Masak Tomyam / Learn Cooking Tomyam

Uploaded by shizuneotani on 12.06.2011

Ingredients needed: Key lime - 5, carrot -1, tomato -5, onion - 2, galangal - 1/2cm, garlic - 6, lemongrass - 3, blendered chili, chilies, cauliflower, cuttlefish/shrimp/chicken, ginger root - ur thumb size, kaffir lime leaves.
Red chili in this picture is for illustration purposes only. No need to add.
If doesn't enough sour, prepare backup. Can also use tamarind peel.
Peeling session - garlic, onion, galangal, ginger root, lemongrass
Finished peeling
Cuttlefish and shrimp that will be used
Cut out the sharp part of the shrimp
Blender these things.. Continue watching!
Things to blender: onion -1, all garlics, tomato - 4
Mashed galangal, lemongrass, ginger root.
Carrot that have been cut
Things that have been mashed
Cut tomato by your own size
Process of mixing and cooking start now!! LETS WATCH!
Pour all the blendered things into the mashed thing in the pot
what a minute. if you want to use chicken, you just need to boiled it first and then add all the blendered+mashed things
put on the fire
Before cooking
Add kiffer lime leaves
At the same time, heat oil in other frying pan and ...
Fry blendered chilies
Until smells nice
Turn off the heat
Add it to the sauce justnow
If seem concentrated, add water
add all key lime
put chili
add sugar around 7 to 8 tbsp
add salt
add tomato
next, onion
add cuttlefish and shrimp
Ready to serve
Botton view of the bowl hahaha
Eat time!!