Best Biceps Bicep Workout Best Exercise for Big Biceps and Big Arms

Uploaded by vicsnatural on 24.09.2012

OK Guys i want to do a little bicep demonstrations today because
everybody wants to know about biceps and everybody wants big arms
here is a simple exercise for getting big biceps
you can either use a straight bar or dumbbells
but let's use dumbbells for now
We'll do a barbell tutorial another time.
so for now let's use dumbbells
and we are going to do a simple curl
But first
I like to get my mind ready , play a little game
This is fun
I like to think about pulling the weights up
before i actually start pulling them up
so i think about them pulling up and this idea and thought
help me connect with my biceps
then i want to gesture as if I am pulling up
very slowly
You are pulling without moving
that's the trick
then I am going to hold the weights and think about pulling up
this combined with the gesture of moving makes my arm come alive
My hands are very relaxed
Believe it or not, that's the key to the exercise
this is how i do my body building this is how i did my training and this is why
i think it's really effective , first you think and then you pull
now, we are almost ready to start pulling
lean back a little
weight is further away form my body if I lean back
this makes it harder but I like it
now we start pulling
very slowly
when I stop is the point that I feel the weights most
and then down slowly
try it again, think , then pull up again
very slowly , lean back
up yet
lean back a little , not too much
hands relaxed
and then start pulling up really slowly
this will make light weights feel heavy
very very heavy
It's a healthy way to exercise
your biceps
The most important part is the beginning
it is a small exercise, not much movement , like this
move the weight
to feel a full contraction
you don't have to come up all the way like this
it is not necessary
it is more effective to do a smaller movement
The smaller movement feels better
I know this is a bit challenging , but you will like it
I promise
one more time, hold the dumbbells,
keep your hands relaxed
Again, think about the weights coming up first
remember to use your mind
lean back slightly
remember to keep your hands relaxed
pull up very slowly
do 10 of these and you will feel it
it feels great and is very effective
I pay a lot of attention to this and it can be annoying to you
but I want these videos to be valuable
Thank you
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and be well all the best in good health
peace love and muscles take care