Being an Intern at Obama for America - Apply Today

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on 04.06.2012

When I first found out I was going to be an intern here at OFA, it was just an honor to
know that I was going to be working for the President.
Even though you have intern on your name tag you're a lot more than that.
You're really a part of a cause that's larger than yourself and I feel like that everyday
I come here.
You are so valued by the team here and given real responsibility.
You do so many different things during the course of the day.
Some of the skills that I've learned have been to communicate with people from all different
I've definitely learned a lot of team building skills.
Time management, time management, time management. There is so much going on all the time.
I've had a lot of internships but nothing has ever been like this. We really are one
big family.
We have an incredible internship coordinator who checks in with you on a regular basis
and he also organizes speaker series, workshops, and seminars.
I really enjoy the speaker series because it gives us a chance to really talk to senior
staff members.
You know I always enjoy meeting with you guys because you guys are a great inspiration.
There are so many opportunities that I would never ever get anywhere else.
I went to lunch with David Axelrod which was an amazing experience.
I actually just got back from helping run an event with Vice President Biden in Northwest
Indiana which was an incredible experience.
I won a staff fundraising contest and I actually got to meet the President. I shook his hand
and I said it's an honor to work with you sir, and he said no thank you for everything
you've been doing on this campaign.
I would personally recommend this internship to other people because it's such a great
opportunity to come and do something that is gonna make a difference, that you can see
in your daily life.
It's a great chance to meet people who are really, really good at what they do and everyone
is willing to teach you and help you get better.
I would absolutely recommend applying because you are a real valued member of the 2012 re-election
If on November 7th we wake up and we have President Obama for four more years I'll feel
so happy about it because I know that I had a part in it.