Mini-Bikini Prank!

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From the TV. show "Que Locura!"
Man: Let's see the producer she decides on who to cast. Here, let me introduce you to our executive producer for the TV show.
Karina: Hello, Karina Salaya. It's a pleasure.
Woman: Nice to meet you.
Man: You are trying some bikinis...
Karina: oh really? I'm super full!
Man: Don't worry! Are you Medium or Small?
Karina: Small. The smallest one you have.
Man: Let's try this one.
Karina: Is that Small?
Man: Yes. They are all small, those were chosen for the show. Go ahead.
Karina: It's a bit big don't you think? It should be smaller in the front.
Woman: No. That's fine. Those are the ones selected. Just try it out.
Voice Over: Wow!
Man: That one looks great!
Karina: You like it?
Man: Yes.
Man: Need some help?
Karina: yes please.
Voice Over: God! Don't do that!!
Man: Ok. Ready.
Voice Over: Oh my God!
Woman: This is the first one that has a tan. All the other ones were pale. Just you and another girl tanned.
Karina: They were to pale?
Woman: yeah they forgot to sun bathe or something.
Man: Can you spin a little bit? Yeah that's it just turn around.
Voice over: God! Somebody call an ambulance!
Man: It's good you dance because the show is going to have a lot of music.
Woman: yeah, there will be bands and lots of people...
Karina: So we'll be shaking it!
Woman: Well, she is kind of short. I don't know if we can get her in some high heels or something.
Voice Over: Liar! She is perfect just like that!
Karina: Yes I could wear some heels...
Woman: yeah that is fixable but I see her a bit fat too.
Karina: WHAT? That's crazy.
Woman: For the type f girls we are looking for she is fat. She has too much breast and too much derrière
Woman: We are looking for something simple you know?
Woman: For what we are trying to do you look very... grotesque.
Man: Wait Karina. Maybe with another Bikini? you want to try that?
Karina: But if she doesn't like it I better leave.
Man: no, no, no. You were sent here right?
Woman: You said you were working with Vladimir right?
Karina: Yes. In fact I just finished a project with him and he didn't find me "grotesque"
Karina: I might be different and voluptuous. I got great breast and butt but I'm hot.
Woman: maybe so, but not for my show.
Karina: yeah well, it's a matter of personal taste I guess.
Woman: It bothers me that I told Vladimir what I was looking for and he sent this woman.
Karina: Don't worry I can just leave and that's that.
Man: Calm down now.
Woman: I am calmed. I’ve been since 9am here. Vladimir told me he would send the best girls and now...
Man: let me help you. That looks great.
Woman: She is going to make that bikini explode.
Karina: That mirror makes you look super fat.
Man: Nonsense! Spin around. Dance a bit... It wiggles a bit but it can be fixed with a few gym sessions.
Karina: hahaha, you're so silly.
Woman: Yeah, definitively she won't do it. What works works, and she doesn't work.
Man: what is it that you don't like? Her Tattoo?
Woman: No. It's her body. I don't think is good for the project.
Man: But is it her hair? the look?
Woman: No Her body just won't work for the project!
Karina: So it's a pass. No problem!
Man: But wait a second. You can't treat her like that either.
Karina: And I'm not going to beg for a part either...
Woman: Just put your clothes back on and leave.
Karina: Don't you talk to me like that please. Like I'm nothing. I don't care if you are tired or frustrated.
Karina: You are just say no no no and being disrespectful. You can say things in a nice way.
Woman: Don't disrespect me please!
Man: Maybe we can change her hair color....
Karina: I don't have to change anything for no one. Much less being treated like this!
Woman: How am I treating you?! You come here waste my time and in top of that talk about manners!
Karina: You have terrible manners and i don't care about your show.
Woman: I don't care about you either.
Karina: Why Don't you try the bikini?! Stupid.
Woman: I'm not an actress
Karina: Oh no? Well then maybe you should shut up and stop criticizing everyone's body. Or you thing you are the [Censored]?
Woman: it's not my fault your body is....
Karina: What! Just shut up. You don't even know about aesthetics or what a good body looks like.
Karina: If you want a body like mine you'll have to die and born again.
Karina: So shut your mouth and learn your place!
Woman: Please sweetie just leave.
Karina: I am going! DON'T TOUCH ME!
Karina: Stay away from me and don't touch me.
Woman: Don't push me and do not disrespect me!
Karina: So don't be touching me!
Woman: Put that finger away. And just go.
Man: Why don't you calm down...
Karina: No, you shut up too and ....
Woman: OK enough. Come here...
Say hello to the camera. Welcome to "Que Locura!"
Voice Over: We got you! We got you!
Man: Bravo Karina!
Karina: [Laughs].... [CENSORED]
Voice Over: You are so hot girl!