Entrevista exclusiva com Mondragon assinando seu contrato com o UFC.

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What's up guys, we from Belem Fight and MMAtube are here with
Geronimo Mondragon, the newest signing of the UFC. It's an honor to be here with him.
So tell us, how does it to feel to be a part of the world's greatest MMA organization?
Oh boy, i'll be honest with you, first of all, good night everyone, man,
i'm so anxious that i couldn't sleep yet, i just had dinner and i couldn't
sleep yet. It feels really good, i've waited a long time for this, only God knows
how long, the people that follow and support me, my family, my friends, my fans saw
what i've been through, i've fought with a broken foot, a broken hand. I had some
very tough moments, now it's my time to shine, i'll give my best to be a good
representative for Belém do Pará.
Ok. How do you evaluate the UFC's heavyweight division?
There's a lot of good, talented guys, and it's a great honor for me to be
amongst the best in the world. I'll do great job in there.
How long have you been negociating with the UFC?
It's been around... six months now. I've been waiting for an answer, and thank God
everything worked out well, the contract is right here in my hands, and now it's
time to put my hands on those guys. Heavy hands.
So you're expectations are the best, right? Since you're fighting "Napão"...
Yeah. It's a guy that has been around for a while. A guy recognized in the world
of MMA, with lots of wins. It will be a pleasure for me. I imagined i'd be making
my debut against another debutant, but they decided to give me "Napão" right away,
so it's fine for me, 'cause if i beat him, i climb, like, five steps in the ladder already.
So, you're coming off a nice 12-fight winning streak...
No, 18.
18-fight winning streak?
Yeah, on sherdog it shows a 12-fight winning streak, but i had a bunch of
fights that aren't there. So i'm riding a 18-fight win streak, 18 knockouts.
So you're expecting to knock "Napão" out in the UFC?
I do. That's my game. I won't say "Oh, i'll go to the ground with him, i'll do this
and that". No, everybody that knows Mondragon and have watched my fights, my work,
knows that if one shot connects, bye bye.
How important are Alex Davis and Apoema in your career's recent rise?
What happened is that Apoema made the connection between me and Alex. I'm very
grateful, he's being my advisor, taking care of everything for me, thanks to him
and Alex i'll have this fight in the UFC, and i'm also with Samir Nadaf, who's my
second manager, a great businessman from Manaus, and he got a lot of sponsors for me.
You've already fought Junior "Cigano" dos Santos, who's the UFC's heavyweight champion.
You had him in some bad spots in your fight, but ended up losing. Do you plan
on fighting him again?
No, i think about one thing at a time. Right now, i'm focused on "Napão". That's
not even up for me to decide, Dana White decides those things. Right now, my fight,
my focus, is on "Napão".
You had a lot of fights in the last couple of months, and that shows great conditioning.
What's your secret?
Man, the secret is hard training. I do my fitness workout at Greco Forma in the morning,
then i go to Ulisses Pereira's gym to work on my wrestling and ground game with
Illiarde and "Capim". For those who doesn't know, Illiard is the #1 ranked BJJ
fighter in Brazil. He's working on my jiu-jitsu, "Capim" is working on my wrestling.
In the stand up, i'm working my boxing with Ulisses Pereira, and muay thai with "Agulha".
You're from Feira de Santana, Bahia, but adopted Belém as your hometown. How long have you been
living here, and why did you chose to stay?
I've come to Belém for a fight, i had a fight scheduled here. There, i've met
two brothers, owners of a gas station franchise, and began to work for them as
a bodyguard. After one of them died, i quit my job as a bodyguard and decided to
make a living out of fighting. What happened is that the public from Pará embraced me,
i got sponsors there, in Bahia nobody believed in me. I've been through some
tough moments, people close to me knows this, and the public here embraced, they
greet me when i pass by on the streets, they wish me good luck, so i'm here in Pará now,
and i'll carry Pará's flag with me to my fight in the UFC.
Do you have a background in any martial art?
Do you have any friends in MMA? And who would you like to fight?
My friends?
Man, i have a lot of friends, but i'll be in trouble if i forget to mention
one of them, so i think it's better not to, but i have a lot of friends.
Allright, and who would you like to fight with?
Everybody knows that i had a fight with "Cigano", and i was doing good, but he
busted my eyebrow open and the doctor stopped the fight. If you guys watching haven't watched
that fight, just search for "Junior Cigano x Mondragon" on youtube. See it for yourself
and tell me what you think. About what i've done to Cigano.
Ok. And there's any fighter that you wouldn't fight?
No. That doesn't work for me. When i step into the cage, no matter who they put
in front of me, i step up.
Since it's been a while that you've moved up here, do you cheer for any of Pará's
soccer clubs?
You bet, i'm a "Papão" (nickname for Pará-based club Paysandu SC) fan.
Allright, since we've drifted away from the fighting subject, what's your
favorite food from Belém?
Yes, i like, how's it called? The tucupi chicken. I love it. And there's açaí,
of course, i like it a lot too. By the way, i wanna thank one of my sponsors, an
açaí brand.
Ok, Mondragon, we from MMA no Face (facebook group), Belem Fight and MMAtube
would like to thank you for your time, and we wish you the best of luck in your
upcoming fight.
No, i thank you guys. You are the ones that put our names out there. I'm very
grateful, thank you very much. Don't miss it folks, October 13th in the UFC,
Mondragon, hard hands.
Can you please say a few for your fans from MMA no Face? The guys are big fans of yours.
I wanna thank everybody at MMA no Face, don't miss my fight, and you guys are the #1 MMA website of Pará.
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