The British Wrestler (Part 3/4)

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GRADO: Hello.
GREG: Hello, is that you, Grado?
GRADO: Is that you, Greg?
GREG: It is , aye.
GRADO: Hey, you're live on fucking, you're on a
GREG: That's really good, Grado.
Right, see that Red Lightning?
See if you don't kick his ass in it.
I'm telling you, I'm going to come up and fucking rag doll
him right out of ring for you, pal.
DAVEY: This is Grado?
GREG: This is Grado, Davey.
This is the one I'm telling you about.
DAVEY: Well, boot that fucking Red Lightning
right in the balls!
GREG: Grado!
GRADO: Grado!
GREG: Grado!
GRADO: It's Grado.
GREG: Hey, get to that cunt today, by the way.
GRADO: Aye, I will do.
I will do.
This is the Salt Cot where I'm going to be getting my Grado
hat off my mate.
There's a space to park.
You alright?
MALE SPEAKER: Who's that in here?
GRADO: I'm a professional wrestler.
You never heard of me, Grado?
MALE SPEAKER: Come on over, I want to talk to you.
I hope it's not on Crimewatch UK.
GRADO: Are you opening back up the Metro?
GRADO: This is the most popular nightclub in Ayrshire.
But it's been shut down.
But this guy's gone and opened it back up, haven't you?
MALE SPEAKER: Cost me 90 grand.
GRADO: Is that how much it's going to cost you?
There's a lot of work to be done inside.
GRADO: Here, you want to put on a wrestling show when it
opens back up?
MALE SPEAKER: Well, I can't promise you.
GRADO: I'll come back down tomorrow morning.
You should be here tomorrow morning?
MALE SPEAKER: I'm here seven days a week.
GRADO: Ideal mate.
MALE SPEAKER: I've been here 10 years.
GRADO: 10 years?
GRADO: Right, I'm away anyway my man, right?
MALE SPEAKER: You nervous?
GRADO: Am I nervous?
I'm like that.
Check this out.
MALE SPEAKER: That's for him for later, yeah.
Here, you want to just take that now?
GRADO: You think I'll need these?
GRADO: Go shout, we want Grado.
GRADO: We want Grado!
Send it.
Let's do this.
I'll see you tonight.
What time are you going to be there at?
MALE SPEAKER: Hey, I'm going up at
about four-ish or something.
GRADO: Don't work too hard, mate.
MALE SPEAKER: See you later.
GRADO: See your later.

My girlfriend thinks that I think that I'm famous.
She's always like, just because you've put up a couple
of YouTube videos doesn't mean you say you're the man.
You think you're famous.
'Cause I'll say to her listen, honey, I'm a Z-lister.
I'm a Z-list celebrity, by the way.
You know what I mean?
She's like all right, give us a break.
My girlfriend doesn't even tell her
family that I do wrestling.
She was that affronted.
She was embarrassed, mortified.
She just doesn't like the idea of me in a leotard, jumping
about and kidding and fighting,
which is fair enough.
She hates wrestling.

See, going to Glasgow is like going into London for me, do
you what I mean?
This is like--
I mean, look at Glasgow now, man.
It's like still a buzz for me to go into Glasgow.
A lot of folk will think it's so stupid man, it's Glasgow.
But because I live next to the sea and live in a wee kind of
seaside town, you come into Glasgow, man, it's still a bit
of a buzz, do you know what I mean?
It's a bit of a buzz.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, it's Mark Dallas'
birthday, good friends.
FEMALE SPEAKER: So everyone's going to get really fucked up.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I'm the manager of Mikey Whiplash.
FEMALE SPEAKER: She's also a valet, so she comes on and
gets dirty.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I'm just her fan.
I'm the fluffer.
FEMALE SPEAKER: That's fluffing.
Here is real, the blood is real, the pain is real, the
sexy bits are real, it's making it for real.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Buckfast, cider and blood.
FEMALE SPEAKER: All about the balls.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Balls and boobs.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I like this.
FEMALE SPEAKER: ICW attracts the most crazy and the most
daring and individual of talents.
And we all get together and get sexy and kick the fuck out
of each other.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Why you rubbing my back when you could
be rubbing my tits?

DAVEY BOY: My name is Davey Boy.
WEE MAN: My name's Wee Man.
STEVIE BOY: Stevie Boy.
DAVEY BOY: And together we are The Bucky Boys.
The gimmick is, we're a couple of hard NEDs, a couple of
cheeky bastards from Glasgow.
A NED is a Non-Educated Delinquent.
Say, somebody that doesn't really pay
attention in school.
He more or less gets stoned, fights a lot at
weekends, gets jailed.
Just basically breaches the peace, causes trouble.
STEVIE BOY: We've got the Wee Man and all.
DAVEY BOY: This is the guy that started to do it, do you
know what I mean?
Like, singing his wee songs.
I loved them, they were amazing.
I used to sit there on MSN like, oh, fucking look
at this cunt, man.
This video's amazing.

DAVEY BOY: Oh, it was brilliant.
Honest to God, one of the best guys to manage.
WEE MAN: The Buckfast is a fortified wine.
I think because it's so highly caffeinated, that's why the
folk drink it.
STEVIE BOY: It's the "wreck the house" juice.
WEE MAN: So not only does it get you steaming, but it gets
you hyper as well.
DAVEY BOY: It's a very well-known drink in Glasgow.
A lot of your junkies, your alkies, your
NEDs, they drink it.
So Dallas decided because that was our gimmick with the NEDs,
he says you'll be called The Bucky Boys.
And we come out with a box of Bucky, we drink it, we get mad
with it while we wrestle, and that is the
best part about it.
WEE MAN: Well, I read somewhere that even though
it's brewed by Benedictine monks in Buckfast Abbey in
Devon, England, about 80% or 85% gets sent to Scotland.
They should be praying to us, not God.
You do get groupies.
DAVEY BOY: "Ring rats," is the Glasgow version for it.
Quasiomos, Sloths, you name it.
WEE MAN: They're not so much belles of the ball as those
that ring the bells.
DAVEY BOY: Ring rats sometimes get done.

It's like Sauchiehall Street, down there.
Right, this place is packing with clunge.
It's amazing.
We're the Bucky Boys, that's why we're all
dressed like NEDs.
And we're playing there tomorrow night.
We're going to go for a drink if you want to come with.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Where are you going?
DAVEY BOY: Anywhere we can get in with trackies.
STEVIE BOY: This is how you pull in Glasgow.
Tell lassies to go out and see your poster and then you slip
a pill in their drink, and fuck on.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, have you got that on camera?
DAVEY BOY: Yeah, they'll fucking believe us now.
There you go, look at that.
That's actually pretty good though.
DAVEY BOY: Have you got Facebook?
Hey, what's your name though?
I'll add you right now.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Will you take our names down
and we'll add you?
Thank you!
DAVEY BOY: My boys grow up so fast.
I'm going to fucking shag one of them.
Yeah, wrestling's fake alright.
We represent coming out, having a laugh, smashing
people's heads in, getting drunk.
I think a lot of people are like that.
So I think that's why when we come out, everybody loves us.
STEVIE BOY: I don't care who you are, what you say, what
your background is, everybody was a NED at one point.
You hung out at the park, you smoked dope, you drink.
You had a good time with your pals, you had a laugh.
I think it just kind of brings back
those memories to everybody.
Before you went into your working life and you were
working the 9-5, just doing the same
mundane piss every day.
All my family were NEDs, my brothers and
that were all NEDs.
A training center opened up literally two
minutes from my door.
And it just kind of gave me something to
channel myself into.
When all my pals were at house parties, getting steaming and
pumping bods and all that, I was traveling up
and down the country.
You hear your name getting called, then all of a sudden
the roof just comes off the place.
And you walk out there and you know that every single person
in there's paid a tenner to come and see you do what you
love doing.
I don't know, it's weird.
It's like you walk out in front of that crowd and I'm
not just that boy that came from Paisley,
I'm not just a nobody.
I'm literally a superstar, if you will.
I'm actually living my dream for that 10-15 minutes.
But wrestling definitely gets a bad name for all the drink
and drugs and all that.
But from my personal point of view, it literally saved me
from what would have been.