalp massaging
Massaging the hair scalp will help to make the blood cycle around the head helping to keep healthy hair and hair scalp
Everyone please follow
Hair scalp massaging The first step Massage the hair scalp
Come! Follow together starting from now
If the one getting massage's hair is not very clean
Can put on towel or hat!
Hyomin seemed like dont wash her hair
Opened up 5 fingers Then use the finger tips to massage (Just translate it simplely)
If you love the one you massage, just use your energy to massage
Feel awaked suddenly
Do you feel that your hair is better?
Not only hair but effective until can even find back lost memory?!
Hyomin mom's head is going to be bounced out already
What is this? Shouldnt it be doing like this~
The second step GO~
Hair scalp massage Second step Hiting the hair scalp!!
Hitting the head slightly using the fingers
Using the Bo peep dance beats
Even the ending is perfect
Prepared two steps of massaging the hair scalp for today
Presented to everyone by Soyeon.Hyomin mom!
How do you feel about the hairscalp massage?!
Feel like regained conciousness
How about the hair?
Because of Mavin cuteness explodes? NG again
How do you feel about the massage?
Can regain conciousness?
Is it? Then what do you feel about the hair?
Hyomin feel like the head regain conciousness and also the hair is good too!
Next time please wash your hair before coming
Very good relationship
EVery family member friends colleague Doesnt matter you or me
Also can enjoy, Love hair scalp massage!!
Dont forget after the love hair scalp massage
Dont forget to have a big hug
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