[GMod] Heavy Birthday - Part 2

Uploaded by CreativityZone on 13.02.2011

The Heavy is trying my patience!
This is unacceptable!
The world's fattest man just went mad.
That Heavy was real good, maybe even the best. Now he's a traitor and teamkiller.
I don't think those toys are that bad.
Now that I remember ...
Bloody hell! Leeeeet's dooo iiiiiii....
Huh?! Wah?!
Ahem! Gentlemen, please!
Let us see what the Scout can get, ...
... then we will take Heavy's precious toy and send it to the moon!
Hahahahaaa!!!! hahahahaha!!!
You gotta be kiddin' me!
He's ... he's like a fat fat! He's like a big fat bald ass that hates Scouts!
There's no way we gonna get that thing!
Well, on to plan B!
Whatever plan B is ...
Sniper, I'll take your van.
What is love? Words like ass cause you're a french toast!
You got the money?
But of course, what did you expect?!
Looks clean, ...
*sniff* *sniff* ... doesn't smell, ...
... sounds legit!
Shall we, ... partner?
Ok then, here's what you'll need.
I suddenly feel like taking a break for ... 20 minutes?!
I appreciate your help!
Woah dude, look at these funneh faces, they so epic!
Yeah, so funneh I make epic machinima with Movie Maker to YouTube, LOL!
ROFL, you said lol!
Hey, I've got an amazing idea: let's put thrusters on the ragdolls!
Look, someone's visiting our fort!
I am Heavy Weapons Guy and I destroy coward toys!
You silly, this server is protected, you can't do ...
Uh, what the fuck man?!
Oh mah god, you killed ..::$uper1337h4XXX0rK1ll498::..!
You haxxor!
Ahahahaha! Keep crying, baby! Ahahahaa!
*Nom* YouTube is delicious!
Urgh! Too many copyrights!
Hey ya, I need some help in here!
I'm too big a man for this little closet!
Yo, mah boi, ya got some shitpaper?
Let's do this!
Sasha, I'm coming! Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Ah, this makes me moist!
... and I lived happily ever after. The end!
Go to hell, wanker!