How to Swing Dance : Swing Dancing Combination Moves

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Hi! This is Ross on behalf of This is my partner Cindy. We are now going
to connect the moves together for you. Starting now in basic position we will dance either
in single or triple. The mood of the music, the speed of the music, the individual flavor
of the dancer, how they want to express themselves will determine those steps. What we will do
is we will go ahead connect the moves starting out with the underarm turn. Single-single
rock step, single-single rock step, underarm turn, exchange. She turns, he turns, basic
again. It is a good thinking step by trying to figure out what you need. Swing out and
exchange two belt loops, stop turning, that is around the horn, center in place there,
come back for basic, underarm turn, elbow turn, stop, spin, and now we are going to
take the hand here for the sweetheart. We are going to stop, spin and that is connecting
the moves.