2010 Cards Training Camp Update: Week 1 Preview

Uploaded by InsideNAU on 02.08.2010

>>Mitch Strohman: welcome everyone to Arizona Cardinal Camp update. I'm Mitch Strohman with
Northern Arizona University. One by one Cardinals players, coaches and staff made the two hour
drive north up I-17 to the cool clean air, the lush green pine trees and the 7000 feet
elevation at their annual training camp at NAU's beautiful Flagstaff campus. This is
the start of a lot of hard physical and mental work for a spot in the NFL playoffs and hopefully
a Superbowl title. Cardinals' head coach Ken Whisenhunt is entering his fourth year with
the team, Whisenhunt says he loves bringing his team up to the mountains and to NAU and
Flagstaff to get ready for the long, hard season.
Ken Whisenhunt: I look forward to coming to training camp here because this is a special
place and NAU is a special place as well as far as our ability to use the facilities here.
It's a great place for our fans to come up and have interaction with us.
>>Strohman: Each week we are going to give you a little inside peek at the events during
cardinals training camp here at NAU and Flagstaff. Northern Arizona University president, Dr.
John Haeger, is being inducted into the Flagstaff Sports Foundation Sports Hall of Fame. Next
up on Wednesday August 4, will be the first of two Wednesday night practices right in
the heart of the city of Flagstaff over at Coconino high school. The Flagstaff Convention
and Visitors Bureau will host Draft Magazine's Big Red Pour, that's featuring some craft
beers and live music, including northern Arizona's own Michelle Branch. And of course the Cardinals
annual Red and White Practice will be Saturday morning August 7 that will be preceded by
the always very popular Cardinals full team autograph session. Catch up with us next week
right here and until then I am Mitch Strohman, coming to you from the Arizona Cardinals 2010
pre-season training camp at NAU here in Flagstaff.