Gönülçelen )) Episode 30 - Part 5/7 [English Subtitles]

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from where will I get him the money
from this.. take it
the only piece the thief left.. sell it and pay him
go on drink it.. It will make you feel better
we have to move out of this house.. it belongs to Levent
You just make up your mind for what is best for you
the rest will be easy
we can go and start a new life
wherever you want..
it's not the end of the world
I will work again.. We can rent a little flat
I'll work too
that would be enough for us
but as I said you think it over so you won't regret it later
I have thought a lot mom
Murat is the reason is he not?
I used to have hope before
At least he will hear me sing
See me somewhere
Know what I'm doing..
Maybe watch me secretly..
but now he is far away
I don’t want to sing songs he cannot hear mom
so did you didn't bring me a present from Paris?
I came back urgently.. I didn't have time
why did you come back so soon?
well some things didn't go well when I was away
I came to fix it
so you'll go back when you sort the problems out
I don’t remember saying such a thing
I see..
you went on a 2 days tourist visit to Paris
it wasn't like that at first
But then it turned out to be
seeing as it made you come back so fast
the reason must be very important
It is
I'm done with my e-mail
Aren’t you drinking your coffee?
I was waiting for you
I called you because I wanna organize a party soon
we must celebrate Murat's return
let's start the preparation now
when will the party be??
the date is not set yet
I have to talk to Ethem
but you two start all the preparations
I want unique food that no one had tasted before
don't worry Mrs. Nesrin
I'll make some cheese pastries..
I think you should come up with better idea Nakiye
think a bit more
I'll call my aunt.. she knows the traditional recipes
I'll call her now
so see you around..
see you
The situation ia that bad
unfortunatly Mr. Ethem
for not paying back the 5 million dollars credit on time
The bank froze all your accounts
it's obvious that all your assets are in danger
what will happen? how would I pay such an amount?
the bank must collect the money any way he can
I mean they'll put their hands on all your assets too
I will get the door
Is hasret here?
she's inside
I didn't call before coming.. I am sorry
oh no way.. come in..
I have a few things to do in the kitchen..
- you were in Paris - I am back
did the customs in our country change while I was in Paris??
Do you keep guests standing like this?
you are right..
Oh! Jetin
it's Murat Hoca's gift
the lighter one from Mr. Levent
I bought this for you.. a small gift
thank you
Is paris a pretty city?
maybe you should go and see for yourself
I think Istanbul is the most beautiful city
you sound like you have travelled the world
I have not travelled but I feel it
there can’t be a more beautiful city than Istanbul
I guess you're right.. But there still is not harm in travelling
you should visit Paris it's worth being seen
how will I travel? I have never gone abroad
It will be nice start
I am sure I will get lost abroad
you will get lost once, twice and then you will get used to it
will I go alone?
that will be up to you
I can't go alone
I'll have to have someone with me.. My mom or sister
Or someone else...
You see I can't live apart from the ones I love
me neither
Is this why you came back?
I missed Istanbul so much..
I think it's the most beautiful city in the world
when we are far away we learn even more how beautiful Istanbul is
yes and I said this to my friend in Paris too
so give me a good price for all of this
Ok.. let's see
Jetin, how are you?
I just saw you when I was passing by.. are you ok?
are you exchanging gold for money?
Where did you find all this gold? Was it heritage?
no no I am exchanging them for a friend.. They do not belong to me
what kind of friend is that? He must be a foolish person
no no he is great.. He knows what friendship is
you know we are childhood friends with Jetin..
we even peed on the same wall when we were kids
right Jetin?
what do I care about your childhood?
Are you selling this gold or not?
No I think I should have them back
I'll help you carry them
let's go Cobra..
let's go brother.. go on..
how lucky I was to find my friend aand I won't leave him
Is something the matter?
I came to speak to you about something..
I heard you are not going to do the album.
who told you?
that does not matter
You had promised me
You were going to work hard and become a good singer
I know
I wasn't able to
you will Hasret..
You already worked really hard on it..
you can't back down now I won't allow you
Now I want you to promise me again
But not like last time
I want a true promise
You will finish this album ok?
will you be near me?
I do not know
then there is no album
promise me you will be near me..
you won't go away to Paris again.. Promise me..
OK.. I promise
I'll always keep an eye on you.. ALWAYS
Then I promise to finish the album too
will we meet secretly from now on?
you know my dad
And I've already told you
We will have to meet secretly for a while
I am off I will be meeting Balçiçek, take care of the coffeeshop
Just great! Just what I needed
we can take care of the coffeeshop.. It is fun. Come let's go in
I will pour out the tea and you will serve it
I told you not to call me again.. idiot..
I will change my number because of you..
is he retarded or what?
what’s happened Sevgi?
It’s us..
I have news for you
I decided to finish the album
we can finish the recording in the studio
great! I am very happy
what do you think about this?
I am happy too
a good decision for Hasret
Not just for Hasret.. for both of you
glad to hear this
I think if you start something you have to finish it
It isn't good for both parties if this business is unfinished
oh you can be sure I will do my best
I am sure you will
Never mind.. I have to go to school
good luck
see you
why don’t you leave it to me
It did not suit you to pour out tea
are you calling me clumsy?
if you put so much of the brewed tea we will go bankrupt
bring some tea over here..
If your dad saw you do this, he would destroy this place
don’t remind me.. just take the tea..
yes master..
- Gülnaz, may God grant you good health - thank you
- may God grant you good health my flower - thank you
what did you do? Did you exchange the gold coin?
I have done better.. I found all of the lost gold
really? Where did you find them?
Jetin has them
Jetin has them?
Jetin stole our gold
hold him.. don’t let go of him
stay calm
I will crack your skull open
I have found a way for him to repent
no way.. just call the police so they can take him to prison
no cops.. no.. I will sort it out