Uploaded by hoffmanuno on 22.12.2009

Coach Pinkel, the Big 12 commisioners would like to congratulate you on your season.
You won 8 games and the bowl committes and commisioners would like to reward you.
If you hadn't have had such a strong finish the Big 12 North would have been ridiculed.
With Texas going to the BCS we have a lot more bowl vacancies to fill this year.
Great, the we'd love to be in the Sun or Insight bowl.
Coach Pinkel. . .
Your bowl. . .
Your going to the Texas bowl.
Iowa State and Texas A&M were selected before you.
All Bowl representatives and conference commisioners leave now.
Governor Nixon.
Athletic Director.
University President, you stay too.
I can't believe they screwed us again!!
Iowa State and Texas A&M were 6-6!!!
We were 8-4 and beat Iowa State!!!
They had losing conference records for Christ's sake!!
Those bastards picked Kansas over us for the BCS at larger 2 years ago after we destroyed them and went to the title game!
Last year they picked f***ing Nebraska over us and we were the North champions again!
We've been Kicked around by our conference long enough! We're joining the Big 10!!
But what about the "border war" with Kansas and our tradition?
Screw Kansas! F**k the Big 12! They've screwed us long enough!!
Maybe if we beg on our knees they'll treat us better.
Beg? I'll kill every one of you nutless bastards before I beg the Big 12 to be treated equally!!
They can all kiss my pale white ass!!
Every year they give us the f***ing scraps left left over from the tv coverage royalties!!
If we joined the Big 10 we'd get an even share! We'd get over $10 million more a year!
No teams in the Big 10 with winning records get passed over a 6-6 team!!
Those bastards in the Bowl selection committee screw us year after year with shitty f***in bowls!
They say our fan base doesn't travel well! They don't travel because we get shitty f***in bowls!
They will never treat us with respect, only bend us over and screw us without even a reach-around!
Who will they kick around after we leave? Kansas? God I hope they screw Kansas!
Kansas can f**k off and die!!!
Kansas will take it from anyone! Butt whores!
We have no future in the Big 12!
Call a press conference for tomorrow regarding our secession from the tyranny of the Big 12.
Tell them we are no longer the Big 12's red headed stepchild!
Arrange for a meeting with the Big 10. Tell them we wish to join by next season.
I'd rather sleep with that filthy Kansas whore of a secretary then stay in the Big 12!
It's ok, all us Kansas girls are whores.
I think she gave me a horrible STD. It burns when I pee and my balls itch terribly.
Always wear a condom with Kansas girls!
Oklahoma has a lot of dirty skanks.
Nebraska is full of fat chics too.

Iowa would be a much better rivalry.
We already play Illinois and we beat them every year. What's stopping us? Notre Dame?
God I hate Notre Dame.