White Bread = Death! [Epipheo.TV]

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Whenever we talk about the foods we eat, the conversation eventually turns to bread, or
good carbs and bad carbs.
So we sat down to talk with nutrition speaker and writer, J. Stanton.
So J., what is bread?
When you're looking at a bagel or a loaf of bread, what you're really looking at is a
little chunk of gluey indigestible, and nutritionally incomplete protein, some crumbled up pieces
of a multi-vitamin pill, and a giant ball of sugar.
That's not necessarily a bad thing because we have to have a certain amount of sugar
in the blood stream at all times or our brain cells die, but the flip-side of that is that
we don't want too much sugar in our bloodstream either because that's toxic in the long term.
Right. We all know too much sugar is bad, but bread is still pretty healthy, right?
I mean, don't our bodies know that bread is healthier than, say, candy?
Absolutely not, they don't. By the time we digest it, it's all the same. It's all sugar.
What you're doing is your substituting one form of sugar for a slightly better, camouflaged
version of sugar. There's this number called the glycemic index which tells you essentially,
"How fast is the sugar in this food absorbed?" And what you find out when you look it up
is that Skittles and white bread and even whole wheat bread all have about the same
glycemic index. You're absorbing the sugar in the bread just as fast as your absorbing
the sugar in the candy.
So then, what should we be eating instead of processed foods, like bread?
We should be eating whole foods and my rule of thumb for that is food does not have ingredients
- food is an ingredient. Ya know, meat. Ingredients: meat. Spinach. Ingredients: spinach. If it
comes in a box, it's probably not food. If the bacteria won't eat it, ummm, maybe you
ought not to. Bread is like the Casual Friday of food. It's not healthy, but it's not a
treat either. My advice? Stick to real food and real treats.
J., this has been pretty eye opening. I know am never gonna look at bread the same way
If you want to learn more about J.'s thoughts on nutrition, just visit gnolls.org.
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