DS2DIO Fall Preview with tWitch & Cameron!

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 01.10.2012

What's up guys, it's Cameron...and tWitch here. And welcome to DS2DIO 360! Now this
week we are going to give you the exclusive preview for the Fall line-up with DS2DIO.
One of my personal favorites is a show named The Arena with your boy Flipz. The Arena basically
follows around 8 of the world's best Bboys as they square off and they're judged by legends:
Crazy Legs, Abstrak, Asia One. It's gonna be insane. One of my favorite shows is coming
back on: S2DIO City. We are gonna be introducing some brand new citizens including Madd Chadd,
and Kayla Radomski, and a very talented dancer named tWitch. Thank you very much. Will you
please, please help me become a S2DIO City citizen? I don't speak dance. Look, it's not
really that hard, you just have to post a video response to one of the episodes. And
coming back this week, new episodes of Masterclass. We have legendary choreographers like Jamaica
Craft, Marty Kudelka, Aakomon Jones, and Tina Landon. It's gonna be crazy ya'all, so make
sure that you post a video response and I'm gonna be highlighting a couple of my favorites
so we can watch them here on DS2DIO 360. You guys and don't forget to tell other dancers
about this, because nobody is doing anything like this anywhere. So the Fall schedule is
gonna be absolutely insane, make sure you tune in. Oh, and check out some episodes of The
LXD and Remixed. Oh, and don't forget to keep checking us out here at DS2DIO 360. Never
forget that. Ever. So we will see you next time. Bye! Peace!