İstanbul'un Kuşçuları (Birdmen of Istanbul)

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This bird sickness is huge.
If you catch it, you leave your home.
You disregard your kids.
You lie... when you go to birds,
you say your friend is sick and you need to visit him.
Or you say you go to work
but you dont say that you are going to birds, you lie.
So this is a shity business.
There are almost 60 billion birds on earth.
Depending on the season, every year around 40 billion of them migrate
There are two important migration areas of the old world.
One of them is the Bosphorus and Dardanelles.
Lets say straits; two Turkish Straits.
the other one is Gibraltar.
Millions of birds had been using Istanbul as a migration route for millions of years.
The geographical properties of this area- there are Marmara Sea on the south
and Black Sea on the north
and the lenght of Bosphorus is not very long.
So birds migrate through the Boshorus,
packed in this area and give us a great pleasure.
We could describe Istanbul as the narrowing point of a funnel.
If we consider the wider end of the the funnel as the Atlantic side of Europe
and the other side as, Russia and Western Europe.
And Istanbul is the narrowing point.
This narrowing in Istanbul
let us to watch many kinds of birds in our region at the same time.
This is a great richness.
We try to determine the number of migrating birds
as Istanbul Bird Watch Group for the last five years.
You can see all kinds of birds.
Singing birds, goldfinch, greenfinch, sinkin, linnet, chaffinch...
They are giving me a concert in the morning, shuker, shuker, shuker, shuker...
An eagle above us, singing birds on one side.
We see cranes, ducks, different kinds of sea gulls, shearwaters...
It is a marvellous thing...
a group of passerine, goldfinch or linnet.
There are birds that are precious for people for their singing.
One of them is goldfinch for example.
Goldfinch can be seen in October and November in
our country in great numbers as flocks
It uses this pointed long beak to get the seeds among spines.
This is why the beak evaluated in this way.
There is blood red feather part behind this beak.
Just behind that it has white cheeks.
There are black and yellow feather at its wings.
once you see a goldfinch, it is almost impossible to forget it
or mix it with another bird.
GOLDFINCHMAN YANNI I was born in 1951 in Burgas Island of Istanbul.
At my early childhood, my father was feeding canary.
Then observing him, I developed an interest in birds.
At fifth grade of primary school, at handwork class they made us to make a cage.
My father helped me a lot to do it.
After I had made this cage, I bought my first bird. It was a goldfinch.
I keep it in this cage.
After this I had been interested in goldfinch.
At first I kept it at home. Afterwards, I started to go to cafes,
goldfinch cafes, greenfinch cafes...
In these days there are many birdmen cafes around Tatavla and Dolapdere.
They made birds to sing in these cafes.
After 12 years old I started to attend to those cafes.
I was very curious about goldfinch.???
I got very close to goldfinchmen.
We used to talk about goldfinch with goldfinchmen all the time.
ALBANIAN SHEVKET I had been interested in birds since my childhood.
I used to skip the school to go to catch birds at Çamlica.
We had old cages to keep the birds.
I was at third grade of primary school.
The first bird that I made to sing- I was around 13 or 14 years old child-
was a missing bird that I saw at a Flower Garden in Üsküdar
belonged to a Istanbul Greek Yanko.
Whoever missed it...
I heard a great singing bird, long and beautiful.
I heard its voice. I had my singing bird with me and my trap.
I fall in love with it. Somebody missed it definetly.
And it has female with him. Female was ugly.
He was chasing female and didnt come into the trap.
Female came into the trap. I put female next to my bird.
Then he came into the trap too. I caught it.
Then Liver Seller Brother Hikmet came next to me
and claimed that it had been his bird.
I said I hadn’t given to him and lock the bird into the basement.
My uncle had told me to give it back,
and not to make us fight and I gave it back.
He used the hang the cage at the corner above the livershop in Üsküdar.
One night he forgot to get the cage in.
I went there and steal the cage with a stick.
Bird was singing too much, even I locked it
into the basement it continued to sing.
He came back and asked to get the bird back.
My uncle got angry and gave the bird back to.
Then he sold the bird 18 Lira at that time He gave 5 Lira to my uncle.
It was my first beautiful bird.
I bought my first beautiful, good bird for 200 Lira
at Kasimpasha in 1964 from Albanian Kerim.
In those days you could buy a car with that much of money;
Chrysler, Old Plymouth, Chevrolet
but I bought that bird for 200 Lira.
Albanian Sevket had recommended this bird to me.
Till I bought that bird I hadnt have much knowledge about goldfinch.
I only had knowledge by listening.
That bird made me master.
COVER MAKER ESHREPH My bird interest in comes from my uncle.
In First World War, during the events with Ermenians,
my uncle took two pigeons from an Ermenian home.
He brought them to his home and grow them.
He got breeds of them.
This is how my interest in birds originated.
Afterwards I started to have goldfinch.
I fed them, but I didnt have the knowledge.
At that time, there were cafes in front of and behind the Fatih Mosque.
All the goldfinchmen used to come that historical place.
Some of them was buying goldfinch, some of them was buying greenfinch...
Even chicken were being sold there... They were even selling sheep and goat there.
They were shopping there, they were even bringing hens and chickens.
We grew up among them. We saw them.
Later, they removed all of them from there.
Our masters were Colonel Ali Bey from Üsküdar and
Navy Commander famous Omer Efendi in Istanbul.
Ali Bey was riding horse, I used to wait for him in front of his home.
He used to give me 5 kurush and we used to take birds to Camlica.
He was riding horse in the army, he had a hostler from the army.
It was forbidden to give birds to soldiers at that time. Birds were under cover.
He used to tell me not to swing the cages,and promise me some money
Hostler was putting the horse out to graze.
the soldier was thinking about the discharge from the army.
Ali Bey and I were listening and he always told me that was shack shack,
that was that language... He used to tell me everhing.
I was young and recorded everything.
When I know them... I had a bird that was singing swell...brought it to them.
Uncle Omer asked me how many birds I had. I said I had two.
He asked me to bring the bird. Then I took the bird which was singing.
I bought it at Kasimpasha. It was singing fantastic, like a machine, monster...
Then I took the bird there and we hung the cage. It sung.
He listened to the bird and congratulated me.
He said my bird was singing generously but
that wasn't the bird that they had been looking for.
He asked me the bird that I had caught by myself.
I said it hadnt been fed well yet but it had started to have lessons.
He said to me to bring it there.
I said okey.
And the following week I brought it to him and left it there.
He said sit down, I have something to tell to you.
The first bird you had brought wasn't the kind of bird that we had been looking for
but you were feeding it anyway.
He said the one that you left to us was a very good goldfinch.
He said if I wanted to sell it he would have given me what I wanted.
I said to Uncle Omer, I was also interested in and not to ask me that.
I said I was one of them so not to ask me that.
He made me promised into not to sell that bird to anybody.
After the War of Dardanelles, there were nobody catching birds.
All the youngsters of Istanbul had disappeared in Dardanelles,
all the youngsters of Trace had disappeared in Dardanelles.
Women, took the 80-90 years old men with them,
shovels and pickaxe in their hand, dug graves for our ancestors in Karacaahmet.
All the young people vanished-from Üsküdar, from Bursa, from Trace...
All the young men vanished.
In those days since nobody caught birds, the flocks were bigger.
Now there are less birds.
In those days I set up my traps around Numune Hospital.
I caught birds by net there.
I didnt like net traps.
Sometimes policemen ran after me. They took nets.
I came to Lemon Pier.
A birdlime was 7.5 Kurush. Half meter in lenght.
They were genuine birdlime in green colour. They were from Greece.
I save my money, 30 Kurush.
I said Brother give me four and give me little more honey
I meant paste.
I got the paste onto another stick, so that made five sticks.
I took five birdlime and I climed to Camlica.
I cut a branch and put the birdlimes around it.
I had only one siskin in one cage. One cage nothing more.
A group of siskins arrived.
I had one siskin in hand singing.
I hold the branch onto my head and I took cover.
The top was full.
I took the males and let the females go.
I was a kid and I didnt satisfied with it.
I put all into the cage and I lost my own linnet among them.
There was an area called Cicoz around Edirnekapi.
Now it is a factory area.
In those days it was meadow.
We used to go Cicoz to catch birds..
Istanbul Greeks used to come over there.
I was catching goldfinch there.
Greeks were catching greenfinch at upper side of me.
They set up birdlimes and they also were catching hawfinch.
They were cutting them and eating them.
Goldfinches made nests in Yeni Mosque in Uskudar.
I climed up to tree.
Fisherman Irfan Captain used to told me "you bastard, you were again touching babies."
I sweared that I only checked the eggs.
Uskudar was that much silent in those days.
The best place to catch birds was behind Numune Hospital in Uskudar.
And the area in front of Haydarpasha High School,
the side facing to Harem. Now Harem Street is passing there.
We put trap just onto this road.
The street now is being used by busses to go to harbour to ferries.
I used to set up a trap there.
Birds coming form sea, from Sarayburnu were tried.
If there were hundred birds, all of them was lending.
We called the area as Medicine School.
Now there is Haydarpasha High School there.
When I set up, it was around 1939- 1940.
In our sultan’s era there had been a conflict over a church in Balikli
between Istanbul Greeks and Armenians.
Sultan had asked them to bring roosters to both sides to organise a rooster fight.
Whoever’s rooster had won, the church would have been left to that side.
Roosters had brought and fought. Greek rooster had won.
Armenian rooster had escaped.
And the church had been left to Greeks.
At the enterance of the church there is a rooster figure.
This church is called as Rooster Church: "Zoodohi Pigi Church."
One kilo of bird food was 7.5 kurush.
I was working at my uncle’s store.
He was a pastry maker in Uskudar, Brother Zeynel.
German War had started. I was a kid, he didnt pay me.
I could eat as much deserts as I wanted
And I was sleeping at the store, but I had 3 or 4 birds.
Kilo of bird food was 7.5 kurush. When The German War had started
Ismet Inonu helped Germans with all food.
He had withdrawn all food from the market including bird food.
My bird food was finished. I went to buy some.
They told me it had been 75 kurush.
3 kilo of tulumba desert was 75 kurush.
If I have asked 75 kurush from my uncle, he would have beaten me.
I had goldfinches, 3 years old, 4 years old.
I had set them free. Some of them couldn’t fly
A cat caught them. I cried while I set them free...
Bird food couldn’t be found in those days
or it was too expensive, only the rich people could buy.
I set them free.
After German War finished,
I started to feed birds again.
It was like that in those days.
To understand a goldfinch,
you have to start listening to a good singing goldfinch with a good master.
A person who don’t listen to a good singing goldfinch
don’t understand goldfinch, he can’t.
without listening to a goldfinch when it is singing,
you can’t know the goldfinch.
Greenfinch is easier.
Greenfinch introduces himself, teaches himself with its singing...
it makes you birdman.
But goldfinch is not like that.
If you don’t learn about goldfinch from a master goldfinchman
and if you don’t listen to its tune next to him, and
you don’t make him to explain, you can’t learn goldfinch.
You can’t be a goldfinchman.
folks, hold your greenfinches,
Let goldfinch go...
When they come out from their eggs
baby goldfinch startes its main tune with "chee pet pet."
To call the babies for food or to gather them
goldfinch parents sing "chee pet pet , chee pet pet pet, chee pet pet" tune.
Look... "chee pet, chee pet"
where are the "shuck shucks?"
It goes "chep chep chep"
Then the gold finch’s main sound is a searcing...
"chetet, chetet, chetet" as we call it.
It is the first language of goldfinch.
“Tew tew”s are for when they are eating or fighting,
they make tewing like "tew tew tew tew"
Goldfinch definitely sings in its mother tongue, sings clear.
If you find the good one, it sings in its mother tongue.
But greenfinch is not like this.
It is hitting it's “tew tew”s.
There are two kinds of goldfinch.
local goldfinches and migrant goldfinches...
We point out migrant goldfinches because,
migrant goldfinches tunes are pleasant to our ears
and they sing the most wanted songs...
chee pet pet, chee pet pet pet, chee pet pet, chee pet pet pet pet,
six times, seven times... chee pet pet pet pet
Now the bird makes "chu pe pe, chu pe pe"
They call it as "chee pet pet,"
They're not delicious chee pet pets
chee pet pet pet pet pet pet , chee pet pet pet pet
djebilly, djebilly, djebilly, shuck shuck shuck shuck shuck
djebilly, djebilly, shuck, shuck, shuck, shuck, shuck
again hit it babe...
shuck shuck shuck shuck
These are the delicious ones.
Now djarlink djarlink prrrr chuck chuck chuck chuck
be ginic, be ginic, uhniyuh, zrrrr...
They are not birds, they only amuse the amateurs...
For expertise feeders, everything has a harmony
Clarinet player plays it with harmony.
the piper at the wedding or a gipsy
but none plays the tune like Sukru Tunar.
One day when I arrived home, my mother told me that
a man came to home and asked for the bird I had.
My mom said he was crying.
I said "what are you saying mom?"
He was a mint seller, pipe seller...
She sweared he was crying.
I went to Uncle Omer and said man called Sitki had come to our home
and wanted the bird.
My mom told him "it was my son’s bird"
"I couldn’t give, find my son and took it from him."
And he came to Uncle Omer and told him.
I gave the bird to him.
He was crying.
In those days there were that kind of obsessive men...
If I decribe a good goldfinch
first of all a goldfinch will be generous and fighter,
it will sing in pieces ??????
and it will repeat each tune 3 times, 5 times, 7 times.
Goldfinch fights with its enterances.(intros)?????
When they hear a sound they fight with enterances (intros).
The enterance (intros) taken from tit and calandra lark are beautiful.
Goldfinch fights with these enterances (intros).
Then it continues with "shuck shuck" and "chuck chuck".
The most wanted quality of goldfinch is "shuck shuck".
A goldfinch without "shuck shuck" is something dull.
They say "welis welis welis"...That's all they know...
Bird makes four enterances (intros) with "V".
"welis welis welis" is different one.
"veste veste" veste is different.
"wais wais wais" is different.
"vech vech vech" is different...
For example "vech vech vech shuck shuck shuck",
"veste veste shuck shuck shuck shuck",
"welis welis welis shuck shuck shuck shuck".
These are with "V".
With letter "K",
"khis khis khis khis yav yav" for example.
"khis khis khis" is different one.
"kah kah" is another one, "kaph kaph" is different one.
"kiya kiya" is different one.
With letter "C". "cha cha" is one
"chael chael chael" is different one.
"djaph djaph" is one.
The ones who scores or the ones with good ear
and the obsessive ones can distinguish them.
But now any bird that sing is okey.
They are thrown from the bird cafes.
It is like me singing instead of "Zeki Muren".
They'd kick me away, they say “move”.
In this condition there were many rules that we had to obey.
Now none of them exist any.
I have a goldfinch at home, 8 years old.
I feed it for the sake of it's "shuck shuck".
It has bitten its own feet.
We distinguish “shuck shuck”s of goldfinch into two:
"Raw shuck shuck”s and “main raw shuck shuck”s
there is also “straight shuck shuck”s.
like "nightingale shuck shuck"s and "floppy(sappy)?? shuck shucks.
They are not quite favorable.
For example for goldfinch there are "raw shuck shuck",
"straight raw shuck shuck" and "main raw shuck shuck".
There are "posing blue" and " raw blue".
There are enterances (intros)...
before "shuck shuck" , it has a sound called "veste"
It screams "veste veste yoo".
Then follows with a long “tee shuck shuck”.
It is said that it connects with "hick" bond.
After enterance(intro) with shuck shucks and fight ,
a good goldfinch starts to lesson.
During the lesson,
goldfinch sings its characteristic tunes
that are also nightingale sings.
These are "khys khys", "khos khos", "khus khus" ,
"Chel chel"s, "chi chi"s, "chan chan"s
"hi hi"s, "hoe hoe"s
"khi khi"s, "khoe khoe"s...
And the other goldfinch middle tunes.
(intros) Enterance is like "chipee chipee chipee chipee
"shuck shuck shuck shuck shuck shuck vigio"
then it beats again 2 or 3 times, it satisfies.
Then it enters again "chipee chipee"
"shuck shuck shuck shuck khys khys khys khys"
"yav yav yav chel chel chel chel chel"
then it enter again "ania ania ania"
"khiya khiya khiya khiya, chel chel chel chel yooo"
"djaph djaph djaph djaph."
Then it enters again
"djebilly pichuvee shuck shuck shuck shuck vigiooo"
"djebilly pichuvee shuck shuck shuck shuck vigiooo" These are lessons.
The one it makes at the beginning
“cheepew cheepew shuck shuck shuck shuck”
is raw "shuck shuck". It doesn’t connect with "vigiooo".
Sometimes it makes additions.
"Shuck shuck shuck SHUCK SHUCK SHUCK SHUCK"
It is raw shuck shuck with additions.
Good birds used to sing like this.
Then I had one bird with "plee plee". Never heard before...
"plee plee plee plee aneea"
"shuck shuck shuck shuck"
"plee plee plee plee aneea"
"shuck shuck shuck shuck"
Then it goes to other tunes like nightingale "shuck shuck".
Nightingale "shuck shuck" is blue
as it comes from an hour distance away.
For example it makes couple enterances. (intros)
"welis welis welis shuck shuck shuck shuuck"
"welis welis welis shuck shuck shuck shuuck"
It is faint like it comes from far away.
Good birds were like this,
At least the ones that I listened to.
For goldfinch the tunes that aren’t good to the ear are faults.
We called them as goldfinch with "tour"????
They are fault goldfinches.
But a bird has beautiful tunes, "shuck shucks" and middles
we can even listen to a "tour"??? as a tune seldomly.
weste weste weste aneea grrrrr...
It is not valuable even if it beats "shuck shuck" afterwards.
Pardon me, first it curses.
It is like somebody comes to cafe and
says "Hello, How are you? How are you? How are you?...”
Throw him out. It is the same.
"vetch vetch vetch grrrr"...
"welis welis welis grrrr"...
"Brother, now it will hit its shuck shuck"...
Forget its "shuck shuck", it doesn’t matter, first it cursed.
Take it away! This is fault.
Fault doesn’t finish with only "tour"
For example, it makes weste weste weste weste,
"weste weste weste che che che che che che"...
It is fault, it presses.
if it makes "weste weste weste shuck shuck shuck",
it becomes baklava.
During 45 years of my goldfinch experience
I came up with 5 birds.
I bought two of them and other three was caught by me.
You can meet one in a thousand.
I am 84 years old.
Till this age I found only 5 birds.
every bird you choose does not sing well.
Every beautiful woman doesn’t have a beautiful voice.
In this 45 years, the number of goldfinch I have listened doesn’t exceed 20-21.
The voice of goldfinch that starts with "chipet pet"
Makes every expert admired.
If it has raw and weste,
the audince become more cheerful.
khis khises, chel chels, chaph chaphs, kiya kiyas, shuck shucks
sings ghuurrr, pin pin pin and ties up.
Good goldfinches sing like that.
A good bird beats its raws, during its' lesson.
You hear it and you seperate it aside and you serve it.
It stands up and shows itself.
If you can’t catch "shuck shucks" and tunes of the bird
during the lesson, it flies away.
You can’t become a goldfinchman
without listening a good bird.
You can’t say that you are a goldfinchman.
You can say you are intreseted in goldfinch.
But you can’t say you know goldfinch.
According to me goldfinchmanship is dead.
Because a man who doesn’t come there, can’t learn.
Goldfinchmanship is dead.
But greenfinchmanship continues, it goes on.
Today there are ones who understand greenfinch, understands well
and there are ones who don’t understand.
Because it is an exciting business.
But being goldfinchman is not like this.
It starts here and finishes here.
You can’t feel any excitement.
But being greenfinchman is not like this.
While it sings 10 beats then it sings 30 beats, 40 beats, 50 beats.
You get excited.
There are people that had heart attack because of this.
In old days, population was low.
Neighbourhood was desolated.
Mostly Istanbul Greeks, Armenians and the ones
who have relations with minorities were feeding.
Then they left indeed.
This bussiness was left to Turks.
Turks only from Istanbul knows this.
In Anatolia nobody knows.
Only the native of Istanbul feed.
The ones who coalesce with the minorities feed this business.
Then it was spread in Istanbul.
Istanbul Greeks and Armenians were feeding yellowhammer, brambling, hawfinch.
Greeks mostly feed greenfinch, siskin and goldfinch.
They were crazy about colourful birds.
Armenians even feed iskatoron????
iskatoron???? also sings but it's like...
"chigee chigee chigee crrrk, chigee chigee chigee crrrk".
what's that.... "chigee chigee chigee crrrk".
It is a tasteless sound.
They were feeding hawfinch as a tout, not to listen them
They were catching birds during migration.
Because of this, they were feeding them as a touts.
They were listening chaffinch.
Chaffinches sings very beautiful.
like "hodja hodja alii"
They sing like a human.
But everbody couldn’t find that bird.
Finding a chaffinch singing "hodja hodja alii" is.....
as difficult as to find a hundred beat greenfinch.
Mostly Persians was feeding them.
The most beautiful chaffinces were from Alemdag.
Their tunes are beautiful.
"thee thee thee thoooorr, deh deh deh deh deh vay vay vay vay vagi"
The other one starts
"ghil ghil ghil ghil ghil ves ves ves ves ves ves".....
......"hodja hodja hodja hodja ali"
Did you get it? "vay vay vagi, hodja hodja ali"
Now they only sing "chaf chafy"…
"Thi thi thi thi thooorr chaph chaphy...
ghil ghil ghil chaph caph chaphy"....boring
It is like: “How are you? - Are you fine? - How are you? - Are you fine?”
There were chaffinchmen. Most of them don’t know.
-They sing them under black cover. -I have one at home, a chaffinch.
There was a teacher bird to give lessons in the middle.
10-15 of baby chaffinches were caught at Alemdag
during the migration period.
Teacher bird was singing.
It is not a normal song.
-It was double... with "hodja ali" -It sings for four months.
It has the best singing during the mulberry season.
It teaches the babies. The others around listen to it.
If they don’t get the singing of the father,
they are all set free.
If the baby listens to the father and gets the same,
next year it becomes teacher itself.
In old days we have seen and lived those.
If Istanbul Greeks had good birds,
they were hiding them. They didn’t let you to listen.
There were such kind of men.
when a Greek comes with a box with a bird inside
and if there's a baby chaffinch around
didn't let the bird sing, didn't let it teach.
Istanbul Greeks used to come to Florya, to meadow.
They used to rent a room.
Mostly Saturday and Sunday.
They set a big table....
In those days there was Chavush Raki,
An old guy set a barbecue, casserole.
They both drink and catch bird.
If you couldn’t go into the net and catch the bird,
they killed them.
They killed the birds.
The old guy made them "meze", used them in the casserole.
They took them in sacks. They killed all the birds.
I was a kid. I used to go there.
I helped them, I ran.
Sait Faik in one of his stories, told about this in the islands.
Some of our old people-even if we didn’t want-
unfortunately used to cut them and use in pilaf.
Muslims didn’t eat birds.
They used to catch the good ones to make them sing.
Between 1965 and 70 generally in all neighbouhoods and homes
people used to feed birds like they grow flowers in the pots.
They used to feed goldfinch and greenfinch.
People used to hung them out at windows at daytime.
The houses were wooden.
They drove nails in and hung them there.
We had chance to listen to them when we were walking through....
We used to buy good ones or
we made offers and they gave us.
There was a higher chance to find a bird among those birds.
In Istanbul mainly it was around Tatavla
where the Greek population is high.
Balat, then Eyup Sultan, Osmaniye,
Bakirkoy, Osmaniye...
Then it jumps to Beykoz.
There is a great potential in Beykoz.
There is a great interest there.
Karagumruk... I live in Fatih. Fatih, Karagumruk.
They used to feed nightingale. Nightingale...
Nobody had known yet how to feed nightingale. I had seen at masters.
There were couple of people feeding in Uskudar, Greeks...
Its cage was big, square.
They sewed cover for top...
a yogurt cup into it,
non-fat ground meat, not with fat, or lean heart.
They grounded into machine. Now they grate.
They put into refrigirator.
They used to mixed it with chickpea flour.
There is a style of feeding.
Besides I used to feed worms into the chest.
You prepare the cage,
you catch nightingale by trap. I had still two traps.
I have never caught with trap. My friend caught one,
He gave it to me
But I know how to catch, prima.
They put the worm as whole into ground meat.
Nightingale sees it moving and takes it but...
before it takes the worm, worm moves and gets out from ground meat.
There is ground meat left.
Bird doesn’t know ground meat.
It doesn’t eat and dies.
You will divide the worm into two pieces.
Each side moves both forward and backward.
You will put the heads down bloody sides will be up and moving.
Bird sees when it moves and takes it.
You put worm into ground meat for two or three days.
After it gets use to it, even if it can’t find the worm
it eats the ground meat. It gets use to it like that.
They put cover to prevent clapping,
to prevent to hit its head and bleeding here.
You put it under cover,
if it is a good nightingale, if you listened its tunes...
You will feed it wisely. It has nice tunes.
All of them sings.
There are ones that sing faulty, ones sing well. ones with many tunes...
If you catch father, it won’t live.
You will get young babies. Father gives you hell.
It has a wife.
The most domestic bird is nightingale.
It quickly gets used to be in the cage.
It gets used to human quickly. It sings beautifully.
They made canaries to listen to nightingales.
There were many chaffinch lovers in old days.
Now they even don’t feed chaffinch.
Amatuers feed siskin.
Mostly goldfinch and greenfinch are fed.
The dominant colours of greenfinch are green and yellow.
It looks like chaffinch.
Greenfinch is robust, we can say.
It is rather chubby and strong.
And like its size its voice is also more bodily,
fills the ear better than goldfinch and linnet.
Its voice definetely comes different to a person and satisfies.
They used to wrap birds into handkerchieves, and bring them like that.
There was no cover. They used to feed the birds free at home.
They brought them to singing places, cafes.
For example, there was a cafe at Sivrikapi
outside the city wall, a big cafe.
There was another cafe inside cemetery.
They brought them there.
They brought them there wrapped into handkerchieves.
When I was sewing shirts there were clothes.
I made them like this and that.
At the beginning I was making patching onto it.
Then I used my mind.
I was using the cloth at the narrow side.
I was measuring the cage,
I was measuring its lenght, I was measuring its width.
I was making by measuring.
What I was doing was primitive at first.
Then I progressed in it. I became a master.
I am making for myself.
My friends says “Make it for me”
“Make it for me” “Make it for it”
Then I developed it.
After I started to make covers, everybody has started
to make birds singing with cover.
I was selling to friends at Ali Pasa.
For 35 kurush, 25 kurush...
Cover part has finished.
Bird which is covered don’t become irritated.
It doesn’t deal with other things, It does its own singing.
If it is open, because of hand movement, head movement
wind, movement of a leaf it stops singing.
When it is covered, it is not affected by outside stimuli.
That’s it.
Then it became known in Istanbul. Cover Maker Celal, Cover Maker Celal...
I was born in Zeynep Kamil.
I lived there till 7 years old.
We had a pickle store in Toptashi.
Although Harmanlik school was very close to us,
since our pickle store is in Toptashi,
either my father or my brother were taking me to school.
In those days, a friend called Dyer Selahattin from Zeynep Kamil,
and famous Japanese Shukru,
and Police Chief Cemal
He is also from Zeynep Kamil, were going to birds.
Next to Harmanlik School, there was Milkwoman Nazmiye Hanim,
next to her’s there was a pear tree garden
they were setting nets there.
In those days, Fridays were holidays
Now it's on Sundays.
In our days, scools were closed on Fridays and Saturdays.
Those days, we were also going next to them.
They were catching birds. We were sitting by them.
Then I started to become interested in birds.
In 1975, I have rented the cafe up the road.
I was feeding birds.
Birdmen used to come.
I hired a friend -Haldun- retired sergeant major...
here there was a field.
We have digged and made a garden.
I made a pond here and covered the top.
Then I openned here as an association - Birdmen Association.
All Istanbul was coming and going to organise competitions,
to listen to the birds, to buy birds...
There were big cages here. We were feeding birds etc.
Then it became a cafe, birdmen cafe.
Being birdman passed as a heritage from my grandfather and father.
I can’t live without birds, animals
Once I went to catch bird at a windy weather...
I was twelve years old.
Today there is Fenerbahce Sport Club’s practise field there, kurbagali dere
I had a very small, one meter net.
I have seen from the others and I made one.
There was no stick, nothing.
A bird arrived.
My ropes were added; drying rope.
I pulled the net.
I saw the bird was jumping in it. I went and took the bird.
It was whole black thing, a gray black bird.
I didn’t have the cage to put the bird in.
I had a bird, female bird....Thrr thrr thrr thrr...
I found a brickquet and put it under brickquet.
A bird was singing, but it was not my bird.
Though the bird under the brickquet that I had sat onto was singing.
Then I took it to famous Captain Arif from Sariyer.
He is a greenfinchman.
I call him as greenfinchman and highlight this.
My uncle who is decedent now
-we were living in wooden houses, in wooden chalets-
heard the voice of the bird.
I was just twelve.
He said to me to take it to Captain Baba.
He took me next to him, we took the bird,
we went to Captain Arif.
Captain Arif heard the bird, heard its chirps...
He offered me to give a bird singing there.
I asked what kind of bird it was.
He said it was mountain dad.
He said you better fed that bird, you can't feed this one
I said My God...
I looked at my own cage. I looked at his...
It was like my own cages, made of walnut, with ornaments...
My bird was singing my hand.
oooo... I was amazed but
I didn’t know the business.
My uncle did to me kind of eeehhh...
My grandfather hadn’t listened to the bird.
If my grandfather had listened to it, he wouldn’t have let it go.
They bargained in a minute and it has gone.
Then the bird became Bird of Sariyer,
Bird of Captain Arif
It was like Singer Sewing Machine, endless drums.
When I attended to Kumkapi Middle School,
they were catching birds around churches there
I used to skip the school and watch them. Then I was intrested in.
Since I fed birds, I had been beaten at home.
Then we got used to feed the birds.
Because of this birdman thing, I lost too much things.
We exaggerated.
We just neglect the business. We just took the bird and
made it sing from morning till night.
In the morning we used to make birds sing till 9:30 or 10:00.
I was going to store 10:30.
I quickly put my apron on and went to the counter.
They were saying "all the birds are singing now."
I was saying "don't do this to me"
I was staying there for an hour or so.
Then again take the cage and go out
They wanted me to run away from the store,
and leave the store as early as possible.
Years passed and the bussiness became bigger.
They set up a factory.
my apprentice... He became the partners of the factory
I became a worker there.
You got it?
How did I become a greenfinchman?
My military service had finished.
I came back to my work again, to dock,
to Taskizak Dock.
I was feeding goldfinch.
I was feeding pigeon, pigeon of Mardin.
I had a friend called Cetin from childhood.
We did our military service together, then we lost each others.
Workers were wanted for the workshop.
he was also mechanic and latheman like me
I have seen him there, asked "what he was doing?"
He said he came for the exam,
I said “Okey Boy, we will take you here.”
He came, we chatted.
He managed to take the job and started at the factory.
I was bringing goldfinch to sing.
He was bringing greenfinch.
Once, he said to me: "Tuncay that goldfinch sung allways the same."
I said I liked it.
He said: "Native babies were arrived to Captain’s, -
- lets go there and buy couple of them for you."
" feed them."
Some might sing, some not.
We got the visit and
we went to Tepebasi , to the hospital.
We went to Captain’s Store.
He told me to get the mountain dad
He would get the native baby.
I didn’t know. I didn’t care
For me greenfinch wasn’t valuable.
We put the bird into the cage.
Oooo...It was drumming to Cetin’s birds.
But not a deadly drum.
It was singing normal cirl bunting.
20-25 beats...
over and over...
Suddenly my heart.... I couldn’t breath,
I was impatient.
I said to foreman tell the chief to write me “off”,
cause I got sick.
I wanted to take the bird to home as soon as possible.
A friend called Tuncay
-he was the relative of my partner-
He said he had a bird that would turn us crazy
when we were drinking here.
We said him to bring to listen.
He had brought the tape recording of it.
I said greenfinch didn’t sing like that.
I didn’t hear a bird like that.
For example Slipper Maker Adil, then Aleko bird...
They were the main??? birds of Istanbul...
I never heard a bird drum like that.
Rumble rumble rumble rumble...
It doesn’t end at all...
Go to the next building, come back for three times,
This drum won’t end.
One day again we were sitting with my partner and drinking...
I said he woud let us to listen to that bird,
and he would give his acquarium to me.
I offered to go to him.
He was sitting and drinking beer with pistachio.
He served us beer.
I said we didn’t come to drink beer, we were drunk.
They were high, very high.
It was twelve o’clock at night, I said who came.
I was very high too. I was going to bed.
Zrrttt... “Who is that?” “It is me”
"Brother Haldun, is that you?”
Almonds, nuts, pistachio, a bottle of whisky...
You have a bird.
I said "Yes, I have. "
They said it was singing?
I said it was all black.
I said I had taken it to the other side once, cause I had got angry.
He said they wanted to change the cafe into birdmen cafe
together with Brother Fehmi.
I said the bird wasn’t singing though.
Brother Haldun was a sly birdman. He made "vicckh, viccckh, viccckh"
with his polished shoehills by stratching each other
It was twelve o’clock at night.
It was like a thunder in the dark room.
chow, chow, chow, chow, chow...
It is twelve o’clock at night. Everybody will wake up...
I asked him if he brought it to the cafe on Sunday.
He said he would bring.
The cafe was so crowded that we couldn’t hear each others talk.
There was billards there too.
Tuncay brought the bird and put it on the table.
"Piiink... piiink.. piiink."
Then it started to make "vijj"...
He said it would start to sing.
It started such a drum...
In that noisy cafe, you could even hear a fly...
Everybody rushed into the cafe. 70 beats, 80 beats...
I haven’t heard that kind of drum in all my life.
It repeats each drum 10 times, 15 times
didn’t get it?...
Same breath again... again...
Everybody is like this...
As it continues to sing, instead of staying like this
everybody falls down.
Greenfinch has only one quality: Its Excitement...
You take care of the bird for eleven months.
It sings one month at its best.
For eleven months, you take care of it every night,
you clean it, you feed it, you strip it off the feather.
It needs delicate care.
It is not like canary. Throw the food before it,
it will sing anyways.
Feeding it is quite difficult, quite tiresome.
The only fun of it, it sings starting from end of May till the middle of July...
We will fond??? of it during that time.
Its excitement is the high competition at it.
Greenfinch likes to fight.
How does it like to fight?
For example, cats and dogs fights with each others.
Greenfinch try to beat each others by singing, by drumming with its voice.
With its voice it tries to come upper. It tries to press.
Whichever sings longer it is bullier.
This business is like that.
Whichever sings longer, louder, harder then it dominates around.
Greenfinch business is not business of hedonic person.
It is a business of greedy person.
When birds sings and fights, its owner, fights in reality.
It keeps you away from the bad habits.
It enjoys you.
But if you go far, you will starve.
Because it is very laborious business.
You have to deal with the bird for days
to hang and make it sing with self confidence
It is a laborious and difficult business.
It takes at least two - three years of you.
When you spend that time if you leave your work,
you will brake off.
Even if you are billionaire, pasha, colonel or admiral, you are greenfinchman.
That is it.
There is no other law.
If you take the cage into your hand and enter that society, nothing is valid.
You leave your shirt at the other side and then you will come.
You will even sit with garbage man at the same table
and eat your meal with honour, then you become greenfinchman.
You have to take the bird into public. Why?
Because , it is not a bird that you feed at home.
If the other people don’t listen to it,
it won’t have any value.
It is a fighter bird. It sings at home to itself.
It sings different at cafe.
It sings longer.
Since it is mainly a special interest bird,
it should be taken to the cafe absolutely to listen to better,
to listen to longer.
When you take it to the cafe, it can make big suprise for you...
Either good or bad.
You bring your bird to the cafe and it sings fantastic this year.
You bring it following year, and it sings "chir" frog.
It is a very bad thing.
I don’t wish this for anybody.
When I come together with 20-25 bird lover friends of mine,
when my bird sings its long drums for ten minutes, fifteen minutes,
I don’t want my bird to sing faulty.
So I don’t want my friend’s bird to sing faulty.
This spoils my bird and
may also spoils the birds of my other firends.
I say “My firend your bird sings faulty,
it is better not to make it sing here.” I warn him.
My other firends also warn.
If I get more uncomfortable because of its voice and
if my bird becomes uncomfortable, and spoils,
I walk and I go to another cafe.
I want, bird owners to be peaceful as peaceful as the birds.
Foreigners come from Izmit,
they come from Beykoz, they come from Umraniye...
Since here is a cafe of birdmen, they come with birds.
Now you are a guest.
You don’t know what your bird sings,
There are good birdmen here.
They immediately try to run away.
You will tell him “My friend, make this bird sing outside, -
or hold it, take it down next to your feet.”
Friends get angry and leave.
Birdmen are difficult in this way.
In Kocamustafapasa, there was Selims cafe for birdmen.
Selim, himself was a birdman too.
So nobody were dare to make their birds sing freely.
He was literally throwing them out.
There won’t be any lesson at the cafe.
(Please don’t make your birds to have lessons.) Cafe is an arena.
Only for singing birds.
It is not a school.
If you go to school, you will go out the door, take your kid to school to have his lesson,
you will enter in drumming through the door.
It is the bird manner, I said...
it is the cafe manner.
In old days, when our older masters were making their bird sing,
we hold our birds that can sing 20-25 beats
When they looked at like this...
Man’s bird drums more than 100 beats...
Its murmuring is 30-40 beats.
Ours is dying to make 25 beats, 10 beats....
Would you like this?
Naturally you don’t.
We took our birds onto our laps and control them,
and listened to their birds.
Then we came home and set all the birds free.
When will we find that kind of bird? When will we find that kind of bird?
In 50 years, there has been four birds.
I have been doing this business since I was twelve years old.
It costed to my future. I finished primary school in seven years.
Because of birds.
I started to make cages at fifth grade.
It wasn’t a nice thing. This is love for animals though.
At that time there were many cafes in Feriköy, but
-there was a cafe called "74".
-It was big.
-It was covered -At ground level.
Brother, I never forget... We weren’t next to them...
Of course when Brother Nasit came in,
he used to sit next to the big cage of Brother Mustafa.
I can tell one by one...
Ilhami used to sit next to furnace. All the old ones...
Tell me the name, I will tell you where they sat.
We used to go and sit backside.
Whenever one of our birds sing,
Brother Nasit asked us to bring it. We brought and put it.
They used to say “have good days with it, son”
-Have good days with it.
-Masallah Gani.
-May God gives to all of us. We all enjoy it.
The most important thing for this is...
you have to take it and you will go around the streets for hours.
It will get used to car noises, human voices, crashes, touching,
hanging to somewhere, swinging...
Otherwise if it hears a voice, it will stop singing.
Taking the bird out means,
we carry it all the time in hand when we go out.
If you go to work, it comes together with you.
If you go to have meal, it comes with you.
Approximately, in two or two and a half months,
bird has the lessons, go around and prepares itself to sing.
If a bird stays at home hanging,
it can’t accomplish 100% of itself metabolicly.
Its capital is taking out.
This is what we heard from our olders.
I made a hole at my kid’s stroller
I put a hook there.
I said I was taking my kid out.
In reality I was taking the bird out, not the kid...
Sometimes it may be a problem to take the bird out.
If you travel by bus, it may be a problem.
when you go to your work,
if people don’t know about it, it may be a problem.
If you need to choose one of them, you choose the bird,
if you do this with love.
For example, once a kid stopped me
at Baglarbasi Street and asked me what I was selling...
I had two bags in my hands. Birds...
Even if the bird is in the mood, if you don’t have time to take it out,
it sings in such a way that it disturbs you.
It says “Take me out.” It pokes you.
It says “I want to go to cafe, into crowd, I want to go to public”
We go all around Istanbul.
For example, on Sundays we departed from here,
we used to go to Uskudar. There was a Nails' Cafe there.
From there we went to Pasabahce, Beykoz... We were wardering.
We both wandering and made birds to sing.
I am the emperor of greenfinch of Turkey.
I have been a champion with the same bird for three consequent years.
In 1999 at earthquake we were at home.
When the house suddenly started to shake, we all went downstairs.
But I saw that there was a living thing at home.
It was my bird, my greenfinch. I loved it very much.
When the house was shaking, I went up and took the bird.
All the neighbours said I was crazy.
First of all, greenfinch definetely should sing long to give enjoyment.
7 beats, 5 beats don’t mean anything for a greenfinch feeder.
The sounds that are nice to your ear are greenfinch drum.
Greenfinch doesn’t have its own drum.
Greenfinch is a thief bird. It steals.
It has its own "vjjjjj" and "piinnggg". The left is stolen.
Greenfinch has two types of drums. canelye(cirl bunting) and frog.
The others are, skippings???? come from cirl bunting,
Raw frogs, "gue gues" come from frog...
These are the sounds that we are looking for.
"Drumming" - as we call - of greenfinch comes from the tune.
We say “ it sings cirl bunting”
Cirl bunting is a tune.
But if he repeats cirl bunting like "cha cha cha cha cha cha,"
it is called the drum.
We say “it sings lue lue”
"Lue lue" is a tune by itself.
If it repeats like "lue lue lue lue",
it is called drum. It is "lue lue" drum.
Frog.. Frog jam...
Cirl bunting... Cirl bunting jam...
Swift... Swift jam...
There is a bird called cirl bunting in nature.
It takes its singing and imitates.
adapts to its throat and sing it.
We say frog. It really gets frog sound.
We say there are nightingale parts.
It imitates and sings the sounds that are taken from nightingale.
The most beautiful drum of greenfinch is "lue lue lue"..
Nobody have listened to it up to now.
Though everybody says “Mine has it”
Does it get that sound from an animal or do it by itself?
In nature, skylark makes tloeh, tloeh, tloeh,
while it takes off.
Greenfinch takes it and suits it to itself as a drum.
Lawyer Metin from Ali Pasha,
His bird was singing straight 70-80 "lue lue"s.
He bought a native bird,
He would make native bird to listen it and to learn to sing "lue lue".
the bird took the raw "purrr, purrr"s of the native bird...
and started to sing "purrr lue lue lue" ...Alas!
He needed to set the bird free. The beautiful bird has gone.
Sometimes it sings 15-20 beats...
-Next year if it will get stripped its feather and sing that jam....
-It is okey brother.
-How do we call this jam?
-I don’t know this.
-This is skipping... -This is a kind of skipping.
-Upward skipping...
One of the extinct drums is "ghe ghe ghe"...
-Did you hear around or listen to?
-I have listened to it at a competiton
-How many beats you might listen ? 3 beats or so...
For example, "ghe ghe ghe" drum has disappeared.
A raw "ta ta ta" frog drum has disappeared.
I am talking about the "ta ta ta" drum that Hilmi Bird sing.
There is no beautiful "ghue ghue ghue".
There is no beautiful rock frog jam.
In old days birds of Yakacik were singing it.
Rock frog is like a stork’s noise,
one by one...
It has also one with jingle.
Even the one who doesn’t understand love it.
We went to meadow in the morning...
Half an hour later it was dawning.
On this tree it was singing frog, 10 beats, 12 beats.
On the other tree it was singing skipping... On the other tree it was singing ghi ghi...
On the other tree it was singing raw cirl bunting...
We were there from dawn, from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock.
Hell, say a pinngg once!
They were only druming.
This one sings frog. This one sings skipping.
This has also the very same skipping.
This likes it and sings it upward in the morning.
All the ups of the birds are different.
We greenfichmen say “My bird sings 30 beats, 40 beats...”
In last days we have solved this problem.
I again will talk about the deceased Brother Nasit.
He used to say "my bird sung 50 beats,"
but Ilhami counted it like that.
One tralelli, two tra....
if you counted it like that, it made 10 beats.
But the beat of bird is like this:
-Three beats fit into one second. -You will multiply with three.
For example, if a greenfinch sings 10 seconds, it makes 30 beats.
“jingling cirl bunting drum"... is like dropping water from the fall
If you hear this drum, even if you don’t understand,
you say what a wonderful sound, what a fantastic drum it is.
It doesn’t exist any more.
A bird sings a drum, for example beautiful cirl bunting drum...
30 beats. "cha cha cha cha cha cha"...
it continues... or 40 beats, 50 beats
After that it connects that to frog. Mistake...!
The thing that I am afraid of is "chyr" frog drum as we call.
It is pressed frog drum.
It is the most faulty one.
The interchanges during the lessons aren’t matter for me.
If it interchnanges at upward singing during the fight, it is worthless,
even if it sings the most beautiful drums of the world or
even if it sings all day long...
98 % of long birds interchanges...
What is the purpose of feeding greenfinch?
To listen to beautiful sounds, to listen to beautiful drums,
If its sound is not good, then it is spoiled.
It made a small connection
to the other drum at the end...
It repeated it... It sang it...
-It is not a mistake. -No, it is not interchange...
If a bird sings the drum three times, four times-at leasts two times,
not less than that- "with notes",
it is called as a bird with notes.
It controls its tounge, it controls its throat,
it controls everything of itself.
Such birds doesn't embarrass you,
because Greenfinch is a command bird.
This bird doesn’t sing hanged.
Now everybody hangs it.
It sings on the table.
Greenfinch is a command bird.
The one without a command can be found one in a million.
When it is found, it costs a lot, it costs millions.
Bird with notes are wanted because
the point at where it makes its fault was apparent.
Bird should have notes to let you to understand the point of fault.
Then you say “Aha, my bird will make a fault here”
then you touch its cage,
you hold it,
you turn the cage,
bird passes that point,
starts from the beginning again, like a tape recording.
It goes to beginning, continues from there.
If you are a clever guy, if you know the business,
you sing a bird with notes without any fault
even if it is the bird with the worst faults.
You can tell everbody that this bird doesn’t have any fault.
But if you leave the bird by itself, then they will hear its faults.
-As I told, when I heard its sound I fell in love with it.
I was enchanted. It attracked me.
I haven’t fed any cage bird before,
Neither a canary nor other cage birds.
After I heard this bird, I started to feed it since 2004
My bird is vey young one. It has been in the cage for 10 days.
It sings four drums. It is native baby.
This is my first competition.
I have been at competitions before, but today I will participate into.
-This bird is one year old native baby.
It is from Karabuk.
It has four, five kinds of long drums.
It has couple of faults.
Besides that it is a beautiful bird.
If it doesn’t have these faults, it would be priceless.
If the jury hears these faults, they will disqualify the bird.
I will try not to let it to sing the fault.
I memorize where it makes the fault.
I will command at that point.
-Insallah, bird will give the answer at the competiton.
We are here as a mediator.
It sings cirl bunting, frog.
If it sings we will be champion. If it doesn’t, we will be ball player.
-This is a traditional greenfinch competition that we organize every year.
The purpose of this is not only to make the birds sing, but coming together.
to create and share good things.
Bird is a cause.
But it is our hobby. It is our amusement.
It can’t be replaced with anything else.
It is not like anything else.
-Thank you...
Friends, there are 44 participants enrolled with 44 birds.
We would like to take in 4 birds groups,
We will give 10 minutes...
In ten minutes, birds will have right to make three faults.
If they make three faults,
We have to disqualify the bird with the confirmation of our executive board.
We don’t accept more than three faults.
The criteria is the same with the past years, as you know:
There are lenght, order, interesting??? drum,
rawness and drum variations...
-Are the bird owners ready? -Ready...
-Okey, lets start.
-Competition has started. -Silence please.
-silence silence... -Competition has started.
-full points, full points... -This one got 80 points
-first one has no mistakes...
-they sang nearly the same.
-Find the third bird...
-one second, one second brother...
-they are making this the first.
-this one sings cirl bunting, that one raw frog...
-We think there is a huge difference between them.
-Are we agree...?
esteemed high-court, are we agree?
the first bird.....
They are all have beautiful birds.
Mine didn’t sing.
But now you listen to.
If it sang, we would have taken a degree..
I wish a good luck to the friends. It is so easy.
In our days, there was radio, no television.
We develop love for animals.
We were interested in animals.
In the days of Greeks on the island-
-there were many among them doing this business.
There were many who caught greenfinch, goldfinch,
siskin, chaffinch, mountain birds and they were feeding them.
We used to go together with them to see nets.
We watched them catching birds.
As we got older, we see that according to Turkish Rebuplic Laws...
it is forbidden to catch and feed the mountain birds.
But there is this a tradition in our country.
To prevent catching of these birds means to end this tradition.
As lovers of this tradition, we have to do someting to...
leave it to the future generations, to bird lovers.
-As wild bird lovers- not only greenfinch- canary and other wild birds,
we decided that in order to survive this tradition....
There is also goldfinch tradition.
We can’t discriminate them.
Goldfinch and greenfinch come from the same root.
Different branches, but from same root.
It has been a tradition of Greeks.
It passed to Ottomans from them.
we decided not catch this bird from the nature.
We have learnt that in Europe it is allowed legally to feed 50 of them....
....with rings around their feet with certificates.
We wanted to do those studies by establishing an association in Turkey.
We established an association.
Right now wild birds compete with their colours lets say...
no singing.
My purpose is to produce wild birds at cage
and make them to sing, not the colour.
For years masters have been saying that it couldn’t be produced in the cage,
if was produced, it wouldn’t sing.
There are five first babies.
I am preparing these first babies as the studs of next year.
Parents took care of them but...
they may not to take care of them.
Then I should have found nurse canary.
Nurse canaries may not give clear sound.
A golfinch with its natural colour, with its natural costume.
Definitely a goldfinch that we know.
It has only sings canary.
It has no goldfinch tune.
It doesn’t make even a "chipet". All canary...
It sings 100% canary. It is a very good example for us.
You can give a canary nightingale singing.
Why can’t we give a greenfinch greenfinch singing?
When I think with straight logic, I come to this conclusion.
At the second production, I don’t use nurse birds.
Nurse birds are canaries. I don’t use canaries.
I seperate the babies whose parents took care of them well.
We did the same care for the birds that we caught 10 years ago.
I am trying to evaluate the knowledge that I got from my masters here.
I am trying to make it legal.
I make some of them to listen to morning singing from tape recording,
I make some of them to listen to morning singing from teacher bird.
It is a disadvantage of being alone.
If we do this together as three friends,
the thing that I can find in three years by myself will be found in a year.
But it has started.
My friend Hakan has started in Beykoz.
He is also at the production.
Canary and Cage Birds Association of Turkey give these rings to its legal members.
This bird is 7 days old.
Now this bird is legalized.
According to Turkish Republic Laws, there is no problem to feed it.