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DON SEHULSTER: Who wants eight remotes on their coffee table?
Who wants five racks of gear if you can bring it down and
minimize all of those, again, requirements and necessities
of modern life.
DON SEHULSTER: My name's Don Sehulster.
I'm the general manager of the Savant Experience
Center here in SoHo.
And this is our company's flagship showroom.
We're here now in the residential apartment
displaying lots of the technology.
Really the best in show, if you will.
Savant is an Apple-based automation solution, so from
the brains of the system-- which is a Mac Mini running
special software--
to, again, an iOS device-- an iPad, an
iPod Touch, an iPhone.
We're using that environment to provide control and
automation of every piece of technology someone would want
to integrate in a home.
I just want to show you what an interface
looks like on an iPad.
I select the Savant app.
And then now I'm off and running, controlling my house.

We have a built-in iTunes player here.
And I select one of my playlists.
So let's do a little hard rock here.
There we go.
Now we're totally rocking out.
And again, I can drive this as fast as I want.
Or I can go to Pandora--
Chicago radio, talk about a contrast.
You're the inspiration.
I still think Peter Cetera was like the best
lead singer in Chicago.
I can adjust my lighting as well.
So I could say it's a little too bright, so I'm going down
to 25% here.
And the sun is coming in, so I want to
lower the solar shades.
So they'll both come down.

So the cameraman says it's too dark in here.
So now we have to bring the solars back up.
Sorry, cameraman.
So another cool thing about this space is a technology
called TrueImage.
Where, instead of touching icons to control things, I
just touch things in the picture of the room.
So I'm going to turn the light off that's
over my right shoulder.
So I just touch it in the picture.
And I turn it back on.

So you can have a room that can be a living room.
But it can also become a theater, as well.
So we have one button where the projector will drop.
The projection screen will drop.
The blackout shades will drop.

These smart devices are common.
And we're taking an everyday device.
And we're putting control and automation of your residence,
maybe your business.
And not just controlling them within the space, but also
being able to walk out on the streets of New York or Los
Angeles or Chicago and remote in and check things out and
turn things on and off.

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