Nail art french manucure one stroke / Hot to do one stroke french mancure nails

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 09.07.2010

Hello I will show you the tutorial of this nail art
It is pretty easy: it is a one stroke with acrylic paint
I take an angled and flat brush
Wet it with water and wipe it
Then I take two colors of acrylic paint: pink and white
So as for the one stroke I will dip one side of the brush in white and the other half in pink
And then I'll just draw a bias line
And I do again overlapping lines. I'm doing right, left, right, left
If you prefer colours more mixed together, made lines on a piece of paper to better mix colours.
I like it when you see the difference between pink / white
Then I draw lines with a liner with a silver glitter brush
Here I add a stud
With the top coat and some small dot beside
Then, for the glitter mix I make a mini French in top coat and I'll sprinkle my mix of glitter on top . And now it's over!