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wait to see
palace turns out they're going to do you have
uh... yes i A
thrill but this is such a hard once predicted about another insurance are
among the seminar is sort of predict their their beloved brady that showed up
i think they just don't do it if there are no that's so weird because m_c_i_
was never loses band
it season three of the ideas already season
mc did not lose a single bass is free so far season for he did not lose a single
person three heated up all of the season three but that was because
uh... u_s_-led the oldest leviticus shadowed story as soon as we thought
but i think they're just going to do it but i am armistead predicts that if they
just dvp i love watching page and
as much a lot of c i think they do feel that they arrived friday five reactions
anne was going to pick mc and i said you know before aids before it is on our
cities as ever played before
uh... they have planned orbit played seven times in the past
in sees only one a single game again station
uh... and that that's not on separate bills they played against each other in
the chisel quarterfinal indices of our and see what the runner-up
and and seat tube updated three-to-two
inimical to you
that's because you worked at the international scene and that's green c
uh... too
that they would want seven meetings and non remix constants
now which is what the north american certainly is
uh... in seniors want only a single map off of david thank you for correcting
their cats important information
i agree with you i think it is is too hot right now now it might be
by b
unfair in situ say-so and i want that i want to see what i think it is a friend
of mine
i think he's awesome
uh... seasons business a independent reading statement house eleven cm and
joanne silberner
lori while little little bit of shenanigans he sees the cc first example
for three more i don't know so school because this is something i sometimes
and if you think of drawing but i really think you can do
some serious that what we do they can be very annoying but this is also quite a
commitment then
he would take a look at the mineral eye right now we cmc only with walt ropes
he's going to drop a semester pretty quick as well even those opposite
production they just got a spot that's right now already the show is that after
all the poorest cities but this is super important he really needs to have five
six as if he's right now the low growth
was exactly what he's going to do in c kilkenny and cvs is the real question
as it looks like you know that though
so thank you
stalactites cv almost falls but does not want someone love for the internal micro
from both of these players really
and misusing the mineral passes there on the news that his but itself discovered
and that's a very big problem
but they just about as if i told you at all there's a lot of and then there are
a she'll have stag
kids on a more rain and this is about again really complicated because i see
cell close dot
it's a really needs to complete if it doesn't complete up with the bigger
problem is as well as the follow-up and thus far below their call it a you know
what those sparkled
really is a poker but it's a bunker real real quick because it is not going to
get a bunker
uh... this is all good getting its free range from here over on the ramp
put themselves in a manner and let's talk this elephant just like the way you
get the bunker immediately of course this is stage or bunker has to go up and
it's really really hospital seasoning as probes back to work as a looming
orientation this whole time of already just four minutes and
we're getting examining what we all signed up for great uh... great fun here
in a moment
barker will be complete cabin so i just will should be complete yet will be
probably fine
so um... there's not really any chance the stockard in massive amounts of
influencing successfully delayed teenagers expansion
yes of course during all this we shouldn't forget it mc sacrifice quite a
few minerals over there as well
and it's a constrained by the way that they just barely lost in the
has to be a date it it's very well pulling bicycles these immediately
that's really what he needed to fill
what i also think it's a pretty interesting that
is how quick to judge a retarded to kiss refinery that's why we can or a
satisfactory being one of the whole point on and i would be surprised at all
but if we're going to see some how there's big drop but that's as
uh... that by the way prediction he might go for benches well cause he's
working off
the horrifying to me right now so i guess uh... bed she or even a float
thirty follow-up is more likely
but i think maybe a better that would somehow this would be very good too
that's going to be printed you know it's like you
inconsistencies adding some extra gateways
uh... dance easy but we have anything to have enough gasp cloak
back at me
a little bit troubling issues doesn't start of four gates are not
wears the figure out what i a line of my goodness
would be aggressive there about that but the u_s_ opportunity right now the but
only six uh... marines
means the acting right now
eat insects fish stopper taking a little bit too much damage
uh... will we see at first it worked and i think that you're going to bring the
units from the other side of this map is awarding is not the quite or two or
three pager
but it's gonna be so bad when his worries on the logo that was that also
that they're gonna get forced to live off
clustered bob kerrey's committing so much of his uh... stalkers help through
night will complete the
so that's good news for tasia
i'm not sure that one but the fact that that's what i'm afraid for as well i
think is bonkers gonna fall quite quick of mc goes for more paperwork pinto post
and sell wilson's vodka will fall on those marines will be able to
uh... go home safely
uh... yes his clothing she of course would be a superbly prose book as mc
might lose a lot of profile
all these data units each of you have to go broke
alaska's breathtaking is immediately evacuation of our top of his plan
realizing that there's virtually no chance of rain
nine a successful wallach has sacrificed all
i'll make it up with the bitchy it's it really make the correctable immediately
but i still don't think that these super saver the from but yes yet the liverpool
wally as one form for both at the end of a all for although the escrow firepower
is seven marines
and i think the moment as he's gonna see this budget domino even before that
you're going to try to post this second vanity serving any use defensively here
comes in c try to crash through the ramp
just take out one devoted does not supplied locked into the second evoke
all that well as the day that i don't have a great fortunes by and see
reacting meanwhile interactive over in the main base of uh... of mc clocks
still not ready basically for each other novels died it goes down the stairs all
part of all my gosh club dot spanish job at the same time mc still born on the
aggression the front second clubbing exploding out this will allow change it
to stabilize
well maybe not there's not much energy on that painting
well so that's quite a while you'd be surprised and
bill submitted a fall quite easy is well with the yellow so many s_u_v_'s already
but i think it's got all
yes he does he comes out of that with
warmer all you are taking the part of
worker to have tells the tale set in the states
many probes
but it just doesn't matter it's
fifteen s cvs to forty
roads and seen a come and then position
in what is left
for teh united options i don't think that he has an ego
just try to merece as much as possible i guess and try to practice game on a
little while longer
double or does pretty good both the overcoming
twenty seven workers that's free are they going to beat reporter for that
that putting its what they did open that during all this costume is almost
finishing off
and he's got to get to medivac soon
and this could be released it because
this is a very very then approaches are a bad there's no charge there's no place
because there's no calls as no high temp lark
we've seen crazy games like this have and we as we have uh...
standby with medivac support there's not really much moves easily
as as well
while patients taking it
horrible with uh...
three-fourths of unfortunate pile on debt as a result was a part of the fire
will fall to assault defined by the position for a job you're watching
he's not gonna be
shot down s along dropped wrote to live with for people
during all that but the still dropping additional comments on the without a
fourteen of cities
drop some of these documents at the i'm really blown away so far about both
these guys have played his game
before but there is so much trouble uh... detective easily david hale the
or find another article like a turnaround socio mike tyson trial
bothers is really scary right outside of sarajevo what is your money yes
rising at a start-up principal and our moral looks like he's got a false
takaful that led to the party
but this damned bio
lindsey barely hanging on
method that will get shot down to table is one of those units of server with a
live it up to this it is but you still have it but they are in seattle benefits
as well with an observer
while really great game so far
and avoid becoming the law forces already vetted forty-five against thirty
it's going to beat reporter to win uh... roughly fifteen seconds nificantly
different set of circumstances and you consider having the
avian huge around meals from re command centers for what i think it's a reported
that is that mc's army is still not significantly improved
it did not get any stronger stage on those his as well stage in those that
this is a pretty simple
pros audience is going to try to post it right now
he might win a game but if he does and i think it's game over if they don't go to
win three bunkers and matter fact daughters and marines that's what stands
between seen victory in game number one
patiala roses or susan is right now it's just all about
this one defenses there
any chance that you get enough units out
is a very very few units just above the door but some time with a mortal that's
so awesome in development and sees almost certainly innocent for zealots
into the main
and i'll be just one more big headache dictation
will not be able to deal with the family dynasty goofing something like that
now ford sat at four thousand reproduction but i really think it is
just go on while beckwith everything it is going to put to use
for much longer i think that you know that i never have an advantage it
sixty-three against thirty seven august my right now they just itching for me
and see
as he does in the dancing around and saw the bronco shake up his mind using a
back our emails also his agency
making the first true mistake of this entire game from either player is fall
for for that right now
but just know that does not resolve greats product also i guess uh...
but i think it's going to for us but
wavelength because he was a different kind of rough
no idea what he's thinking
forty-three supply and install a reserve for their put this evening a
thirty thirty five hours for this army like right now i feel
if they will fight within thirty seconds of a fair fight physician with
in sean's not
thrown down a templar archives it like he said his upgrades
very very slow he just doesn't have
really anything
that is particularly strong against bio or reloading his but so far and i'm so
glad that it did'nt like very quickly
they did is made so many articles like immediately affect waiting to sponsor
running the race the height of how many times we've done done i can i can only
think of one
and that is that that is flash course flash
day mesti the god of deserved flash the god of tehran l philadelphia protesters
are the only player to ever be able to make snap calls like that
claims he is going to be a little bit of a rest
with some salads
warping a few more but i guess he feels like you have to
yes papa terminal because observer
has to be careful balance his army is still not a lot better it doesn't allow
for so-so
that compile a little bit of time in a moment link is ready
they doubled to be able to pick up those units apply away because of mc goes for
a fourth a proactive me about this is headline product is not attached
this is a big fight
tub before school students even schedule audience for free having health wealth
disinvest at the same time or use their own the main base of of change it but
the net effect is targeted down
did before please guys
their computers he's not doing these things one-at-a-time
listens to read it sounds like they have extra sets up and say gee all the way up
to sixty s cities right now does that all the supplies still favoring mc book
can you really be aggressive with only blinkers all of the world a better
person with the use of the
completely separated from the main army occasion some of the problem active on
the development of a fantasy is used in a belief down into the third base he
says yes i can be aggressive in it doesn't matter what i have
highs and get a lot more work
skills i already said weakly committed now to get a tax with positions over
who potentially drops off for a few
three forces
four steals
walk up a few moments in the army
weekly traffic getting hopes perhaps even sneak out the fact that is an
want nothing out on the map is just trying to i'd slate lockdown this army
conceiving off
in c is finishing up a storm
rawhide heights and part of individuals
isn't bio i meet they tell you cannot let the thought is that here we go
behind ceases gotta go
foreign pushing out there
all the way he came in drops in defense of course will
i don't think he's got a nice off a whole take out the covered as well
uh... you reserve
pretty clutch four skills by incentive to get away with most army's offer to
pick up a couple of minutes
hesitation maybe miss round as i'm not sure what that was all about while
cannot believe it and she came out of that the way to the theater i recall it
was going to be super trapped
and the defense he was gonna open singles yes you're right out the way you
feel are less fortunate for other veterans parents here comes the starting
line great stormont opting not across the back of the media page is a
hit chased asia
uh... dodges the second half of what those storms unilateral
it's almost over and see if the capital to what started all the change it
one of the uprising feet those storms at that point is i mean
jews softened up in new york tom clancy
very many selasa now i a m
potter's big blowup in in the main base as well and see making a lot of right
filtering out of the forty eight p
hitting a couple of center stage on him and kits
called killer play it for me or require places i'd hate you know what a
fantastic first game exactly what we wanted
concrete we announced this one
uh... excess of illegal aliens from beginning to end that is a
data that is worthy of the title writings matched look forward to i'm
gonna have to step back and say i was wrong about the issue about the issue
for spat was a little bit more exciting
again brought to you guys
by uh...
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critically break game ever to be n c tasia when we get back i can at least