Buscemi ROCKS YOUR FACE (Day 19)

Uploaded by PhilipDeFranco on 04.04.2011


Hello and welcome to Day 19
of the DeFranco Nation Movie Club,
today is a big day for our movie club,
where we watch a new movie everyday
because this week,
you do not choose the movies,
I choose the movies
and that's why today we talk about the movie, 'Fargo'
side note to yesterday's video
reason we did not use your responses,
was because we did not have time to put them in the video,
because DeFranco Studios took a day off,
we went out to Pismo Beach
had some fun dune buggies,
unless your name is Matt
and you get stuck on a hill,
and then people take pictures of you
because it looks hilarious
yeah so that happened,
but I imagine you, being the lovely
beautiful audience that you are, you understand
but let's jump into the movie 'Fargo'
probably one of my top 20 movies of all time
is the Coen Brother dark-comedy,
where William H. Macy plays a car dealer
who conspires with hotheaded kidnappers
to kidnap his wife so he can pocket a part of the hefty ransom.
Now like I said, I have seen some of the movies this week,
and it's just my way of sharing it with you guys
and talking about it with you guys who've already seen it,
but I am going to watch the movies again,
so while I go watch this guy on this guy,
here is a 15 second trailer

And we're back!
I love this movie!
Just watching it again reminded me how much I love this movie
and it's such a well acted movie
of course, it doesn't hurt that it's a Coen Brothers
written and directed movie, and I will say
it is probably William H. Macy's
best acting ever, ever, ever, ever
When you watch this movie you go
"Oh that's how you do dark humor, that's it!"
This movie, of course, was also a big deal to me
because Steve Buscemi
it was his first time I ever noticed him
and I feel in love with Steve Buscemi

who made any movie that he was a part of, that much better
like you couldn't have 'Armageddon'
without Steve Buscemi screaming,
with a rocket between his legs, you can't
but okay so the movie,
beautifully shot, scored, acted, everything, A movie
now, some people go "Oh it's a Coen Brothers movie, of course"
No, there are certain Coen Brother movies I'm not a big fan of
essentially you go along with the story William H. Macy
he's like "Hey, I need some money, I hate my father-in-law,
he has a lot of money, I'm going to pay some guys
to actually kidnap my wife, because she is annoyingly nice
and she wouldn't be a part of this deal with me to fake kidnap herself."
and I don't want to go into the story
because if you have not seen it
it's just a great movie to experience,
and of course, it shows the desperate, dark places
that people will go, and they're looking for a way out,
a way to achieve something, but, of course, if you are down
for the dirty nitty-gritty, you have to deal
with those dirty nitty-gritty people
and it's also that, most every scene in this movie
is memorable, whether it's the two girls explaining
the kidnappers to the police
"He just looked funny..."
"Funny how?"
"You know funny"

of course, if there's any scene that defines this movie,
it's the wood chipper scene
and just

so good, just so good
of course, I'd love to know to know what you thought of the movie,
let me know in the comments down below
if you have not seen it, watch it, stop watching me
watch this movie, of course there are many ways to watch the movie
easiest way, is to go to netflix.com/phillyd
get your free 30 day trial
of instant streaming movies

such a good time,
a good question to you,
other than, what you thought of this movie,
what is your favorite Steve Buscemi movie
and I'll probably be in the comments with you for a little bit
I think he's such a good actor
and I feel like it's not really brought out in
Boardwalk Empire
which is a series he's a part of right now,
I don't know,
of course, the movie that you're watch tonight is:
District 9
so be sure to watch that movie,
if you have seen that movie,
or you do watch it tonight,
be sure to send in a video response
of your view/opinon of the movie
things about the movie,
and you maybe included in tomorrow's video
but guys, I'm going to hop off,
go do the the Philip DeFranco Show
just sweat some more in general,
but main point, I love your faces,
and I will see tomorrow